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Masterclass: 4-14-16

The IAPLC Masterclass Thurs. April 14, 12-1 pm ET will be:

“How to Create and Maintain Momentum for Personal and Business Success”  
with Dr. Simone Ravicz


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Do You Want to Know Just What Momentum Is and Why It’s So Critical to You?
Do You Want to Create, Attract and Maintain Momentum in Your Life?

Masterclass 4-14-16Join Dr. Simone Ravicz for this powerful, informative class which will show you:

  • The 4 Excellent Reasons to Build Momentum into Your Life!
  • 5 Ways to Increase Your Enthusiasm About Momentum!
  • How to Use Your Brain and Mind to More Easily Change Bad Habits!
  • 10 Tips to Vanquish Momentum Muggers!

Skillfully Build the Momentum Required to Achieve Your Ideal Life!


Dr. Simone writes…

To overcome challenges and thrive based on momentum, change is obviously central. Even when faced with life threatening situations, people tend to resist change despite knowing about negative repercussions. A study showed that when traumatic bypass surgery was done and the patients told if they didn’t adjust their lifestyles, they would die or at best have to undergo the life-saving procedures (if possible) again, only 9% modified their behavior (Sue Langley, 5.23.2012).

You might respond to that by thinking, “that’s crazy!” or “it doesn’t make any sense”. Well, it does make a little more sense when you understand how the brain works and how it prefers to maintain the status quo. Psychologically, change can be very difficult and even painful. Much of our behavior is habitual and functions under the control of our subconscious. Fortunately, we’ve learned much about the brain lately, including how to use it to change habitual thinking, feelings and actions.

When you look up the word, “momentum” in a dictionary, you’ll typically find a physics equation stated as Momentum = Velocity x Mass. When an object (mass) is in motion, it gathers the velocity it needs to create momentum.

As momentum pertains to your life, it’s the amount of work you must do to reach goals and successes. “Mass” translates to planning and goal setting and “velocity” translates to the force you’ll need to apply to complete the work.

The Momentum Principle is all about becoming an action-oriented person – one who begins a process (goal) and doesn’t stop until it’s finished. If you don’t cultivate momentum in your life, you’ll be missing out on achieving the higher levels of success that are impossible without it.

Fortunately, our brain also can actually help us increase our momentum towards getting our goals and that for which we’re rewarded. I’ll be elaborating on how we can use this to thrive during the upcoming IAPLC Masterclass to be held on Thursday, April 14, 2016.


About Dr. Simone Ravicz

Dr. Simone Ravicz is a brain coach, certified business and life coach, multiple International Best-selling author, radio show host and speaker. She embraces her roles with a passion and enthusiasm that is powerful and comes across whether she is coaching, speaking publicly, hosting workshops and even through the pages of her books.

Dr. Ravicz has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and an MBA which have maximized her knowledge of business and human behavior. She worked for years as a psychologist before the move to coaching which she feels allows her to spread her inspirational impact to more people.

She is fascinated by neuroscience and how it can optimize human behavior. As a coach, she uses proven brain-based techniques through business and life coaching for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Her clients learn to make lasting transformations in their thoughts, feelings and actions so they can achieve great business and personal success with ease.

For more on Dr. Simone Ravicz, visit her at: www.successbraincoach.com 


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