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Are you ready to get more coaching clients? And make more money in your coaching business?
We can help! Get more exposure, credibility, business training, and support
to make your coaching business amazingly successful!

Maybe you are a brand new coach just starting out, or maybe you’ve had your business for a while,
and want to get more involved in an active world-wide coaching community—you’re in the right place!  

This association provides life coaches with business and marketing training and support so they can

have sustainable and highly profitable businesses, coaching the people they were meant to serve! 

Here’s what you get when you join:

Gold Benefits

PLUS…we do Facebook ads for our Gold Members—that’s advertising dollars
that you won’t be spending to get more online visibility!


You’re tired of trying to figure everything out by yourself. You’re ready to step up your coaching business, and take things to another level.

You want to build amazing friendships with like-minded life coaches who can help support you along your journey because business friends are fun and essential.

You’re ready to learn, you’re determined to succeed, and you just want to get going. No more excuses for your lack of success.

You want to show your credibility and get your message out to the world! Get listed in our online directory.


You don’t have to do this alone, you don’t have to struggle for weeks on end going round in circles, not making the progress you want. We’re committed to helping you get your coaching business into profit so that you can have the dream business you’ve always wanted.




“WOW, What a great wealth of resources to support Life Coaches in growing their business. I wish I had access to such a resource and such support when I got started (2003). I’ve been a member now for four years and every month I’m looking forward to the Training Webinars and the downloadable resources. I highly recommend it to all professional life coaches.” 

~ E.G. Sebastian
Author | Speaker | Client Attraction & Retention Specialist,,,,,


Criteria for all Gold Members: 

  • Must be a professional life coach 
  • Must be able document life coach training or experience (certification, diploma, or statement about experience/training as a coach)
  • Must post 3 testimonials or recommendations from clients or colleagues (if you don’t have any yet, we will show you how to get them)

Are you ready to get the support you need?  Then join us!

Just $147 a year (auto renewal)



“I love, love, love all the information that you have provided! I paid someone to create an ebook for me and now I see that it is really a simple project that I can do myself. I look forward to using the IAPLC logo on my website. Thank you for your leadership and your guidance!”  ~ Cynthia White Greene

Why pay thousands for a one-time online course, when you can pay less than a $.40 a day to access a whole archive of business trainings AND get access to new trainings every month?  PLUS you will get Monthly group coaching calls  in a community of over 2000 life coaches!  

Here’s some of the 2017 Monthly Training Packages that you will receive:

 Receiving even one new client from your membership will pay
for your association membership fee many times over. It’s one of the most
cost-effective investments you can make for your coaching business.


Lynn Jordan

“The International Association of Professional Life Coaches is a wonderful, supportive group. Not only do you get visibility that you wouldn’t get otherwise, you get training, support, and brainstorming with your peers. The directory is a great way to let clients find you, get referrals from fellow members, and take your business to the next level. The membership value far exceeds the investment.”
~ Lynn Jordan,

With Your Gold Membership you receive our Get Started BONUS: 3 Training Programs


“Money Mindset Makeover”

In this excerpt, you will discover the one MISSING STEP in the Law of Attraction  that will give you a quantum leap in the direction of your desires.

“Create an Irresistible Free Offer” 

Be guided through a step-by step process for creating an opt-in gift that compels your ideal client to subscribe to your list.

“How to Make 26 Videos in 30 Days”

video course

Learn how to quickly build a library of videos that you can release weekly for the next 6 months.


“IAPLC is a wonderful resource for coaches.  The site is full of informative and useful information – I look forward to Jeanette’s weekly video’s  as they are always packed with information that is both timely and helpful.”  ~ Veronica Hislop, Life-Relationship Coach


PLUS… 70 Masterclass Recordings – YOU’LL HAVE ACCESS to TRAININGS like these from our guest experts:



PLUS…many more like these to help you grow your business. 


“All of tools you’ve provided are tremendously useful.  Having the badge on my website has added value and credibility that my clients are able to see right away!  The outline that you provided for a creating a Ebook in hour, unbelievable! Being a member of the association has been terrific and I feel confident knowing that my clients find me worthy and it has drawn more traffic to my website! Thanks so much, Jeannette!”  – Kimberly McGowan



* Badge to put on your website – More credibility
* Full page profile listing – More exposure
* Multiple Category listings – Extra visibility
* Facebook advertising – Extra visibility 
* Guest Blog posts – Backlinks to your site
* Group Telesummits/Giveaways participation – Build your list
* LinkedIn Forum – Member interaction and engagement
* Masterclasses archives – Build your business trainings
* Author opportunity – Chapter in annually published book 

* Monthly Business Training Packages – Build your business skills

All of this for the LOW Price of…$147 per year

It automatically renews annually unless you cancel.


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Susan Hakiman

“I had been thinking about whether or not to renew my monthly networking group membership, which is $200 per year when I realized that…

…they don’t offer any speaking opportunities,

…they don’t offer any opportunities for becoming an author,

…they don’t offer any classes that teach me business skills,

…they don’t give me any business tools to help me with my business,

…they don’t offer a community to interact with and exchange ideas & resources with

…and for about the same amount of money, I get all of those things and more with the IAPLC.  Joining your association is a no-brainer.  You offer more value than anything else out there.  However, one of the biggest benefits I receive, especially since my coaching business is a little off the beaten path, is understanding and support.”

~ Susan Hakiman,





This association was created to help life coaches grow their business and get more clients, as well as have a professional group to associate with and enjoy mutual support. As the founder, I am committed to your success. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email me at

-Jeannette Koczela, Founder




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