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May 31

Monthly Gold Member Training: 6 Heart-Felt Strategies

In this age of relationship marketing, we all more or less know what it means when someone refers to your “tribe”: And because we are all familiar with the term, it’s easy to gloss over it and take its deeper connotations for granted. Today, in marketing and business, “tribe” is often taken as a synonym …

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Apr 03

From Zero to Zen Financial Training

Monthly Training Package: “From Zero to Zen Financial Training” Have you been playing hide and seek with your accounting system? Do you really just want to work with your clients, not mess around with your books? Or maybe you’re wondering where to even start. It’s especially hard when financial jargon makes your head spin. But you …

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Jan 30

Maximize Your LinkedIn Profile To Get Free Leads  

You were probably under the impression that LinkedIn is for employers looking for employees.  You probably thought that even as a business owner, your summary should look like a resumé. You also probably didn’t think of including LinkedIn in your article marketing campaigns. But all of this is not only possible, but relatively easy. And …

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May 04

Create Passive Income Programs Using Content You Already Have 

It doesn’t matter what type of business you have you already have everything you need to create passive income programs. If you have any type of online business it is likely that you engage in content marketing. You likely already create content for your blog and maybe you even have a short report as a …

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Jan 25

3 Myths About Creating Online Courses

There are many things that stop coaches from creating their first online course. Today I want to share the top 3 myths about online courses … along with some tips to overcome them (courtesy of business automation coach, Paul Keetch). MYTH #1 – People won’t buy my course when they get the information for free on …

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Nov 03

Video Tip: Improving Your Enrollments #2

One of the key parts of your business is your ability to enroll clients into your programs. I made a series of 5 tips for improving your enrollments conversations.  Here’s the second one: Click here to view Tip #1

Oct 13

Video Tip: Create Your Own Book

Many coaches have asked me whether or not they should write and publish a book. This tip answers that question with what you should consider in this decision and how to proceed in order to create your own book and an easy way to become a published author.   To participate in our group book project go to: …

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Oct 27

New Video: Fearless Marketing

No matter what your product is, as a business owner, you need to market. You may be a coach who feels uncomfortable about marketing because you don’t want to sound “salesy” or you think you are no good at “sales.” But there is a way to engage in marketing where you can be the real you and feel …

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