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Lily-Ann McDonald
Lily-Ann MacDonald
Step Out Of The Mist – Elite Life Coaching
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since 2012
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Before we get very far into this, let me tell you a little bit about myself and my own journey. I was raised in the countryside, on the outskirts of a small town that was surrounded by farmland, lots of trees, and open fields. I learned at an early age that when people needed help, it didn’t matter why – you just always did your best to offer them what you could.

As I grew up and moved to a nearby city, it felt to me that the number of people needing help had really seemed to increase, so I looked for ways to try to help out. I didn’t have any extra money – who did, in those days? But I did have some extra time … so I volunteered and became a trained crisis intervention counsellor for the Canadian Mental Health Association’s telephone distress line. Over the course of the next several years, I helped hundreds of people find their way out of personal chaos and despair. Together, we uncovered the deepest roots of their turmoil and found ways to create a plan that would allow them to navigate their way to a happier life.

This background led me to an appreciation of how rewarding it is to help a person rediscover their life’s potential and even change their limiting self-beliefs … and to watch them blossom into enjoying a more authentic life. Throughout my own life, I’ve continued to be as supportive and helpful as I can, especially if I know that someone is struggling. As somebody who has seen more than a few bumps along my own road, I learned first hand the value of trusting in a Coach to help me work through my various challenges – it was such a relief to know that someone had my back and was guiding me through those times of personal growth and self-development.   

Now many years and a number of cities later, after a fulfilling career in the Public Service, I felt led to become a Certified Life Coach myself … so that I can more effectively share what I’ve learned through all my training and life experience. I want to help those who have lost sight of their dreams; those who no longer feel connected to their true purpose, or who have come to realize that they can do more with their life, but they just can’t quite get started – in other words, people searching for a way out of that mist of uncertainty.

As a Certified Life Coach, I feel my primary mission is to empower people to create a renewed sense of passion and purpose, so they can tap into their heart’s desires and fully step into their highest vision of what they can truly be! It’s very exciting to work with someone who is ready and willing to evolve into their higher self.




2013 Newly certified Elite Life Coach with training and certification from
The Coach Mindset – Elite Life Coach Training and Certification
Mitch Matthews and David Nadler, Co-Founders


“I couldn’t recommend anyone more, as a Life Coach. You are wise beyond your years, authentic and an inspiration, a beacon in the night. Wishing you all the blessings in the world on your journey. Remember, when you believe … all things are possible!!” – Beth McBlain, President, Maverick Business Consulting, Pickering, Ontario  Canada

“I’m so thrilled for you in your pursuits as a Life Coach! Congratulations!! Once again, you inspire me with your courage and passion, and I look forward to seeing your vision materialize here. You have a wonderful way with people, and such a caring heart. My every best wish to you.” – Rosalind Smith, Music Management and Promotions, Calgary, Alberta  Canada

“Now that you have completed all your studies, I can hardly wait to see you to get your practice up and running. You have been so helpful to me over the years, and I know that you will take your new skills and put them to good use working with other people who need guidance. I wish you every success. I know you will be great at it!” – Farial Kamani, Retired Public Servant, Burnaby, British Columbia  Canada

Congratulations on becoming an Elite Life Coach! It’s obvious that you have a passion for helping people go after their big goals and dreams, and we know that you will have an incredible impact on people as you help them do just that! I believe this is what you were made to do – and as you do it, you’re going to help others figure out what they were made to do, too! Keep dreaming Big!!” – Mitch Matthews, Co-founder, The Coach Mindset,