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Marty L. Ward – The No BS Coach, Since 2010, Melbourne, FL
“Passion to Profit Making More Money in Less Time — Live Life to the Fullest”

Honest, direct, effective coaching that teaches people how to break through stumbling blocks, blast past procrastination, and grab hold of success. By discovering and using Talents, Abilities and Gifts and transforming negative beliefs into empowered action in the moment,  people are able to make more money in less time reaching more people and to live a satisfied and colorful life., 321-848-4997,


Ann Harmon – ReShape Your Life, over 40 years, Canton, OH
“Your Road Map to Peace, Joy, Beauty, and Prosperity”

Ann Harmon has been naturally and intuitively coaching individuals all of her life. Asked a question, she has always intuitively known the answer. She is very connected to Universal Mind / Source for her guidance, direction, and purpose. 

Ann was formally educated as a nurse with all of the accompanying degrees, B.S.N., M.Ed., M. Rehab and Nursing, Doctoral work in Community Health /Education, in order to teach on the university level at an assistant professor. She taught leadership and management, research, medical-surgical and community health nursing with clinical experience in most areas of nursing and life. 

Her passion in life has become seeing that special light ignite in someone’s eyes as their soul “gets it and becomes a powerful force for service/good in this world and for an individual creating the life they love.

513-262-0099, Email:


E.G. Sebastian – Client-Attraction & Lead-Generation Coach, Since 2003, 
Beaufort, SC 
“Let me help you generate more leads and get more clients – My Motto: NO RESULTS -NO FEE”

E.G. started his professional career in 1990, at age 23, as an international business consultant, helping close to 100 new start-ups get their businesses off the ground. In 1992, he became the general manager and 49% owner of a Chinese-Hungarian joint venture – an export-import company – which he successfully managed till 1995.   In the following years, E.G. shifted his career into his area of passion: public speaking and performance coaching. He coaches individuals and presents workshops on topics of sales, marketing, improving performance, and customer service. E.G. is also the founder of myClientAttractionAcademy. 


Vanesa Simpkins – Breakthrough Coach, Since 2007, Quebec, Canada
“Reclaim Your Power and Create Wealth, Freedom and Success on Your Own Terms.”

Vanessa Simpkins is an author, speaker and nature lover passionate about inspiring and empowering transformational breakthroughs in others who are READY to experience more out of life.  An ex mop saleswoman, and author of “From Bankrupt to $900 a Day Selling Mops” Vanessa Simpkins now helps others “clean up” their emotional and subconscious patterns, unlocking their channels of divine abundance, freedom and happiness. Featured on FOX, ABC, NBC and CBS television for her international best selling women’s empowerment book “Take Your Power Back Now!”,  808-639-2889,


Ida Crawford – Daily Life For Me, Since 2010, Westminster, MD 
“Your Success Is My Reason”

Having a Life Coach and being a Life Coach has allowed me to become more conscious of who I am and what my life purpose is. The skills I have now has changed my life and I look forward to supporting others in changing theirs. 

I have created several workshops to support women in eliminating limited beliefs that are not serving them, entitled “Get The Junk Out Your Trunk.” In addition, I provide a 4 week intensive workshop entitled, “A Picture of My Business” to support women in creating their business plan so that they have a road map for their business.,  443-839-0828,


Liah Kraft-Kristaine – The Star Power System, Since 2000, Atlanta GA
“Your life is your business;  reach far to make it count!”

Liah, J.D., coach, business visibility/media strategist, and start-up consultant, is an award-winning international speaker and author of twelve books, including the best-selling “30 Days to Happiness,” which brought her to the Oprah Winfrey Show. She is a coach for solo entrepreneurs and knowledge experts — coaches, authors, speakers and professionals. She specializes in building business visibility, particularly in public speaking, video marketing, and media. 

Some of her clients prepare and film their video marketing and speaking demos at Liah’s own studio, complete with professional editing and global distribution. For those who can’t be there in person, Liah’s extensive online programs allow her to work with clients from around the globe., 


Dr. Simone Ravicz – Dr. Simone Ravicz, Since 2010, Palm Springs, CA
“Purpose. Passion. Prosperity.”

Dr. Simone Ravicz is a certified business and life coach, brain coach, two-time International Best-selling author and motivational speaker. Dr. Ravicz has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, an MBA and 35 years of working to help others, including as a clinical psychologist and now as a coach. 

She uses proven brain-based techniques to help people learn to eliminate negative stress and negative thinking, disturbing feelings and unproductive, unhealthy behaviors.,  760-327-8305,


Hope Anderson – Hope Nutritional Services, Since 2000, Davie, FL
“Make it fun. Make it delicious. Change your life.”

