Guest Post: “5th Step: Living a Life of Love”

“5th Step: Living a Life of Love”  By Carla Van Walsum


“I have three young kids” said a friendly woman’s voice when she called me a while ago. “I want to be the best possible loving mother and I think I am doing quite well. Though, my own mother (Louise) has always been aloof and cold towards me, as  her own mother was to her. I do not want my children to continue with these patterns and dynamics and I would like to see what I can do about that in your next “Life’s Hidden Truths Workshop” (Family Constellations).

Well, she came and the work showed clearly that the mother of my client, Louise, who was not present herself, felt disconnected and aloof from her family. In other words: Love wasn’t flowing. Apparently it became clear that  Louise was very connected to her grandmother. When I asked my client what happened in their lives, she remembered that her grandmother was the daughter of a native American woman who had 5 children from a white American man. Louise became extremely emotional when Native Americans and White Americans as a group were positioned. She run over to the Native Americans and  was overwhelmed with grief…

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