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Shana L. Bligen – Divine Assignment Coaching, Since 2011, NY, NY
“Build esteem; fulfill your dreams; and live…your Divine Assignment!™”

Shana serves as a change agent, light-bearer, and guide holding the space for those, like you, who have a burning vision deep in your soul, that you were born to be of some high service, but whose life has been hijacked by feelings of self-doubt, overwhelm, lack, and fear.



David Lawson

David Lawson – David Lawson Coaching, Since 2012, Queensland, Australia
“Making Stress your best friend.”

David Lawson’s approach involves being the person “outside of the problem” who will listen to you. He will work with you to identify what is and what is not working and walk with you as you discover the path forward from hurt and pain to growth and happiness., 0407 585 497,


Dr. Mike Johnson – New Life By Design, Since 2000, Fullerton, CA
“Choose Dr. Mike, Your Coach For Life”

Dr. Mike Johnson, CPC is a certified professional life coach with 40 years experience helping others to have better lives. He also has a doctorate in psychology and is currently a life coach, preferring to help people create their future rather than analyze their past. His practice in Fullerton is very enjoyable to him as he assists others in their relationships, their careers, and their feelings about themselves. 

Dr. Mike has a weekly women’s group, is working on a book called “Killing the Victim”, and is providing all day transformation seminars for those who want to transform their lives using many of the experiences he facilitates., 714-257-1012,


Dorothea Rogers

Paul & Dorothea Rogers – Rogers & Rogers Life Coaching LLC, Since 2010, Lapeer, MI
“You must make a Choice to take a Chance or your life will never Change.” ~ B. Tracy

Dorothea strives to establish a safe, nonjudgmental atmosphere for clients, as she helps individuals gain clarity about goals they wish to accomplish, and how to attain them. 

Paul’s objective as a Christian and Quality Life Coach is to help people understand God’s true love for them and that God is the supplier of their faith and strength. He believes that everyone chooses the life style they want.  Like every great athlete, musician, soldier and coach, they all need someone to help them reach their fullest potential., (810) 624-9166, (810) 938-5234,


Stephanie L.P. Jackson– Tigress Consulting and Publications,  Since 2011, Dayton, OH
“Realizing and experiencing a better you.” 

As a published author, minister, life coach, entrepreneur, wife, and mother Stephanie knows what it’s like to have her hands full, but she enjoys it. She enjoys motivating and encouraging others to tap into their greatness and live their best life. God has a purpose for every single one of us, and she believe that it is our duty to discover and walk in our purpose.,  937-681-8372,


 Susan Shaw

Susan Shaw – Empowered Living Solutions, Since 2014, Macon, GA
“Empowering Women to THRIVE After 45”

Susan Shaw is a BCC Certified Life Coach and a Certified Christian Coach. She specializes in working with women ages 45 and up who are experiencing major mid-life transitions including Empty Nest Syndrome.  Susan’s coaching philosophy is that our life is like a book with many chapters.  Each transition (chapter) you go through offers opportunities for personal growth and to create a life you love.

Through her love of helping others, wisdom and a multitude of life experiences, Susan is here to help and guide you as you transition to the next chapter of your life. Her all-encompassing passion is to help you make the next chapter of your life the best chapter.,  478-394-5772,


 Wil Scott

Wil Scott – BelievePositive, Since 2011, Gaffney, SC
“Live, Love & Believe”

Wil Scott has been a life coach for 7 years and has achieved many other certifications in the coaching field as well as obtaining certification as a Reiki Grandmaster/Teacher-Sensei and Reiki crystal healing, and a Master’s degree in Psychology. All the time she was obtaining these certifications, she was fighting her own battle with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy…not once, but twice! She stayed positive and smiled everyday even when she didn’t feel like smiling. Wil believes that that is a major thing to do when overcoming any battle or struggle and come out a winner.,  864-492-8153,


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