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Marty L. Ward – The No BS Coach
“Passion to Profit Making More Money in Less Time — Live Life to the Fullest”

Honest, direct, effective coaching that teaches people how to break through stumbling blocks, blast past procrastination, and grab hold of success. By discovering and using Talents, Abilities and Gifts and transforming negative beliefs into empowered action in the moment,  people are able to make more money in less time reaching more people and to live a satisfied and colorful life.


Ann Harmon – ReShape Your Life
“Your Road Map to Peace, Joy, Beauty, and Prosperity”

Ann Harmon has been naturally and intuitively coaching individuals all of her life. Asked a question, she has always intuitively known the answer. She is very connected to Universal Mind / Source for her guidance, direction, and purpose.



E.G. Sebastian – Client-Attraction & Lead-Generation Coach
Let me help you generate more leads and get more clients – My Motto: NO RESULTS -NO FEE

I coach individuals and presents workshops on topics of sales, marketing, improving performance, and customer service.


Vanesa Simpkins – Breakthrough Coach
Reclaim Your Power and Create Wealth, Freedom and Success on Your Own Terms.

Vanessa Simpkins is an author, speaker and nature lover passionate about inspiring and empowering transformational breakthroughs in others who are READY to experience more out of life.


Tonya Sheridan – Interior Design Life Coaching™
“Then one day, she decided to design a life she loved.”

As a Business Coach and Life Coach Mentor she guides her clients in setting up their business plan and strategy while simultaneously helping them to create the positive mindset necessary to grow and maintain a successful business.


Ida Crawford – Daily Life For Me
“Your Success Is My Reason”

Having a Life Coach and being a Life Coach has allowed me to become more conscious of who I am and what my life purpose is. The skills I have now has changed my life and I look forward to supporting others in changing theirs.


Liah Kraft-Kristaine – The Star Power System
Your life is your business;  reach far to make it count!

Liah is a coach for solo entrepreneurs and knowledge experts — coaches, authors, speakers and professionals. She specializes in building business visibility, particularly in public speaking, video marketing, and media.


Dr. Simone Ravicz – Dr. Simone Ravicz
“Purpose. Passion. Prosperity.”

Dr. Simone Ravicz is a certified business and life coach, brain coach, two-time International Best-selling author and motivational speaker. Dr. Ravicz has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, an MBA and 35 years of working to help others, including as a clinical psychologist and now as a coach.


Hope Anderson – Hope Nutritional Services

“Make it fun. Make it delicious. Change your life.”

Hope Anderson is a registered dietitian/Nutritionist and owner of Hope Nutritional Services and a healthy lifestyle coach delivering a menu of solutions to professionals who want to live a healthier lifestyle. Together you can develop individualized program so they can achieve their goals and see the results they desire.


RoseAnn Janzen – Reveal Your Life
“Empowering you in Spirituality, Business, & Life, through Clarity, Confidence, & Connection.”

RoseAnn Janzen is a writer, Intuitive, artist, and Spiritually Conscious Entrepreneur who helps Intuitive Entrepreneurs & Creatives become more in alignment, in Business and Life, with their Divine Self through her coaching and RYL Academy

Jeannette Koczela – Empowered Business Coaching

“Create a Marketing Blueprint to Get More Clients.”

Jeannette is a certified life coach who now provides business training and support for other life coaches through her International Association of Professional Life Coaches®. She specializes in teaching coaches how to set up their business, get leads, and get clients.

Liz Lajoie– The Coaches’ CFO
“Passion to Profit Making More Money in Less Time — Live Life to the Fullest”

I help coaches and creative professionals build a financial road map for their business, manage their money with an eye to the future, and find ways to free them up to focus on doing what they love, secure in the knowledge


Ben Dooley – BeDo Coaching

“BE who you are here to BE. DO the things you are truly here to DO, HAVE the impact that you are here to create.”

Ben Dooley is an MCC coach who demonstrates his overwhelming commitment to coaching coaches and helping them discover their powerful coaching magnificence, coaching confidence and coaching success. He is committed to filling in as many of the gaps that coaches struggle with so that we can all show up and BE MasterFull coaches and DO MasterFull coaching. After all, “MasterFull is as MasterFull does.”

Bob Fraser – BeDo Coaching

“It’s Never Too Late To Pursue Your Dreams.”

Bob’s goal as a career coach is to help you identify and discover your passion, unique skills, desires and purpose so you can find or create work you love, your DREAM JOB. If you feel stuck in a job you don’t like and want to make a change, I can help. As a business coach he teaches you marketing strategies so you can move from working in your business to working on your business. As a speaker, he encourage you to pursue your passion and live your life with purpose.

Wanda Peyton– Life Energized Coaching, Speaking and Training

As a certified spiritual coach and Co Author of Mastering the Law of Attraction, Wanda also mentors those who are also striving to manage stress and/or emotional energy for greater peace of mind and other practical outcomes. She also helps women understand how the Law of Attraction works in our lives and how to intentionally create more of what is desired.


Stephanie L.P. Jackson– Tigress Consulting and Publications

“Realizing and experiencing a better you.” 

As a published author, minister, life coach, entrepreneur, wife, and mother Stephanie knows what it’s like to have her hands full, but she enjoys it. She enjoys motivating and encouraging others to tap into their greatness and live their best life. God has a purpose for every single one of us, and she believe that it is our duty to discover and walk in our purpose.