Feb 16

Guest Post: Signs You’re On Track With Your Purpose Driven Business

By Nicola Grace

self-directed success Signs

Have you ever thought or said “It’s a Sign”? Or are you someone who asks for signs to help you know whether you’re on the right track in your business?

f yes then you’ll relate to this question I get asked a lot as an Intuitive Visionary and psychic business mentor. That question is – How can I trust the signs to know if I’m on track?

I think this is a very important question to ask and answer, because if you’ve ever followed signs and things didn’t turn out quite as expected, then you tend to start mistrusting yourself and your intuition. Or you get mislead down pathways that waste your time and sometimes even loose you money.

Two great movies you might want to re-watch if you haven’t already are Field of Dreams with Kevin Costner, you know the one – Build it and they will come. And L.A. Story with Steve Martin. Sometimes the characters in these movie got the signs wrong, and sometimes they got it right. Both of these movies tell the story of the character’s journey to learn how to trust and follow the signs.

In my own journey, I’ve followed what I thought were signs only to have the rug pulled out from under me.  I’ve hired the wrong staff, gone into business with the wrong person, lost a business, wasted time, lost money, gone bankrupt because I’ve mis-interpreted  the signs, or thought I saw signs to go in a direction that turned to custard on me. You’re probably relating to me right now because I don’t know anyone that hasn’t had that experience, at least once.

So I’ve learned that following signs blindly, without further enquiry, leads you to eventually mistrust your intuition, and the signs it gives you. And that’s not a good thing because mistrust in yourself means you’re constantly second guessing your instincts or feelings which causes inaction, stagnation, even leading to becoming completely stuck with no further progress being made. You may even give up on signs, or your intuition altogether, which means you’re making your decisions in complete darkness utilizing only one side you’re your brain – the left logical side.

In my opinion it’s better to walk through your business with both parts of your brain on fire, both legs moving forward, rather than hopping along on one leg with half a brain lopsided. You’re going to get to where you want to go faster by using both, right?..(Read more.)

So how do you trust the signs?

Find out by reading the rest of this post, “How To Trust The Signs You’re On Track With Your Purpose Driven Business ,” by Randy Tudor, by clicking  HERE.



Feb 10

Live Coaching is the Best

Entrepreneurship is a great blessing for most of us, but it also has its pitfalls. Here’s a quick video tip on how live coaching helped me get my business up to speed.


For a complimentary Quick Start Marketing strategy session CLICK HERE

Feb 09

Guest Post: Self-Directed Success

By Randy Tudor

self-directed successOkay, let’s imagine you feel you don’t know much at all about financial matters, especially when it comes to self-directed investments and knowing what type of financial instruments you should utilize.

What if I told you that it is possible for you to take control of your own finances, and as a result outperform any financial advisor or money manager when it comes to your investment accounts? What if I further went on to say it does not even matter what level of knowledge or experience you might currently have? Does this seem out of the realm of possibilities to you? It doesn’t to us. In fact we know it isn’t.

Self-Directed Investment Accounts Put You in Charge

Most investors, both novice and experienced, believe it is necessary for them to rely on financial advisors and money managers to select the investment vehicles they will be involved with in trying to drive themselves to success. The problem with that is most fund managers can’t even beat the market!  What about the ones that do?  Studies show that they rarely do so consistently, indicating a virtual certainty you won’t find and predict them year after year.

In allowing advisors to pick where to allocate their money, investors never fully understand much about how their investments and finances really work—how they move in certain markets, the underlying financial numbers, the trends, the trading ranges, etc. And they usually fail to understand why they are even invested in a particular asset to begin with. If they don’t understand why they are invested, how are they going to know when it’s time to get out and move their money elsewhere—somewhere there is a better potential for great returns?...(Read more.)


Check out the rest of this post, “Self-Directed Success,” by Randy Tudor, by clicking  HERE.


