Jun 13

Free Training: Double Your Fees-Double Your Sales

If you don’t have enough clients or aren’t earning the income you desire, the problem could be one of two things.  It’s either a marketing issue or a sales issue.

If you aren’t getting much traffic to your site, or not getting 1-3 strategy sessions a week, it’s a marketing issue.  If you are getting traffic and strategy sessions but your closing rate is under 60%, it’s a sales issue. Let’s focus on the second one today.

You must be able to know how to sell your products and/or programs if you want to stay in business. Maybe you didn’t think that if you got into the coaching business you would have to also be a salesperson.  But you do. Ask any entrepreneur.

You need a process for turning an interested prospect into a buyer. The important point here is that the sales conversion actually starts at the first contact with the prospect. Your sales system has to nurture the relationship between you and the prospect so that by the time they schedule a strategy session, they are pretty much ready to hire you.

I know that was true for me. Recently I had a series of strategy sessions and it was so easy to enroll the people into my coaching program. And I realized that it was mostly because they were already sold when they came to the appointment. And why was that?—because of the work I did prior to that conversation.

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Jun 08

Guest Post: Are You a Workaholic?

By David Lawson

Are You a Workaholic?

Are you a workaholic? Part-way through January, how is your work-life balance? Who’s winning – life or work?

The Macquarie Dictionary defines “workaholic” as a person who is addicted to work.

In my earlier working life, being a workaholic was regarded as a badge of honour. It definitely didn’t have the same stigma as being an alcoholic – someone addicted to intoxicating drinks.

Alcoholism can have devastating effects on the person themselves as well as those around them e.g. if they drink-drive. The “One Punch can Kill” media campaign began in response to intoxicated people – generally young men – taking out their anger on someone else, often causing fatal or long-term debilitating injuries.

So, are the effects of being a workaholic any less devastating?

“A workaholic will die faster than an alcoholic any day,” says Diane Fassel, PhD, author of Working Ourselves to Death.

Workaholism is regarded as a coping strategy and can be a symptom of emotional problems including underlying anxiety and depression shaped by obsessive-compulsive personality traits.

How do you recognize work addiction in yourself?

If staying late and working weekends are what get the job done, do these factors indicate an “addiction” to work? Not necessarily.

A question to ask yourself is whether or not you can enjoy life and feel energetic and purposeful when you’re not at work? If you say no, you may be in the danger zone…(Read more.)

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May 31

Monthly Gold Member Training: 6 Heart-Felt Strategies

training packageIn this age of relationship marketing, we all more or less know what it means when someone refers to your “tribe”: And because we are all familiar with the term, it’s easy to gloss over it and take its deeper connotations for granted.

Today, in marketing and business, “tribe” is often taken as a synonym for “your ideal audience”—but it goes much deeper than that.

A tribe gives as well as receives. You don’t just need your tribe to buy from you, you need them for inspiration, stimulation, validation and a constant reality check. They help you get up in the morning and inspire you to re-ignite your passion. They provide feedback, comfort and reciprocity. That is the tribe you need to concentrate on working with and for, for maximum satisfaction and natural, enjoyable engagement.

This month’s Gold Member training package, “6 Heart-Felt Strategies,” is all about how to authentically connect with your tribe—the social group with whom you most feel you belong and who you find it easiest and most rewarding to help

All gold members get this training with their membership.  It includes a workbook, worksheet, resource guide, checklist, 4-week calendar, and 21-idea list to help you better connect with your tribe in a Heart-Felt way. There will be a live training workshop that accompanies this program.

If you are not a Gold member, you can become one HERE.

May 25

Guest Post: If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes…

By Lily-Ann MacDonald

Nothing Changes

As we go about our Life each day, most of us will at some point come across situations that require us to accept change – whether in our job, in our health, in our relationships with family or friends, in our finances … or in almost any other aspect of Life one could imagine.

There’s an old saying that suggests the only thing constant in Life is change … and if ever there was a time in the history of humanity when this adage was true, it’s now. In previous articles, we’ve acknowledged how today’s ever-evolving technology seems to have quickened the pace of Life – whether through inter-personal communications, or in advancements in safety, medicine, or science … change is the name of the game.


And If We Don’t Like It?

But what happens when change doesn’t really improve the game itself? Or what if we just don’t want the change that confronts us? What do we do then? Well, most of the time, we don’t have a lot of choice in the matter – we’re merely along for the ride. Change visits in spite of us, although sometimes even because of us.

I’ve noticed there seems to be two basic ways to manage change. One is ‘resistance’ … the kind with white knuckles and clenched teeth. This scenario represents change as something to reluctantly face, something inevitable and possibly even somewhat painful. But this particular perspective on change can be exhausting because (let’s be honest) with this attitude, we’re not really embracing the change facing us. Instead, we may tolerate it, endure it, even suffer it or bear it … but we do not embrace it.

If You Refuse, Do You Really Lose?

The problem with this strategy is that it is ineffective at best, and at worst can engender a resentment that could even become something more onerous. Adopting a resistance approach will almost always set us up to fail, or at least make us miserable through an inner monologue that fixates on“These changes are terrible and will make it impossible for me to succeed. I will resist them at every opportunity!” Such people are metaphorically ‘dragged, kicking and screaming’ into their new circumstance. It’s so emotionally draining…(Read more.)

