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May 10

Guest Post: Stop Procrastinating With Your Life

By Paul Garwood Procrastination Are you a person that puts everything off until tomorrow? Are you a I will do it later person? Then you may have what is stopping many individuals from finding their purpose, finding their passion, and changing their lives. What you may have is Procrastination. Procrastination can be a constant and consistent …

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Apr 13

Guest Post: What Outcomes Do You Constantly Drive For?

By Dayo Fawusi What Outcomes Do You Constantly Drive For? Outcomes are the desired intentions of your activities. Whether the activity is a business meeting, a marathon or a personal goal; the outcome is what actually happens. Anything you do has an outcome, whether it is the desired one or not. You can take all …

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Apr 06

Guest Post: 7 Tips for Better Time Management

By Katherine Hartvickson Do you ever feel like there is just never enough time in the day? Do you often feel stressed out with managing your workload? Are you trying to do it all rather than delegate to others in your support circle or your work team? Despite the fact that time is perhaps the most …

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Nov 17

Guest Post: Use Music To Create a Successful Business

By Bill Moore Seem Weird To Talk About The Music You Like In The Context Of Creating a Successful Business…? (but as Jan says, “weird is the new normal”!) Perhaps it will make some sense by the time you finish reading this. That’s certainly my aim, as I know for a fact what you listen to …

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Aug 04

Guest Post: Are You Seeking Approval?

By Denise Hansard 5 Signs – #5 Stamp of Approval Are you always looking to others for their opinion? Do you need to check with someone else before making that “decision” … whether it is the new job to take, that new relationship you’re considering, or even looking to buy new clothes??? Is it more …

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Jul 28

Guest Post: Do not take it personally!

By Carla Van Walsum Really?  No one to blame? Is it THEIR stuff? One of the tools that contributes to personal happiness is this quote from Don Miquel Ruiz: “Do not take it personally!” It is a very simple phrase that contains much wisdom. As adults we can choose to relearn communication, free of blaming, …

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Jul 21

Guest Post: Wellness in Recovery: Stress

By David Shadbolt  “”The first wealth is health” – Ralph Waldo Emerson ” We’re heading for chronic disease and an early death if we’re leading an unhealthy lifestyle A lousy lifestyle brings with it chronic stress which has an adverse effect on how our immune systems function, as well as how our body responds to …

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Jun 23

Guest Post: She is Amazing…Watch her Fly…Watch her Fall?

By Dj Segovia You remember “Superman”- able to leap tall buildings and out speed bullets? And now his cousin, “Supergirl” is a new popular TV series. We love those superheroes with super powers!  Let me introduce you to a woman I coach… she is –“Superwoman!” She is a multitasking-maven. She takes that role to the outer limits …

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Jun 16

Guest Post: Learn The Word No and Put Yourself First!

By Christa Zamel/span> You can’t be everything to everyone but you should be everything you want to be for yourself. Saying no is not a bad thing. It allows you to prioritize and accomplish things that are important to you. Many times we take on more than we actually have time for. So to get it …

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May 26

Guest Post: Thoughts Become Words, Words Become Actions, Actions Become Destiny

“Thoughts Become Words, Words Become Actions, Actions Become Destiny.”  By Melany Peters I’ve always believed that your thoughts become words that you speak and the words you speak become the actions you live out. Ultimately and inevitably you actions determine the consequences of your life.It no secret that thoughts have incredible power. It’s been said that “Thoughts …

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