Feb 02

Guest Post: How to Fall In Love With 2017

By Nicole Lewis-Keeber

Here we are well into the halfway point through January. This is a hard time of year, every year. I actually wrote a blog post a year ago about the challenges that we face in January. Surprise Surprise it is very much the same! Just change the title to Is 2017 Kicking Your Ass Already? In that blog post I give some tips and encouragement on how to get by…read here.

Unlock Potential  2017So, even though we are well into January that does not mean that you cannot still set intentions and goals for 2017. You are hearing people talk about setting revenue goals, personal goals etc for this year. They are already hard at work at making 2017 work for them. Well, you know me I like to do things a bit differently. When I sat down to write out my goals, I felt compelled to send 2017 some love first. So, I wrote 2017 a big ole juicy love letter.

You heard me right! I wrote a love letter to a year, to the year 2017 to be exact. I know this sounds silly but if you have been following me, you know that I work hard to teach my clients how to fall in love with their business, by writing a love letter to it. Read more about that here. So why not fall in love with your year too?

I want to share with you all my Love Letter to 2017, and I invite you to write one too!.


Dear 2017,

I am sorry to say that a lot is riding on your shoulders because of the many disappointments of 2016...(Read more.)


Check out the rest of the letter to 2017 and the full post, “How to Fall In Love With 2017,”  by Nicole Lewis-Keeber, by clicking  HERE.


Jan 30

Maximize Your LinkedIn Profile To Get Free Leads  

You were probably under the impression that LinkedIn is for employers looking for employees.  You probably thought that even as a business owner, your summary should look like a resumé. You also probably didn’t think of including LinkedIn in your article marketing campaigns. But all of this is not only possible, but relatively easy. And the best way to do that is to take advantage of LinkedIn algorithms.

Why pay for leads, when you can get all you need for free on LinkedIn. We all know about the power of good SEO for our websites and how search engine algorithms can affect our online visibility.  But did you know that LinkedIn is a mini-universe with it’s own SEO and algorithms?

Let’s look at some astonishing statistics.  There are over 450 million users—about 2 new members every second.  In addition, there are over 45 million people searches done monthly on LinkedIn. 

If you utilize the potential of the algorithms on LinkedIn, you can get enough exposure to field all the leads you need for your business and make it easier for your potential clients to find you. 

The SEO of LinkedIn starts with your LinkedIn profile.  There are 7 areas where you can maximize your LinkedIn profile so that you can get all the free leads you need from this one source.

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Jan 26

Guest Post: Get More Business Unlock Creative Potential

By Marty Ward

Unlock Potential

OK so you don’t have to get as crazy as this bellydancer, but you do have to express who you are by unlocking your creative potential if you want to live a fulfilled life.

I chose a picture of a bellydancer, because I had a client who was a real estate investor who was stuck and struggling. When I asked what she would love to do if she had 8 million dollars in the back. She said, “Bellydance!”

So her assignment was to go bellydancing. Once she started bellydancing 2 x a week, her business took off! Once she unlocked her creative potential, that thing that she had been denying herself that she loved to do, she felt more alive. She was more engaged in her business and started to attract new clients.

When you deny yourself the pleasure of expressing who you are, you can find yourself “depressed,” money not flowing into your business, your relationships suffering. What say about depression ( before it become biochemically effected), is that depression is pushing down your power. You depress a button – push it down. That is what you are doing to your self-expression – pushing it down.

When you unlock your self-expression, you feel more energized and enthusiastic about life. It doesn’t matter how big or how seemingly small that self-expression is – could be an art class, gardening, singing in the choir – as long as you do it!

Watch how work seems better, your relationships improve, money or other evidence of prosperity shows up.  For me why this is so important is so that you don’t die with your dream undone or song unsung…(Read more.)

Check out the rest of this article, “Get More Business Unlock Creative Potential,”  plus view a short video by Marty Ward, by clicking  HERE.

Jan 25

Video Tip: Live Events

Do you go to live events? I try to go to at least two a year.  They are such great places to meet new contacts.  Here’s what happened at the last one I attended.


