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Here are the 8 Benefits of Gold Membership

onetools business support
You may be a great coach but feel overwhelmed by all the things you need to know about running a business.  Our association provides ongoing bimonthly Masterclasses (see schedule here) that cover all aspects of running your coaching business, special hands-on workshops, plus a resource center of related templates, business-building tools, and links to related services. You’ll have access to the entire archive of past masterclasses. You’ll also receive opportunities to teach teleclasses.Here’s some of the topics covered in our masterclasses:Put Your Book on Kindle, Referral Marketing, Making Videos, Lead Generation Tips, Guest Blogging, Copywriting, and Social Media Tips.
twoworld people online visibility
If you’re having trouble finding clients, maybe it’s because they can’t find you. The more exposure you have online the more opportunities you have for people to find you. With your full-page listing in our online directory in multiple categories, you will be seen by more people looking for a life coach. You’ll also get even more visiblity by participating in our regular telesummits and group publications.Every year we conduct at least two telesummits featuring IAPLC members and pool our lists to create a large audience and a way to build our individual lists. We also published a soft-cover book co-authored by IAPLC members. These are 3 ways to get more visibility online.
3badge/book more credibility
You need to establish yourself as the “go to” coach in the mind of your ideal client, but you don’t know how.  As an IAPLC member, you’ll have an association badge to display on your website that shows your professionalism. Clients who see the badge on your website will know that you take your job seriously and operate in a professional manner.You’ll also have the opportunity to become an author in our annually published soft-cover books and be a speaker in our regular telesummits. Those are powerful ways to show your expertise. Statistics show that published authors get hired far more often than non-authors, even if they are a co-author.
4coaches Community & Connections
Do you feel like you’re working all alone and don’t have enough contact with like-minded colleagues? We all need to feel like we can count on peer support from time to time. Having like-minded professionals to connect with is essential to your business success.The IAPLC provides a way to connect, share insights, resources and brainstorm with other life coaches and receive extra support through our private forum, accountability partners, joint venture and list building opportunities, and personal contact.


member discounts & bonus resources
You’ve probably belonged to groups that constantly trying to sell you something at retail prices. We love to provide value to our members and offer exclusive members-only bonus programs, as well as programs that are open to the public, to help you continue to learn and grow in your coaching business.As an IAPLC Member, you’ll receive discounts on all products and programs offered. You’ll also get to take advantage of group discounts that we negotiate for the membership on a variety of business resources.

SoNet Coaches book
welcome gift ecourse
Feeling overwhelmed by all the posts you have to make to keep up with the social media world? Not sure where to start with social networking or how much you should actually be doing as a life coach?“Social Networking for Coaches Guide” is a $297 home study course that comes absolutely free with your membership.As our special welcome gift to you, receive this 8-week training course in social networking for coaches, just for joining. This ecourse will teach you how to create your own content management system for promoting your coaching business on social media and give you the basics in 6 different social media areas of study.
7products special renewal gift
We want you to know how much your membership means to us and with that in mind we provide as much value as we can.When you renew your membership, you’ll continue to enjoy all the membership benefits as well as receive a special gift of value to thank you for your continued support. You’ll receive a special gift each year that you renew. These gifts may be in the form of books, CD recordings, card sets, screen-saver slide shows, workbooks, journals, or checklists.
8newsletters newsletter & member spotlight
As a member, you’ll be receiving the IAPLC newsletter. Our monthly newsletter is full of helpful tips, articles, and updates on topics relevant to the life coaching industry.Sometimes being a member of a group can make you feel like just another number. In the IAPLC you are treated as an important individual as we promote you and your business. You’ll have the chance to be a Featured Member in our Member Spotlight section of our monthly newsletter, highlighting you, your business and your website, as well as social media posts about your events and promotions!
Our member services help make your life coaching business more profitable, so you can get your message out to the world and be richly rewarded!

Criteria for all Gold Members:

  • Must be a professional life coach (definition: you are being paid for your services)
  • Must be able document life coach training or experience (certification, diploma, or statement about experience/training as a coach)
  • Must post 3 testimonials or recommendations from clients or colleagues


Estra Roell

“I truly enjoy my membership in the IAPLC™.  The other coaches are superb, and I’m proud to be associated with them.  It’s a great place to get to know other coaches and develop relationships that lead to cross promotions and joint ventures.  Jeannette is constantly thinking of new ways to help promote the coaches in the association.  

One recent venture was a collaboration on a book about transformation, a great way to become a published author without having to write an entire book.  We also participated in a telesummit, which was also wonderful exposure and produced a great product.  My google analytics show people coming to my website from my page in the association. Being a member of this group of fine professional coaches and participating in the projects Jeannette offers adds credibility to positioning myself as an expert in my niche.”

~ Estra Roell, LOACC, America’s Life Purpose Coach™


Receiving even one new client from your membership will pay
for your association membership fee many times over. It’s one of the most
cost-effective steps you can take for your coaching business.

SoNet Coaches book

With Your Gold Membership you receive our WELCOME GIFT: Free E-Course (a $297 Value)
“Social Networking for Coaches Guide”

Discover Insider Secrets for Using Social Networking to Create Your Own System that Promotes Your Coaching Business

  • Discover how to set up a systematic approach to Social Media with templates and checklists.
  • Eliminate the confusion and overwhelm surrounding the social media world once and for all.
  • Get free publicity and attract new clients with minimal effort.
  • Put yourself ahead of everyone else and ride the leading edge of the social media wave.
  • Discover the 6 best social networking sites to boost your coaching business.

All of this for the LOW Price of…

$147 per year

Your annual membership entitles you to a full 12 months of all the above benefits.

It automatically renews every 12 months unless you cancel.

* Badge to put on your website – More credibility
* Full page profile listing – More exposure
* 3 to 5 Multiple Category listings – Extra visibility
* Blog posts – Backlinks to your site
* Article posts – More Backlinks to your site
* Group Telesummits participation– Spread your message
* Facebook Forum – Member interaction
* Access to resource center – Extra support
* Masterclasses recording archives – Build your business skills
* Opportunity to teach Masterclasses – Show your expertise
* Free $297 8-week ecourse “Social Networking for Coaches Guide”
* Author opportunity: Chapter in annually published book for a small fee


credit cards

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Susan Hakiman

“I had been thinking about whether or not to renew my monthly networking group membership, which is $200 per year when I realized that…

…they don’t offer any speaking opportunities,

…they don’t offer any opportunities for becoming an author,

…they don’t offer any classes that teach me business skills,

…they don’t give me any business tools to help me with my business,

…they don’t offer a community to interact with and exchange ideas & resources with

…and for the same amount of money, I get all of those things and more with the IAPLC.  Joining your association is a no-brainer.  You offer more value than anything else out there.  However, one of the biggest benefits I receive, especially since my coaching business is a little off the beaten path, is understanding and support.”

~ Susan Hakiman,

This association was created to help life coaches grow their business and get more clients, as well as have a professional group to associate with and enjoy mutual support. As the founder, I am committed to your success. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email me at

-Jeannette Koczela, Founder

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