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Featured Coach of the Week

Nicole Peller-Smith, MBA, Certified Life Coach

I have worked in the Finance/Accounting and Human Resources field for almost 20 years, so I have experience with benefits/insurance and vendor/carrier relationships across multiple industries. While I have helped many companies manage relationships within the business at a high level, my driving force is the desire to elevate performance and ease workflow within the company. I have a MBA and Life Coaching Certification as well as the healing modalities of Reiki and Pranic Healing.  I am a part-time college Instructor, wife, and mother to three young kings.

In the topic of easing workflow and making processes easier for many businesses, I have recently partnered with Client Engine Pro, an affiliate of Get Big Ticket Clients, which is an Automated Client Attraction System that outsources the technical aspects so businesses can spend more time doing what they do best - closing deals!

Contact: (608) 665-9822,

Are you looking for a life coach?

A life coach can help you face the issues you are having in your life and guide you through the obstacles that are holding you back from living the life you desire, whether it's a career change, a divorce, recovery from a life-threatening disease or accident, or just reaching highly challenging goal. Find a coach in our Life Coach Directory. Download our free kit “Find a Coach Guide” HERE.

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Gary Henson

What they're saying about the IAPLC...

“Jeannette has a gold mine of business and marketing training for coaches. I was blown away reading her material and I thought, ‘Wow, she’s got a ton of value to bring to these people.’  My recommendation is, YOU'VE STRUCK IT RICH! You don’t need to go anywhere else!”  – Gary B. Henson, President and Founder of

What Members Say..

“I highly recommend joining the IAPLC. am so delighted by the wonderful resources offered by the association. I especially have enjoyed reading Jeannette’s book, The 7 Essential Steps To Get More Clients. I began implementing some of the suggestions, and they have already worked for my business. I can't wait to benefit from future resources through this fantastic organization!” 

Cyndi O'Brien

- Cyndi O'Brien,

“I am loving the membership. The AD on Facebook is everything! I hadn’t even realized it until I got a LEAD….YES! Your platform is pretty amazing – Much appreciation from the Coach who is starting out and wanting to stay realistic with the coaching world and work and achieve accordingly.”

Kisha Woods

“Every time I attend one of your sessions, I always come away with a head full of amazement of you and your talents, and your ability to put all of this together authentically.  You make it sound so simple and yet I know it’s not—just awesome, awesome, awesome talent! The tools you provide are truly so helpful.”

Diane Schaffer

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