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“I am thrilled to be joining IAPLC. Your email in my inbox, came at the perfect time! I have already used the ‘magnetizing your ideal clients’ activation and had wonderful results drawing the people/clients I want into my life. So many thanks for this. I’m sure I will use the activation many times. I will also work my way through all the other wonderful things you have to offer. I look forward to being part of the group!” – Kind regards, Dimitie Kendall,   www.dimitiekendall.com


“This is so great. I feel energy just seeing this e-mail. I listened to the audio on how to attract clients, wow, it resonated with me so well. Thank you! This is exactly what I needed to boost my confidence and to reassure me that clients will come to me. Great approach! Looking forward to the newsletters.”  – Catherine Lamarche, www.CDLlifecoaching.com


“I’ve been following Jeannette and the IAPLC for several months. I’ve participated in several of the Masterclasses her association has offered and I have viewed most of the videos, blog posts and other articles she has produced. I recently became a Gold Member based on Jeannette’s dedication to her members and clients. Getting to know her better through private conversation and following her body of work has enabled me to gain an appreciation of her professional knowledge and skills. I am proud to be associated with Jeannette and the IAPLC, and I think all types of professional life coaches can benefit through her association as well as her private coaching practice.” -Randy Tudor, www.TudorCoaching.com


“I used the Badge Code in my website.  I think it helped to give me credibility because I was recently nominated for The Rule Breaker Awards.  I don’t know if I am going to win.  But, it felt so good to be nominated for something after living in obscurity for so long.  Your website is a gift from Heaven and I plan on learning a lot from it and from you.  Thank you for all of your help so far. I know coaches will benefit from the tools you sent me, and I will send the coaches on to you for membership.”  ~ Blessings, Frances   www.mycyberlibrary.biz 


“Jeannette’s eBook “How to Make an eBook in and hour,” was the kick in the britches that I needed to pull pages off my web site and band together as a eBook. Also, a children’s trilogy about an “Eagle and a Caterpillar” will be self-published soon. She made making an eBook doable.”  ~ Lee Arlington, www.yournextstep.us


“I love, love, love all the information that you have provided! I paid someone to create an ebook for me and now I see that it is really a simple project that I can do myself. I look forward to using the IAPLC logo on my website. Thank you for your leadership and your guidance!” ~ Cynthia White Greene, MHR, www.marriagebuilt2last.com 


“I think that what you have offered here is of great benefit to coaches both old and new. I think it gives a real positive entrance into professional associations and then allows an open door for that interest in the gold membership. Thank you for running such an excellent association.” ~ Best regards, Estaban Bridges, estabanbridges.co


“Thank you for taking the time to touch base with me. I have not had a chance to review all of the material yet, but have used the 30-Day Action Guide. It was very helpful in reminding me to set more realistic goals. When I started the company, I wanted to do everything all at once and had unrealistic expectations.  Now, I am able to slow down and remain focused.  I am more satisfied with the quality of my work, rather than the quantity. I provide coaching services online and in the Greater Austin, Texas Area, specializing in Special Needs Life Coaching and serving the military community. I have worked with clients with a wide-range of disabilities for over 15 years. Thank you.” ~ Miri S. Himes, MS,  www.pathtoenrichment.org


“I have gone over the tools you have provided and found them very helpful in invoking a belief in myself and my business. Although I haven’t seen the money yet, I know it is coming.  I say this “I am just five feet from gold.”  I won’t give up. Thank you and have a FABULOUS  day!” ~ Mike Lindblom, www.mikecareslifecoaching.ca


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