Hope Anderson is a registered dietitian/Nutritionist and owner of Hope Nutritional Services and a healthy lifestyle coach delivering a menu of solutions to professionals who want to live a healthier lifestyle. Together you develop an individualized program so you can achieve your goals and see the results you desire.

Hope Nutritional Services is a Health and Wellness platform that provides credible science based information on food, health, wellness, services, products, and programs making it simple for you to use these resources to transform your life into being fit and healthy.,  954-636-1246,


RoseAnn Janzen – Reveal Your Life, Since 2013, Carvel, Alberta, Canada
“Empowering you in Spirituality, Business, & Life, through Clarity, Confidence, & Connection.”

RoseAnn Janzen is a writer, Intuitive, artist, and Spiritually Conscious Entrepreneur who helps Intuitive Entrepreneurs & Creatives become more in alignment, in Business and Life, with their Divine Self through her coaching and RYL Academy. 

She uses her intuitive and psychic abilities, professional training, Divine connection, and signature “Funnel Vision Method” to determine exactly what her clients need to take them to their next level, to integrate that fully into their lives so they can experience living in true power from their Authentic Divine Self.

She is a renaissance person who has many skills in finance, retail, fine arts, and spirituality. She believes spirituality is not a separate category, but rather it is the base, it is the vehicle through which all experience happens.,  780-691-4970,


Ben Dooley – BeDo Coaching, Since 2003, Elmhurst, IL
“BE who you are here to BE. DO the things you are truly here to DO, HAVE the impact that you are here to create.”

Ben Dooley is an MCC coach who demonstrates his overwhelming commitment to coaching coaches and helping them discover their powerful coaching magnificence, coaching confidence and coaching success. He is committed to filling in as many of the gaps that coaches struggle with so that we can all show up and BE MasterFull coaches and DO MasterFull coaching. After all, “MasterFull is as MasterFull does.”, 630-484-2336,


Bob Fraser – Laser Focus Results Coach, Since 2016, North Port, FL
“It’s Never Too Late To Pursue Your Dreams.”

Bob’s goal as a career coach is to help you identify and discover your passion, unique skills, desires and purpose so you can find or create work you love, your DREAM JOB. If you feel stuck in a job you don’t like and want to make a change, I can help. As a business coach he teaches you marketing strategies so you can move from working in your business to working on your business. As a speaker, he encourage you to pursue your passion and live your life with purpose.,  941-916-8303,


Stephanie L.P. Jackson– Tigress Consulting and Publications, Since 2011, Dayton, OH
“Realizing and experiencing a better you.” 

As a published author, minister, life coach, entrepreneur, wife, and mother Stephanie knows what it’s like to have her hands full, but she enjoys it. She enjoys motivating and encouraging others to tap into their greatness and live their best life. God has a purpose for every single one of us, and she believe that it is our duty to discover and walk in our purpose.,  937-681-8372,


Heather Driscoll– Back To Eden, Since 2016,  Ashford, CT
“When you’re ready to step into your power, you want a coach like me!”

From the young girl who doubted she was capable of being a mom at such a young age, to the woman who is now in charge of running her own businesses, Heather learned there is nothing you cannot achieve in life. She is a serial entrepreneur, who loves building and creating businesses. Heather also loves coaching people in small business as well as life. She’s a certified life and business empowerment coach who teaches mindfulness and works extensively with people on finding tools for them that work on overcoming fear and anxiety., 860-634- 2196,


Vicky Knee– Vicky Knee Coaching, Since 2012, Newfoundland, Canada
“Set Your Boundaries, Rediscover Your Reason.”

My mission is to be the ally to business owners and to people who want to own their lives, to help people overcome the ‘overwhelm’, and help them navigate the cyber-jungle that is the internet, and to detangle the fads from the real trends in business today so they can make sharp decisions.

I work with people on a personal level. Yes, it’s business coaching, but in today’s world, business … and life are intertwined. I help you by getting to know you and helping you learn how to solve your own problems, and create your own unique solutions, and by getting to know you well enough that I can call you out when you’re making excuses. I love my clients enough to be real with them., 709-489-2913,


Kim Gray – My First Coaching Client, Since 1999, Fayetteville NC
“Where Relationship Building = Marketing”

Air Force Veteran and Introvert Marketing Coach, Kim Gray guides marketing shy coaches to embrace proven and easy to implement tools and techniques to make connections in person and online with confidence so they can welcome an ongoing flow of quality leads, clients, and cash in their business without sacrificing their quiet, thoughtful ways. Co-author of the Amazon best-selling book, “How Life Coaching Changes Lives,” Kim always keeps it real while bringing humor that has audience members laughing through their tears. Since 2007, Kim has worked with coach clients to slay their fears around networking in big groups, boost their confidence to connect with prospects, and show up online with savvy and skill so they convert prospects with ease.,, 910-578-5487,


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