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Attention Coaches and Consultants:

Are You Frustrated Because Your Don't Have Enough Clients?

Have you lost sight of WHY you started your coaching business?
Are you getting bogged down with administration details?
Do you feel like you don't know how to run your business to make a profit?

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I know the feeling. That picture above could be me for the first 3 years of my coaching business and the first 2 years of running my association. I was frustrated, confused and felt like a failure. My confidence level was not helping my business. My husband was so tired of my frustrating talk, that I had to stop talking to him about my business. It was embarrassing. I thought I was bad at marketing, bad at sales and was beginning to wonder how I would stay in business, if things didn't change.

Can you relate? Does this sound like you? Well, you're not alone.

I've talked to many coaches who have had the same experience. They know how to coach but they don't know how to get a steady flow of clients AND they're  working way too hard. Is this your situation? Well, the source of this frustration and struggle is NOT YOUR FAULT. You were trained to be a coach, but you just weren't taught how to run your coaching business like an entrepreneur.

AND, you probably weren't taught how to design a marketing plan that doesn't create overwhelm and is easy for you to implement. I feel your pain, believe me, and I want to do something about it so you won't have to struggle anymore. First of all let's look at the big picture...

You may be thinking that there's not enough clients out there for all the thousands of coaches in business...BUT...

According to the International Coach Federation (ICF)…

Worldwide Revenue Produced by Coaching Is $1.5 billion (USD) Per Year

Isn't this amazing?? That's because...

  • The coaching industry has been EXPANDING RAPIDLY due to the mounting pressures and stresses of daily life.
  • People at all levels of society are  increasingly uncertain about the future due to the recessions, high unemployment, and economic turmoil --- and this is happening GLOBALLY.
  • More and more people are turning to COACHES to help them through difficult times.

That means YOU are perfectly positioned to help them! The coaching industry is here to stay and it’s only going to grow bigger, which means there's lots of room for you to grow!

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When I started out as a life coach, I thought I was lucky.  Since I had been a free-lance artist, I knew the basics for running a business. But very soon into my coaching career, I found out how hard it was to just find clients, let alone, ideal clients. Plus marketing online was a whole different ball-game. I took every class available to learn the ins and outs of marketing a coaching business.  I studied books, hired coaches, participated in forums, and eventually found what strategies worked for me.

After I started my life coach association, and began interacting with lots of coaches, I realized how little they knew about marketing and I wanted to share what I learned with them so they would stay in business.

You see, I strongly believe that life coaches are helping to heal the planet, so when I saw coaches dropping out of the association because they gave up trying to build a coaching business, I knew I had to do something.  It started with providing classes and resources for the members of my association (International Association of Professional Life Coaches®). But it soon became clear that I had to organize what I knew into a systematic program that would help life coaches learn the marketing skills they needed to grow their businesses and prosper.

So…How can you grow your coaching business… make more money… but NOT give up more of your time???

Stay with me because I’m about to show you exactly what it takes to grow your coaching business…working smarter not harder!

1 First, you need to build a foundation for your business. That involves doing market research plus setting in motion a vision of your future business. This will lay the foundation for all of your marketing activities in the future.
2 Branding yourself and establishing an online presence is an important step in building your business and you can do that by utilizing the information you gathered and automating the process of building your tribe.
3 Once you have an automated system for building your list, you’re ready to generate traffic to your website and it’s important to zero in on what method works best for you and start building relationships with your tribe.
4 You can easily go into overwhelm with all the courses about online marketing but here you’ll learn about social networking, radio shows, and podcasting and then focus on one or two to get your message out into the world
5 Another important step in building your business is to design your coaching program and the marketing materials to let people know about your services and the benefits of working with you.

Isn't it time to get serious about your coaching business and discover how to start monetizing YOUR expertise?

Why not stop watching free webinars, downloading everyone's free reports, and listening to sales audios in an effort to teach yourself how to build a coaching business, and learn from an expert who can shorten your learning curve in a supportive learning environment?!

I have created the  “Life Coach Business Blueprint" that can end your frustration. In this step-by-step program, designed especially for coaches, you will...

  • Learn how to language your sales materials so you attract ideal clients
  • Create a free offer that attracts your ideal clients who want to get to know you
  • Know where to find clients who want to pay you to help them
  • Find more free time in your business so you can finally travel, spend time with your family, and have the lifestyle you been desiring
  • Discover how to build a sustainable coaching business that will last for years to come

PLUS… help MORE of the people you were meant to SERVE!! 

This training will save you time, money, and energy...

Because it gets your coaching business up and running with all the marketing skills you need.  You will have gone through 12 modules packed with strategies, techniques and information for implementing so you start getting results right away. And it's an AFFORDABLE, comprehensive program that's like a MBA in a BOX.

