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Get support in developing more awareness of your inner resources on the level of consciousness and inner awareness from our Spiritual Life Coaches directory.

Ann Harmon – ReShape Your Life, over 40 years, Canton, OH
“Your Road Map to Peace, Joy, Beauty, and Prosperity”

Ann Harmon has been naturally and intuitively coaching individuals all of her life. Asked a question, she has always intuitively known the answer. She is very connected to Universal Mind / Source for her guidance, direction, and purpose. 

Ann was formally educated as a nurse with all of the accompanying degrees, B.S.N., M.Ed., M. Rehab and Nursing, Doctoral work in Community Health /Education, in order to teach on the university level at an assistant professor. She taught leadership and management, research, medical-surgical and community health nursing with clinical experience in most areas of nursing and life. 

Her passion in life has become seeing that special light ignite in someone’s eyes as their soul “gets it and becomes a powerful force for service/good in this world and for an individual creating the life they love.

513-262-0099, Email: anncharmon@gmail.com



Vanesa Simpkins – Breakthrough Coach, Since 2007, Quebec, Canada
Reclaim Your Power and Create Wealth, Freedom and Success on Your Own Terms.

Vanessa Simpkins is an author, speaker and nature lover passionate about inspiring and empowering transformational breakthroughs in others who are READY to experience more out of life.  An ex mop saleswoman, and author of “From Bankrupt to $900 a Day Selling Mops” Vanessa Simpkins now helps others “clean up” their emotional and subconscious patterns, unlocking their channels of divine abundance, freedom and happiness. Featured on FOX, ABC, NBC and CBS television for her international best selling women’s empowerment book “Take Your Power Back Now!” 

www.TakeYourPowerBackNow.com,  808-639-2889, Vanessa@TakeYourPowerBackNow.com


Melissa Stamps –Transformation & Design, LLC, Since 2000, NYC Tri-State area
“Creating Transformation through beautiful living and works spaces that support health, success and wealth. “

Melissa Stamps is a certified Intuitive Counselor, Clairvoyant and graduate of Holistic Studies Institute in NYC, and a graduate of The Ohashi Institute of Advanced Shiatsu Studies in NYC. 

She is also a certified Feng Shui practitioner and Interior Design Stylist, and has studied at Pratt Art School and Parsons School of Design. She has trained with the luminaries of Black Sect Tibetan Buddhist Feng Shui.

Melissa passionately champions the success, health and abundance of her clients and believes deeply in developing the awesome and infinite talent of your own intuition to create a dynamic and successful life.

Feng Shui and Interior Design: www.colorpriestess.com  
Energy Work: 3rdeyeopennycpsychic.com
201-865-3823, info@colorpriestess.com / info@3rdeyeopennycpsychic.com 


Deborah Jane Wells – Choose Your Energy: Change Your Life!, 30+ yrs, Wmsbg, VA
“What’s love got to do with minimizing stress and getting unstuck? Everything!”

I help people who are stuck in the “hamster wheel” approach to life. Trapped by fear and the mistaken belief that busy-ness is the same as purpose, they can’t stand the way they’re living, but feel powerless to stop.  As we work together, my clients discover what I discovered: when you fall in love with yourself, everything else falls into place, personally and professionally. Choosing love as your core energy changes your perceptions, opportunities, relationships and priorities. You get unstuck, reclaim your personal power and recapture your zest for living, moving yourself forward into a life you love.

As a coach, author, speaker, singer, artist, consultant and radio host, I share hope, possibilities and empowerment with the world.  My book, Choose Your Energy: Change Your Life! shares my story and the stories of 10 of my clients along with my signature Discovery Framework.

djwlifecoach.com, 303-330-8178, deborah@djwlifecoach.com


Shana L. Bligen – Divine Assignment Coaching, Since 2011, NY, NY
“Build esteem; fulfill your dreams; and live…your Divine Assignment!™”

Shana serves as a change agent, light-bearer, and guide holding the space for those, like you, who have a burning vision deep in your soul, that you were born to be of some high service, but whose life has been hijacked by feelings of self-doubt, overwhelm, lack, and fear.

