Sheree Keys

Board of Advisor Member, Author, Speaker, CEO

Name:              Sheree Keys

Address:         San Antonio, TX

Phone:            866-821-5829


Business:       Network Building Academy







Sheree Keys is a mother of four, bestselling author, inspirational speaker, activist, painter and the CEO of the Smart Women’s Institute™, a global company with over 60,000 women subscribers and members. The Smart Women’s Institute™ focuses on empowering women to be healthy, wealthy, and smart!

Sheri speaks to worldwide audiences inspiring them with her story of survival and triumph. She was the only child of a mentally ill and often homeless mother and left at age 17 to work her way through two college degrees and eventually building a multiple seven figure business while raising four children. She is also the author of the Smart Women Book Series™, including Smart Women Create Membership-Based Businesses, The Smart Women’s Book of Powerful Quotations, and Smart Women Know Their Why.

Sheri was recently named as the #12 most influential woman on Twitter.  Her book Smart Women Know Their Why was also #1 on Amazon when it launched as well as being the only female authored book in the top 25 books in business on Amazon.

Sheri has appeared on CBS, NBC, FOX, San Antonio Living, NPR, and featured in many business publications including “Women Entrepreneur” and on the cover of “DARE Magazine” (along with other strong and brilliant women like Olivia Newton John and Pink).


Smart Women Institute books

Sheree has published a series of books, which are available for purchase at  and

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Network Building Academy: Learn how to create an Association, Institute, or Network and Build Equity & Community at the same time.  Sheri Keys, CEO of the Smart Women’s InstituteTM,  zeros in on the reasons the membership-based business model is EASIER and SMARTER than almost all business models that exist. Sheri has been running associations and institutes for over 12 years while raising her four children ages 18 to 7. Sheri’s passion is helping women use smart business models so they have security, more time, and freedom. Play bigger and get bigger results.

You Will Learn:

  • Why your business model (service-based) is more complicated and takes far longer to get off the ground than the membership-based business model (Using Sheri’s method!)
  • The 5 “laws” of the membership-based business (not talking about continuity either–she will explain) that allow you to attract members, partners, and opportunities faster than all other business models
  • The “business strategy” that allows you to comfortably reach six-figures (and much more!) in first 12 months of operating your business
  • Why CONTENT should never be the reason members join
  • The 5 Secrets to Growing Your Membership Fast
  • And much more!

For more information and to register go to:


“When I started my International Association of Professional Life Coaches™, Sheri’s book on associations really gave me a good head start. Taking her “Create Your Network Fast Track” program gave me more of the nuts and bolts I needed to get my association into a higher gear. She explained her systems clearly and showed how we could use them effectively in our business. She also helped me push through roadblocks in several areas, including building a list and finding joint venture partners. Having access to Sheri’s expertise has been invaluable in sustaining as well as moving forward with my association. From her program I have started building a list, have more valuable offers in place for visitors and members, and have a much more comprehensive plan of action for marketing my association. Thank-you, Sheri!” ~ Jeannette Koczela

“I LOVE The Smart Woman’s Institute Programs” The information is so rich and full of instruction in additional to the numerous tools she includes in every program! Incredible programs on membership-based companies, infoproduct creation, writing books, tele-summits, participating in events and more… I highly recommend these programs and products if you are wanting to move forward in your life or business.” ~ Robin Hart, National Women’s Holistic Lifestyle Institute

“The Smart Women’s guide to Publishing a Book that Builds Your Business” takes what seems impossible and brings it into the realm of possibility. Not only that, Sheri provides simple, clear and practical guidelines to using a book to grow your business. Taking Sheri’s programs has equipped me with the tools and confidence I needed to write and publish my first book. Becoming an author has further increased my credibility, expanded my circle of influence and given my business the wings it needed to take off.” ~ Lisa Dewar