Introducing the “Life Coach Business Blueprint" training program

Practical Tools and Strategies for Building a Successful and Sustainable Life Coaching Business

By participating in this program, you'll be able to...

  • Boost your confidence level by knowing how to market yourself with lasting results
  • Get your life coaching business started on the right foot or to the next level
  • Develop a better understanding of how to effectively run a life coaching business
  • Receive a business education all-in-one program especially designed for life coaches
  • Take the dread out of marketing and learn how to have fun with it---plus get clients faster and easier!

I've combined all the knowledge I've accumulated over the past 6 years and turned it into a simple, systematic process that guides you step-by-step to build and grow your coaching business.


“I can tell you that Module One was a wealth of knowledge. I received the direction I needed in finding my niche. I was so excited that I keep going over it again and again. I can't wait for the rest of the modules. I'm so very bless to have joined your organization. I truly didn't know which way to begin, but with your guidance, I have clear direction. I have no doubt that my success will be largely because of what I am learning through the business blueprint. I'm so excited!!!!”  – Vicki Baker, www.executiveedgecoaching.org

Learn by doing.  With the Life Coach Business Blueprint Bootcamp, you get lessons, checklists, templates, accountability, and group coaching calls. You will be implementing practical business tools in a systematic proven process. This program is a 12-month program. Here are the 12 steps that we cover:


The Life Coach Business Blueprint Curriculum

arch plan

Module 1 –Building the Foundation

  • Anything you build starts with a foundation…we lay it here
  • Determine your niche and who your ideal client is
  • How to do market research so you can make well-informed decisions about your market
  • Formulate your vision statement for your business

Module 2 –Constructing an Online Brand

  • Automate the process of giving prospects information about what you do
  • Secrets of creating a compelling opt-in gift
  • How to convert those leads into clients
  • Craft an email series that educates and informs 

Module 3 –Structuring Client Attraction Systems

  • Essential strategies for lead generation and list building
  • How to convert those leads into clients.
  • Using articles and blogs to reach your ideal clients
  • How a newsletter can build the know, like, and trust factor

Module 4 –Designing Products and Programs

  • Design compelling opt-in gift to automate giving prospects a free taste
  • Your signature system coaching program
  • Create marketing materials to promote your services
  • The 8 steps to a effective enrollment conversation
  • How to handle objections smoothly and authentically

Module 5 –Marketing Your Business Online

  • Reduce social media overwhelm
  • Using online marketing to build your list
  • Using social networking, radio shows, and podcasting to get your message out into the world
  • Using conversion analysis to find the areas in your sales path
social media computer

Module 6 –Organizing Your Time

  • Discover a system for managing time by controlling how you work on and in your business
  • How to create a marketing plan by combining all the pieces you’ve been studying in this course
  • Planning your weekly tasks so nothing slips through the cracks

Module 7 –Creating Promotional Teleclasses and Webinars

  • Expand your business exponentially with a Signature Talk
  • How to design and promote teleclasses and/or webinars
  • Step-by-step process for easily marketing them as well as what to offer in them

Module 8 –Forming Partnerships

  • How to work with affiliate and joint venture partners
  • How to find partners and create a plan of action
  • What to look for when choosing partners

Module 9 –Marketing Your Business Offline

  • Strategies for live networking and how to find the right groups
  • How to develop a referral-based business
  • Designing offline marketing materials such as business cards and postcards
  • How to become a published author in group publications as well as writing your own book
market research

Module 10 –Managing Daily Business Operations

  • How to simplify, automate, and organize tasks
  • How to discern the financial numbers of your business so you can meet you budget and stay in business
  • Discover the magic of having a functional operations manual
  • How to turn over the administration of your business to those who can assist you in running your business, so you have more time to coach
biz analysis

Module 11 –Increasing Your Income

  • Four ways to increase your income and your credibility
  • How to design them so they will be easy to fill and your clients will get the desired results
  • Templates for creating engaging agendas  

Module 12 –Planning for the Future

  • Using your business plan
  • Using your marketing plan
  • Information products
  • Your money-making system

Fast Action BONUS #1

The Life Coach Business Blueprint Training Course includes a copy of the book, "Life Coach Business Blueprint" by Jeannette Koczela This book gives life coaches a blueprint that will help build a business that is profitable and enjoyable to run. It covers everything from defining your market, to designing programs and teleseminars. It teaches you the business tools necessary for running your life coaching business more effectively and efficiently. Ask Jeannette about this.

member badge

Fast Action BONUS #2

Gold Membership in the International Association of Professional Life Coaches™ ($147 value) Get a listing in our premiere life coach directory, participate in telesummits, become a published author in one of our publications, and get access to the recordings of our bimonthly Masterclasses. Ask Jeannette about this.

