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Top Rated Online NLP Certification Training 

iNLP Center offers a variety of NLP trainings aimed to provide you with the highest quality, most affordable and comprehensive programs around.

iNLP Center is internationally recognized as a leader in NLP Training and Certification, serving thousands of students from around the world. 

  • Our online NLP training and certification is 100% Accredited by the International NLP Association and endorsed by ICF and California Board of Education
  • This training includes 12 workbooks, 77 audios, 17 video demonstrations, 12 subliminal audios and access to the iNLP Center Personal Development Program
  • Available live, expert help via skype, email and telephone.
  • Work at your own pace, start when you want and completing anytime – You get Lifetime Access to the course!

Why choose iNLP Center’s online NLP Certification Training?

We teach NLP in the way it was developed, as an exploration of subjective experience. You’ll read, watch, listen and practice the steps to all the classic NLP techniques.

You will also discover that NLP  offers is an amazing new paradigm. The perspective, fluidity, and structural way of viewing others and the world will change your life forever. See the world through NLP filters and a new universe is born before your eyes. 

Our online training is more effective than studying NLP in a classroom because we believe your life is the classroom. We include stealth mission exercises and psyche builder activities that utilize your daily interactions to learn NLP. This is not your traditional NLP training! 

As NLP legend Michael Grinder recently told us, “In this training, your life is the classroom.” 

Michael is totally invested in the online learning. He believes the iNLP Center method of training represents the future of NLP:

”The shrinking world of tomorrow has already arrived. The world of speed, cross-cultural sensitivity, and distance learning demands that we redefine how we package NLP training and support participants.

Mike Bundrant has accepted the challenge of online global learning while maintaining the high quality standards that are critical for the credibility of our field. The iNLP Center is respectfully delivering personal support along with rigid standards of performance. Congratulations, Mike! Keep it up”. – Michael Grinder

Here’s what our 12-Module NLP Practitioner
Training & Certification includes:

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This training include includes:

  • 17 Demonstration Videos
  • 77 Audio Files
  • 12 Downloadable Workbooks
  • 12 Simply Subliminal NLP® Audios
  • 21-Day Acuity Awareness Program
  • Bonus – Our NLP 6-course Personal Development Program

All the learning material is neatly organized and easy to follow. You simply open a workbook and follow the prompts to work through each module.

All the learning material is neatly organized and easy to follow. You simply open a workbook and follow the prompts to work through each module.

Plus you get…
• LIVE access to our lead NLP trainer, Mike Bundrant, via phone, email and Skype
• Psyche Builders, Stealth Missions and special exercises to boost your skills
• Fast and effective technical support 7 days a week
• Continuing education credit (if applicable, for an additional fee) 

NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer’s Training available
Work online or download course to work offline