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Discover your life purpose and align your life with one of our Life Purpose Coaches.

Shana L. Bligen – Divine Assignment Coaching, Since 2011, NY, NY
“Build esteem; fulfill your dreams; and live…your Divine Assignment!™”

Shana serves as a change agent, light-bearer, and guide holding the space for those, like you, who have a burning vision deep in your soul, that you were born to be of some high service, but whose life has been hijacked by feelings of self-doubt, overwhelm, lack, and fear.



Denise Hansard – Coaching2Dream, Since 2012, Palatine, IL
“Live Like You Were Meant To …”

Denise’s specialty is working with EXECUTIVES and ENTREPRENEURS—mostly women—because she understands the big and small business worlds. She uses her passion for helping people become their best selves—however they define this—based on the sound foundation of my education and corporate experience. 

As author/speaker/life architect, Denise is an expert in transformation. Through her Southern style of storytelling, she shares how your past story doesn’t define your future. She has coached hundreds of women to make 6 figures, step into their next
career, find the love of their life and get super healthy … all while having fun.,  847-485-8446,


Jan Moore – Empower Your Life: Change Your World, Since 2009, Pflugerville, TX
“Live as your authentic self, discover your life purpose and manifest your dreams.”

Jan Moore is one of the leading empowerment, mindset and manifestation mentors and trainers in the personal and spiritual development community as well as a writer, speaker and radio show host. She is an authority on human personality, spiritual laws, mindfulness and manifestation and her intuitive insights have created lasting transformation for people around the world., 512-487-2980,


Veronica Hislop –, Since 2012, Ontario, Canada
“Break the Chains and Step Forward into the Future.”

Veronica helps stressed, overwhelmed female entrepreneurs and women in business to manage their stress, prioritize their needs, and set healthier boundaries in their inter-personal relationships so that they don’t get sidelined, and distracted from creating the massive success in their business that they desire. Her “ Ninja Stress Busting” presentations, workshops, 1-1 and group packages help her clients to get clear, focused and grounded ready to deal with the daily challenges of entrepreneurship., 416-529-1606,


RoseAnn Janzen – Reveal Your Life, Since 2013, Carvel, Alberta, Canada
“Empowering you in Spirituality, Business, & Life, through Clarity, Confidence, & Connection.”

RoseAnn Janzen is a writer, Intuitive, artist, and Spiritually Conscious Entrepreneur who helps Intuitive Entrepreneurs & Creatives become more in alignment, in Business and Life, with their Divine Self through her coaching and RYL Academy. 

She uses her intuitive and psychic abilities, professional training, Divine connection, and signature “Funnel Vision Method” to determine exactly what her clients need to take them to their next level, to integrate that fully into their lives so they can experience living in true power from their Authentic Divine Self.

She is a renaissance person who has many skills in finance, retail, fine arts, and spirituality. She believes spirituality is not a separate category, but rather it is the base, it is the vehicle through which all experience happens.,  780-691-4970,


Susie Briscoe – Reveal Your Life, Since 2004, Whitehill, Hampshire, UK
“Helping Business Leaders find Rainbows within their Lives”

Susie Briscoe – Founding Chair; Acer Coaching Associates International Business Lifestyle Coach & Mentor; Master Leadership with Legacy Mentor, Co-author of two #1 International Best Selling books: “Your Creative Thoughts” and “Ready, Aim, Thrive!” 

She believes actions bring results: “By enabling natural talent and ability, we are able to produce outstanding results; focus, drive and enthusiasm, once released, allow us to achieve our full potential, enriching our lives and enhancing our businesses and careers.”  Her coaching style has been described as intuitive, empathetic, and compassionate as well as motivating. Susie has a passion for people and for making a difference by offering a supportive environment for clients. She is a strategic and lateral thinker, with proven coaching, organisational and interpersonal skills, as well as excellent leadership, team and management experience.,  +44.1420.478.162,


Dr. Gayle Carson – Spunky Old Broad, Since 2006 (current business), 57 years total (all business), North Bay Village, FL 