All this to help you get your business growing...

My step-by-step system will eliminate the frustrations and struggles that come from trying to figure this out all by yourself. You save time, money and energy. You are going to learn proven and effective marketing systems,how to build a responsive list, how to write copy that attracts and engages your ideal clients! You can build a heart-centered, value-anchored, and purpose-based business that makes you money.

This is not a "fluff" program where you simply read, hear or see the lesson. Each month you will get a lesson and be given an assignment so you can apply the information you learned immediately to get the GREATEST VALUE each and every month.


Susan Hakiman
“Jeannette has put together a marvelous business primer that is clear, concise and easy to follow for a Life Coach who is either just starting their business or for a Coach who already has a business.  In each chapter she shares an overview but then gives practical steps to bring theory down to practice.  Her advice ranges from the nuts and bolts of choosing a business name, putting up a website, bookkeeping or setting financial goals, to choosing a niche, branding and time management.  Even though I’ve been in business for several years, I found quite a few golden nuggets as well as major action steps that have helped me solve some technical challenges I’ve been facing in my business.  I highly recommend 'Life Coaches Business Blueprint!'” ~ Susan Hakiman, www.thelifeweaver.com


With this training you will... 

checkmark Generate more cash flow for your business by implementing strategies that save you time and money.
checkmark Discover time-saving, done-for-you templates and checklists that make running a business easier and make you more productive.
checkmark Get planning guidance that makes it easy for you to focus on income-producing activities and have more time for actual coaching.
checkmark Accelerate your success with a clear plan of action so you know exactly what to do to build your business every day.
checkmark Learn quick ways to generate leads, clients, and income by putting systems in place to enhance your business.
checkmark Create a comprehensive blueprint to follow that will help you get into profit sooner rather than later.
checkmark Build a solid opt-in database with thousands of interested subscribers who become paying clients.
checkmark Develop Joint Venture partnerships that lower your marketing costs, increase your market reach and make your income expand exponentially.


Life Changes Dramatically for the Better When You Start Getting Clients and Move Your Coaching Business into More Profit...

You can pay off your debts, go out to lunch with friends whenever you want, give your kids the best education, travel to your heart's content, give generously to your favorite charities, and pamper yourself on a regular basis!

And best of all you are still doing what you love – coaching others, changing people's lives, and making an impact.

You don’t have to compromise your integrity to be SUCCESSFUL, you don’t have to chain yourself to the phone for hours on end because you are no longer a slave to your business.

Instead, you have the CONFIDENCE you need to run your business more smoothly, attract more clients, and make more money, while marketing yourself more authentically.

You get to work less, IMPACT more lives, and watch your bank balance GROW.

You enjoy your business, and marketing becomes FUN!!

Isn't that what you really want?? 


“Having Jeannette Koczela as my life coach has been a great blessing to me and my business. Jeannette provides excellent, quality and professional services. Her personal attention and timely response is extraordinary. She helped me to re-organize my website with structured opt-in gifts; making it ready to attract the right and quality visitors. I am so confident now knowing that I am on the right path to success and I look forward to having more positive results. I will recommend Jeannette to any one who is committed to personal and business growth.” - Florence Karp, CEO & Founder - Prosperity Conscious Women, www.prosperityconsciouswomen.com

What about you?? 

Are you living a balanced life – or are you compromising your own life while giving different advice to others?

Are you setting a good example for your family, friends, and colleagues – or are you hoping they won't find out how much you're struggling?

Are you happy with what you see when you look at your bank balance – or are you frustrated and feel you deserve more?

With this program, you can change the answers to those questions---there will be no MYSTERIES left unsolved.

You don’t have to spend time wondering “will this work for me?” You just get down to business, follow the steps, and enjoy the results. Yes, you will need to take action and implement what you learn. There’s effort involved. But the rewards are worth the effort.

There is a door open right in front of you to walk through. A door that leads to more confidence in your ability to market your coaching business, knowing what actions to take every day that are income-producing, a bank account with an exciting balance, and the coaching business you dreamed of when you started your entrepreneural journey. Let's walk through that door together!

I truly believe this program will make all the difference for you. NOW it's up to you---will you invest in yourself and decide to take action? I hope so.


Work one-on-one with Jeannette Koczela.

Schedule a "Quick Start Marketing Strategy Session"  to see if this is a good fit for you here.

Or if you're ready, sign up here


Send any questions to: jeannettekoczela@iaplifecoaches.org


Jeannette Koczela, Small Business Marketing Coach
Founder/President, International Association of Professional Life Coaches®


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