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Sharon Ball – Reinventing Yourself Today
“90 Day Kick Butt Life Reinvention Program”

Sharon’s own journey with both many satisfactions and some struggles, have lead her through many adventures and misadventures.  This knowledge is used throughout her programs and consultations to help others on the same life search to find meaning, happiness, and the success they desire. 


Shana L. Bligen – Divine Assignment Coaching
“Build esteem; fulfill your dreams; and live…your Divine Assignment!™”

Shana serves as a change agent, light-bearer, and guide holding the space for those, like you, who have a burning vision deep in your soul, that you were born to be of some high service, but whose life has been hijacked by feelings of self-doubt, overwhelm, lack, and fear.


David Lawson

David Lawson – David Lawson

“Making Stress your best friend.”

David Lawson’s approach involves being the person “outside of the problem” who will listen to you. He will work with you to identify what is and what is not working and walk with you as you discover the path forward from hurt and pain to growth and happiness.


Dr. Mike Johnson – New Life By Design
“Choose Dr. Mike, Your Coach For Life”

Dr. Mike Johnson, CPC is a certified professional life coach with 40 years experience helping others to have better lives. He also has a doctorate in psychology and is currently a life coach, preferring to help people create their future rather than analyze their past. His practice in Fullerton is very enjoyable to him as he assists others in their relationships, their careers, and their feelings about themselves.