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Get More Coaching Clients, Increase Your Profit and Ultimately
Help More People as a Life Coach!

Join an elite association (International Association of Professional Life Coaches®) of people just like yourself, looking to growth their coaching business.

Reach the people you are meant to serve in less time with less effort. 

Are you a newly certified life coach who doesn’t know where to start? Or are you an established coach who wants to increase your income?

Are you looking for marketing solutions that get results and tired of wasting money on ones that don’t?

Have you tried all the various marketing strategies out there but haven’t found one that works for you?

Have you spent thousands of dollars on business coaches and professional marketers who made money for themselves but not for you?

Are you tired of working with clients who want you to work for free, and want to find paying clients for your coaching?

Do you feel like your message isn’t getting heard and your list isn’t growing? 

Are you looking for an organization that is committed to helping you create a profitable business you love and makes you feel as special as you really are instead of just a number?

We hear you and we can help…the International Association of professional Life Coaches® was designed with you in mind.


  • Visibility that you wouldn’t get otherwise
  • Referrals, support, and brainstorming from your peers
  • To have clients find you and increase your credibility 
  • To feel a sense of belonging in a community of heart-centered coaches just like you
  • Monthly downloadable resources, training, and coaching 


Deb Gilroy
“I have been so impressed with many aspects of IAPLC!  Jeannette, has made being a member of this organization a pleasure.  I recommend the IAPLC to coaches who want to belong to an organization that really focuses on meeting its members’ needs and helping members grow their businesses.
~ Deb Gilroy, Copywriter Coach


With this association you can…

  • Get the business skills you need without spending big bucks on coaching and online business training programs that you may not even finish, with our monthly business training packages
  • Get support on any issue you are struggling with in the running of your coaching business in our monthly group coaching calls
  • Be a part of a growing community of like-minded heart-centered life and business coaches
  • Discuss your issues and challenges with others who may have answers you can’t find elsewhere, in our private forum
  • Get expert mindset and business solutions from expert interviews in our special presentations and archived past masterclasses
  • Participate in group opportunities that help you build your list with new potential clients, in our telesummits and group books


You don’t have to do this alone. You don’t have to struggle for weeks on end. Instead get the help you need to make your coaching business profitable month after month. 



 “WOW, What a great wealth of resources to support Life Coaches in growing their business. I wish I had access to such a resource and such support when I got started (2003). I’ve been a member now for four years and I highly recommend it to all professional life coaches.” ~ E.G. Sebastian, Author | Speaker | Client Attraction & Retention Specialist,


You may have noticed that there’s not a lot of good business training specifically for life coaches out there. But you need to get it from somewhere. We can help. There are a ton of marketing options out there, and instead of being overwhelmed and doing it alone, we can help you sort out which business activities work to market your business. 

The International Association of Professional Life Coaches® (IAPLC) was designed to give life coaches the business skills necessary for starting and running a coaching business. The IAPLC simplifies this for you by supporting you with what you need to know and to do to have a profitable coaching business, and making available marketing strategies, resources, training, and promotions that work for coaches—all packaged up for you in our Membership Programs.


Here’s what we offer:

Whether you’re a brand new coach just starting out, or you want to take your coaching business to the next level, this is the association for you.


Veronica Hislop

“IAPLC is a wonderful resource for coaches.  The site is full of informative and useful information – I look forward to Jeanette’s regular trainings  as they are always packed with information that is both timely and helpful.”  

~ Veronica Hislop, Life-Relationship Coach,

Choose Your Membership:


Just getting started:

  • Get clear on where you are going and who your target audience is 
  • Establish a winning business structure and strategies to achieve your goals
  • Develop a money mindset and what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur
  • Learn simple client attraction marketing strategies that will build a steady clientele and create a sustainable business

Taking your business to the next level:

  • Build your business with effective, proven marketing systems, including social media strategies 
  • Automate your business so you can work smarter not harder
  • Learn proven business growth strategies that will bring you greater profit  
  • Get accountability and support for implementation so that you can get consistent results
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The IAPLC Gold Membership is like a secret tool that other coaches don’t have. But you are going to have exposure, community, and resources available to you right here at your fingertips. Plus, you will be locking in the price for as long as you are a member.


“I am so happy that I found the International Association of Professional Life Coaches. Being a member has given confidence and it has helped me to know that my clients find me worthy. I have been a guest blogger and this led to more traffic coming to my website. I am very pleased and thank you Jeannette.” – Paul Garwood, Certified Master Life Coach, Life Empowerment Speaker, Author and Instructor.


Why pay thousands for a one-time online course, when you can pay a small monthly fee
to access business trainings every month?  



“This has been one of the best organizations that I have joined.  I really love working with you and others within this group.” – Denise Hansard,

 Receiving even one new client from your membership will pay
for your association membership fee many times over. It’s one of the most
cost-effective investments you can make for your coaching business.


“I am touched and astounded every day by the powerful results coaches all over the world experience from the ongoing investment Jeannette makes in them through the IAPLC programs and services she offers.” – Deborah Jane Wells, Author of “Choose Your Energy: Change Your Life”


Are you ready to get the support you need?  Then join us!


“I am proud to be associated with Jeannette and the IAPLC, and I think all types of professional life coaches can benefit through her association as well as her private coaching practice.”  ~ Randy Tudor,




“All of tools you’ve provided are tremendously useful.  Having the badge on my website has added value and credibility that my clients are able to see right away!  Being a member of the association has been terrific and I feel confident knowing that my clients find me worthy and it has drawn more traffic to my website! Thanks so much!”  – Kimberly McGowan, Relationship Coach, Author, Radio Show Host


 Nor sure which membership is right for you?

Setup a free 30-minute Discovery Call to learn more about how the International Association of Professional Life Coaches® can benefit you and your coaching business.

During this free call, you will learn:

  • How to get more online visibility
  • List building activities you can participate in
  • How belonging to an association can increase your credibility
  • How to get personal coaching at an affordable price

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Susan Hakiman

“I had been thinking about whether or not to renew my monthly networking group membership, when I realized that…
…they don’t offer any speaking opportunities,
…they don’t offer any opportunities for becoming an author,
…they don’t offer any classes that teach me business skills,
…they don’t give me any business tools to help me with my business,
…they don’t offer a community to interact and exchange ideas & resources with
…and for about the same amount of money, I get all of those things and more with the IAPLC. 

Joining your association is a no-brainer.  You offer more value than anything else out there.” ~ Susan Hakiman,




“I started this association to support life coaches in how grow their business and get more clients and to have a professional group to associate with and enjoy mutual support. I know what its like to not have the resources to build your business at reasonable rates. My mission is to help life coaches get the business skills and training they need to have a successful life coaching business. If you have any questions, please email me at”

-Jeannette Koczela, Founder/President



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