What live events are you scheduling for 2017?  Leave your comment below.

Jan 12



By Veronica Hislop

Self Improvement

Pain may sometimes be the reason why people change.

Flunking grades make us realize that we need to study.

Debts remind us we need to earn more money.

Being humiliated gives us the ‘push’ to speak up and fight for ourselves to save our face from the next embarrassments.

It may be a bitter experience, a friend’s tragic story, a great movie, or an inspiring book that will help us get up and get just the right amount of motivation we need in order to improve ourselves.

With the countless negativity the world brings about, how do we keep motivated?

Take a new look at motivation using these A-Z tips that will awaken the heart of yourself improvement.

A – Awesomeness:  As a motivated person do you embrace your awesomeness. The awesome unique you; the audacious you; the brilliant you; the phenomenal you.  You are special. There is no one in this word quite like you and there never will be.  Own it.

B – Believe: Believe in yourself, and in what you can do.  Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Motivated people have strong powerful beliefs about themselves and their abilities.

C – Contemplation:  Motivated people consider things from every angle and aspect. They are able to do a cost benefit analysis about their situation and are able to examine the pros and cons   of a situation before making a decision.

D – Determination: Thomas Edison failed multiples times before he perfected the incandescent light bulb had he given up after his many failures we might still be in darkness. Motivated people just don’t give up and they don’t give in. They understand that failure provides powerful information about what  to do next…(Read more.)

Check out the rest of this article by Veronica Hislop, “MOTIVATION A-Z: THE HEART OF SELF IMPROVEMENT,” by clicking  HERE.

Jan 05

Guest Post: 5 Strategies to Stop Being a Micro-Manager

By Carolyn Owens


Are you guilty of being a micro-manager?

During my military career, I had the privilege of learning and working for a micro-manager; it was exhausting. The reality is that there are more leaders who micro-manage then those who don’t. For the most part, their viewpoint is the only way to get something done correctly is to do it yourself, or if someone else is doing it, monitor things really closely.

  Being a micro-manager comes with a price. To sum it up in one word, the price is productivity. When you hold on to tasks, trying to do everything yourself, you don’t have time to lead your team. You are way too caught up in the small, minor details. You have to learn to let go and work smarter, not harder. Here are five strategies you can use to become a more effective leader and avoid the micromanagement rut.

1. Provide training. If you are concerned with whether or not someone can perform a task and/or has the knowledge base needed, train them. Training can be provided by someone within the organization (internal) or you can higher a company to provide to training (external). If you choose to bring someone in to do the training, they can either provide in-person or virtual training.

2. Obtain feedback. Conduct a survey, interviews or 360º assessment to solicit feedback from subordinates. You can ask them to describe your actions, your leadership style, and how they feel about the work environment. To encourage honest feedback, consider hiring a coach or a consultant so individuals can keep their answers anonymous...(Read more.)

Check out the rest of this article by Carolyn Owens, “5 Strategies to Stop Being a Micro-Manager,” by clicking  HERE.

Jan 02

2017 Goal-Setting Action Steps Session

Wishing you a prosperous and happy New Year!

To start the New Year I am holding a free workshop to help you get your New Year in gear, this Thursday, Jan. 5th at 4pm ET. We will be taking a look at your 2017 goals and breaking them down into bit-size pieces. You will come away with a 30-day Action Plan that you can start implementing this week.

All successful people start their year with goals and then plan out how they are going to reach them. In our session, we will…

  • Create a 30-day goal that will start the momentum for your 2017 goals
  • Explore which marketing strategies will work for you in order to reach your 30-day goal
  • Activate the energy around your goal and dissipate the overwhelm
  • Define what action steps you need to take each week for the next 30 days

PLUS…You’ll have the template to use on a monthly basis so you’ll stay on track this year. Come prepared to roll up your sleeves and make things happen!

To get the link, register here:


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