Dr. Gayle Carson is known as the Spunky Old Broad! She is a mentor to women who no longer wish to live small. She graduated from Emerson College with a degree in Broadcasting, Theatre, and Speech. During college she hosted two radio shows and began her training in live TV. Currently, she hosts a dozen radio shows per month and is the founder of the She is also the only woman in the world who has a Doctorate, a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), CMC (Certified Management Consultant) and an FIMC (Fellow to the Institute of Management Consultants).,


Gabriela Senn – Gabriela Senn Coaching and Training, Since 2014, Zurich, Switerland
“Show up & Thrive”

Gabriela Senn is a certified Martha Beck Master Coach and certified Horse-Assisted Coach who helps professionals discover their true purpose, reestablish a deep connection with themselves, and create the work life of their dreams. With a background as a therapist, seminar leader, yoga teacher and personal development expert, she has a unique gift for guiding people through challenging or confusing times while holding a space where deep transformation can happen., +41 79 616 50 89,


Paul Garwood – Strive To Succeed Everyday, Since 2010, Harper Woods, MI
“I help men and women Strive To Succeed in life despite the many Life Transitions they may encounter.”

Paul motivates and empowers clients through Speaking and Coaching to uncover their gifts, discover their passions, and develop incredible plans that enable them to excel. His technique of coaching, encouragement, and strategic planning provides clients with the tools to move from a mediocre outlook of success to a magnificent vision of opportunities and achievement.

By choosing Paul you will receive personalized attention from a career expert who will use impact questions to best understand your life/ career objectives and work toward meeting them. Expect a mix guiding questions, thought partnership, and action steps to help you with what comes next.,  313-269-9764,


Bob Fraser Laser Focus Results Coach, Since 2016, North Port, FL
“It’s Never Too Late To Pursue Your Dreams.”

Bob’s goal as a career coach is to help you identify and discover your passion, unique skills, desires and purpose so you can find or create work you love, your DREAM JOB. If you feel stuck in a job you don’t like and want to make a change, I can help. As a business coach he teaches you marketing strategies so you can move from working in your business to working on your business. As a speaker, he encourage you to pursue your passion and live your life with purpose.,  941-916-8303,


Dorothea & Paul Rogers

Paul & Dorothea Rogers – Rogers and Rogers Life Coaching LLC, Since 2010, Lapeer, MI
“You must make a Choice to take a Chance or your life will never Change.” ~ B. Tracy

Dorothea strives to establish a safe, nonjudgmental atmosphere for clients, as she helps individuals gain clarity about goals they wish to accomplish, and how to attain them.  Paul’s objective as a Christian and Quality Life Coach is to help people understand God’s true love for them and that God is the supplier of their faith and strength. He believes that everyone chooses the life style they want.  Like every great athlete, musician, soldier and coach, they all need someone to help them reach their fullest potential., (810) 624-9166, (810) 938-5234,


ReGina Concotelli

ReGina Concotelli – Align with Your Design Coaching, Since 2006, San Rafael, CA
“Making Decisions you Trust”

ReGina has a successful career in marketing and consultative selling to entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 Companies spanning over 25 years. She has provided coaching, consulting, and group facilitation, training services for service-oriented businesses such as PacBell, Ameritech, Verizon Business Division, as well as for many small businesses. 

Alongside her quest for professional development, ReGina has delved into the realms of meditation and esoteric studies. She has advanced certifications as a Human Design Analyst and Guide.   ReGina is a passionate leader in New Thought and in elevating relationship dynamics for her clients personally and professionally, by pioneering her own blend of East meets West.,  707-888-3569,


Dr. Rudy Garrity

Dr. Rudy Garrity – The American Learnership ™ Forum, Inc.; Center for Life Management and Professional Performance Branding, Since 2009, Leesburg, VA
“Coach, Consultant, Researcher, Educator, Author”

Rudolph Garrity has been a public and private sector product and service specialist, manager, executive, educator, coach, consultant and project manager in a wide variety of technical fields, educational roles and human capital activities in U.S. Defense and Intelligence organizations and in various high profile corporations e.g. IBM and HP. His formal education includes a BS, MBA, MPA, DPA as well as dozens of multidisciplinary knowledge and skills programs in over 40 years of Federal government entities and locations prior to retirement., 703-587-0942,


Richard Chan – I Dare To Be Me, Since 2017, Victoria, Australia
“Dare you to be you, the best that you can be.”