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May 17

Article about the IAPLC

The IAPLC was written up on the UpAutomation.com site recently. Shannon Kuykendall, the founder, and I are working together to extend the reach of our businesses, and she says that If you want to focus on your clients and not on the technology it takes to automate your business, their service is for you. They have a 4-part system of Strategy, Implementation, Traffic and Optimization of the new systems they will put into place for your business. This 4-part system will increase your revenue and help you avoid losing out on opportunities, stalling your business, and getting beat by your competition. For more info go HERE.

Calling All Life Coaches: The Online Directory You Can’t Miss

by | Apr 27, 2017

If you’re a life coach and are in need of promotion, inspiration or just plain support then you need to take a minute and check out Int’l Association of Professional Life Coaches.

In the last year, Up Automation has made some major strides in part due to the help of IAPLC. We’ve been able to create more visibility and credibility while working alongside Jeannette Koczela…

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May 11

Interview with Michelle Schubnel

Our monthly group coaching call this month was an interview with Group Coaching Expert, Michelle Schubnel. She shared with us the benefits of group coaching and 4 keys to being successful with groups. Below is the recording replay.

Michelle also offered an amazing gift, her “Lucrative and Leveraged Coaching Business” downloadable blueprint.  Click here to download.

May 10

Guest Post: Stop Procrastinating With Your Life

By Paul Garwood

Stop Procrastinating


Are you a person that puts everything off until tomorrow? Are you a I will do it later person? Then you may have what is stopping many individuals from finding their purpose, finding their passion, and changing their lives. What you may have is Procrastination. Procrastination can be a constant and consistent pattern, causing us to put off not just with things we don’t feel like doing but also the things we’re passionate about.

Procrastination is another man made disease. No one is born with procrastination and this is even for those of you who were born one or two weeks late. But procrastination can kill you. It really can. It can hold you back and lead toward a slow, steady decline instead of the constant and consistent growth that you know you’re capable of but do nothing about.

So how do you overcome procrastination? It’s really simple. One of the first things to do is realize that everything in life is a marathon and not a sprint. But we also have to realize that there are ways to make the rewards of not procrastinating more immediate. A excellent way to do this is to temptation bundling. Simply put, the strategy suggests that you bundle a behavior that is good for you in the long-run with a behavior that feels good in the short-run.

How to Create Your Temptation Bundle:

Here is a simple exercise you can do to develop you temptation bundling strategy…(Read more.)

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Apr 27

Guest Post: 8 Steps to Forgive With Love and Gratitude

By Nicole Lewis-Keeber


Forgiveness work is tricky.

I have been in therapy multiple times over the years, and the process of revealing and releasing pain and working towards forgiveness has been an ongoing journey. I have written letters that I have sent to people and some that I have burned. I have thrown my grievances into a fire and sent them gently down streams. Were these exercises helpful? Yes, I believe that they were in many instances. They helped me build pathways to new ways of thinking and experiencing my pain and the perpetrators of it.

As a therapist, I will admit that I have given similar homework to my clients and they have had a variety of results depending on their willingness to dig deep. Forgiveness work is tricky.

What I have continued to struggle with, has been how to forgive, and to let go of resentments and anger. I thought that I had forgiven those who harmed me including myself. I really did, but what I found is that when I engaged with that person or even thought of them, I would get sour and negative. Forgiveness is easier than recovering from the impact the event has on our life. Even so, I still sought to find new ways to forgive that will stick.

I want to back up here and say, that just because you forgive someone does not mean that you are obligated to allow them in your life.I am going to say that again, just because you forgive someone does not mean that you are obligated to allow them in your life. In fact, I think that 80 % or more of the time, those who have harmed us need to be in our rearview mirror. Yet, sometimes that person is someone that we love, and want to have in our lives in some small way that will not continue to harm us. That is where the hard work comes in…(Read more.)

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Apr 19

3 Reasons to Buy This Book-She Means Business

Here are 3 reasons why you should buy Carrie Green’s new book, “She Means Business,” These are important benefits for any business owner from a young lady who started from scratch and is now making a 6-figure a month income. Find out how she did it. Carrie also gives you mindset tools to keep you focused on your goals, and business strategies to make YOUR business profitable.


Apr 13

Guest Post: What Outcomes Do You Constantly Drive For?

By Dayo Fawusi


What Outcomes Do You Constantly Drive For?

Outcomes are the desired intentions of your activities. Whether the activity is a business meeting, a marathon or a personal goal; the outcome is what actually happens. Anything you do has an outcome, whether it is the desired one or not.

You can take all of your past experience and the outcomes of those experiences and use that outcome as my ‘oh, so that’s where those actions got me, what can I learn from that?’ launch point. All of your past experiences have given you knowledge and you can use that knowledge to propel yourself to amazing future outcomes. Something important to realize is that you are not defining the outcomes as success or failure, but merely as outcomes. This is also an important point, so make sure you absorb that.

Thomas Edison had great difficulty inventing the light bulb. There were many cutting edge technologies involved in that creation; the use of a vacuum, different materials for filaments, alternating or direct current electricity and others. When he was asked about his “failures” he refused to accept that term. He just considered the experiment a learning experience on the road to his desired outcome; a bulb that burned brightly and lasted for a length of time. Each experiment brought him closer to his desired outcome(Read more.)

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