I put myself in a position where success is the only way out, failure is not an option. What you think about will materialise in your life, if you think about hardship and failure then what do you think will materialise ?, +61 406908282,


Pauline Haynes– Pauline Haynes, Certified Life Coach, Since 2010, Sacramento, CA
“Shift Happens! Do or do not. There is no try.”

 work with individuals who are stressed, lacking focus, confidence and are crisis-ridden. If you are ready for a change – be it in attitude, work or life situations – I offer a supportive environment where I can help you set priorities. Overcome your limiting beliefs, develop strategies to figure out who YOU are, and what YOU really want.

Sometimes what stops you, is simply NOT KNOWING! Your success is measured by YOUR intentions, YOUR actions and YOUR satisfaction. When you work with me, Shift Happens!,  916-452-5278,


Diane Samuels – Coaching Your Dream, Since 2008, Miller Place, NY
“Life isn’t about finding yourself. It’s about creating yourself.”

Diane is an ICF certified coach and ghostwriter (with books on the best-seller’s list!), a writing coach, copywriter – all things writing and helping clients reach people, express themselves, tell their story, and get avid fans of their products and services. She helps people who want to write a book or create: a business, a new direction., 631-388- 3285,


Pieter Griessel

Pieter Griessel – 5th Level Inspiration (Pty) Ltd, Since 2012, Pretoria, S. Africa
“Live YOUR dreams, or live someone else’s dreams, someone else’s purpose!”

Helping people to chase their dreams is Pieter’s true purpose. He helps Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, management and Ambitious Individuals wanting to live up to their full potential and achieve their desired success, by building confidence that they lack, to follow through on their dreams.,  +27 82 776 3898,


Luz Jaramillo– Brain Body Coach, Inc., Since 2018, Queens Village, NY
“Heal your brain and body and Improve your Quality of Life.”

As a professionally trained and accomplished bilingual English and Spanish Social Worker, Life Coach, Neuro-linguistic Practitioner and Master Practitioner, Health Coach, Brain Health Certified Coach and Dementia Care Specialist, Luz can provide the tools and understanding to help you create the life you imagine and deserve! Her mission is to improve the brain and body you deserved and reverse or prevent you from chronic diseases such as memory loss, diabetes, obesity, attention deficit disorder, overeater disorder, etc., 917-332-7911,


 Beverley Glazer

Beverley Glazer – Reinvent Impossible Inc., Since 1992, Montreal, Canada
“Let’s Make The Impossible Possible”

Beverley Glazer Is a Coach, Counselor, therapist and an expert in motivating and empowering women over 50, to unleash their hidden strengths and transform their lives both personally and professionally. Through her engaging personality, personalized techniques, step-by-step individual or group coaching programs, she guides her clients to realize their untapped potential, gain confidence and take action to achieve the possibilities that transform their lives.,  514-299-1891,


 Catherine Hayes

Catherine Hayes – Catherine Hayes Coaching, Since 2012, Newton Falls, MA
“Leading from your true self”

Having spent twenty years in academics, I have managed large teams and budgets as well as numerous research and public health projects. Using my experience with the Enneagram, Diamond Approach and Coaching, I help people understand their personality patterns and reactions. By guiding them to understand these patterns I help people improve their personal and professional relationships and develop communication skills to motivate and inspire., 857-404-0584,


Vicky Knee– Vicky Knee Coaching, Since 2012, Newfoundland, Canada
“Set Your Boundaries, Rediscover Your Reason.”

My mission is to be the ally to business owners and to people who want to own their lives, to help people overcome the ‘overwhelm’, and help them navigate the cyber-jungle that is the internet, and to detangle the fads from the real trends in business today so they can make sharp decisions.

I work with people on a personal level. Yes, it’s business coaching, but in today’s world, business … and life are intertwined. I help you by getting to know you and helping you learn how to solve your own problems, and create your own unique solutions, and by getting to know you well enough that I can call you out when you’re making excuses. I love my clients enough to be real with them., 709-489-2913,


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