718-577-7525, DivineAssignmentCoach@gmail.com


Boni Oian – Dreams come Alive Strategist, Since 1994, Boerne, TX

Author and Instructor of Claim Your Life, Boni assists people in knowing they deserve and are worthy of having everything in life they want. Being happy before and after they receive that dream life sometimes is the challenge. 

Boni’s certifications as an Akashic Record Teacher and Consultant are from Akashic Records Consultants International and Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom. She believes true freedom widens your path. Your path is where you can walk, the people you can meet and the experiences you can have with comfort.

www.ClaimYourLifewithBoni.com www.AkashicRecordsTraining.com
830-537-4523, BoniOian@gvtc.com


Jan Moore – Empower Your Life: Change Your World, Since 2009, Pflugerville, TX
“Live as your authentic self, discover your life purpose and manifest your dreams.”

Jan Moore is one of the leading empowerment, mindset and manifestation mentors and trainers in the personal and spiritual development community as well as a writer, speaker and radio show host. She is an authority on human personality, spiritual laws, mindfulness and manifestation and her intuitive insights have created lasting transformation for people around the world. 

www.aSmilingWorld.org, 512-487-2980, janet@asmilingworld.com


Don Morgan –Positive Coaching Academy, 40 years, Clarion, PA
“Bridge to a Happier Life”

Don is an applied positive psychology practitioner, working as a catalyst for developing and achieving stretch-goals. He searches for the best ideas and shares these insights. His Ph.D. from the University of Iowa emphasized administrative science and human behavior in organizations. His professional background includes teaching, counseling, and administration at elementary, secondary, community college, and university levels. He uses evidence-based strategies to assist individuals and organizations to assess their unique strengths and to move from their comfort zones into their opportunity zones.

http://morganmanagementconsulting.com  http://www.positivityacademy.com/
814-297-7079, PositivityAcademy@gmail.com


RoseAnn Janzen – Reveal Your Life, Since 2013, Carvel, Alberta, Canada
“Empowering you in Spirituality, Business, & Life, through Clarity, Confidence, & Connection.”

RoseAnn Janzen is a writer, Intuitive, artist, and Spiritually Conscious Entrepreneur who helps Intuitive Entrepreneurs & Creatives become more in alignment, in Business and Life, with their Divine Self through her coaching and RYL Academy. 

She uses her intuitive and psychic abilities, professional training, Divine connection, and signature “Funnel Vision Method” to determine exactly what her clients need to take them to their next level, to integrate that fully into their lives so they can experience living in true power from their Authentic Divine Self.

She is a renaissance person who has many skills in finance, retail, fine arts, and spirituality. She believes spirituality is not a separate category, but rather it is the base, it is the vehicle through which all experience happens.

http://www.revealyourlife.com/,  780-691-4970, roseann@revealyourlife.com


Sondra Hoffman – Hoffman Consulting Group, LLC, Since 2015, Orlando, FL
“Invite Infinite Possibilities, Invite a Shift, Re-invent Your Life.”

With over three decades’ experience as a professional Life Coach and c- level Healthcare Administrator, Sondra has inspired transformations for countless clients, physicians and employees. Sondra is passionate about her clients growing their gifts, career and life purpose, living their best life. A self-less advocate for her clients, she provides a path to change quickly with support, guidance and a valued partnership.

Employing innovative, results oriented coaching and manifestation techniques, Sondra offers you a platform for partnering; taking you from where you are now to where you want to be. Sondra’s coaching is action oriented and forward moving, provides clarity, focus and positive momentum. When you hire Sondra as your coach, you are hiring a strategic partner and asserting your firm commitment to your future.

http://sondralifecoach.com/,  561-628-1856, HoffmanCGroup@Gmail.com


Ragini Michaels

Ragini Michaels – Facticity® Trainings, Inc., Since 1980, Seattle, WA

“Add To Your Expertise with NLP Strategies & Certification As NLP Coach – Accelerate Your Clients Arrival At Their Goal, Generate Fabulous Referrals & Create A Worry Free Business.”

Ragini is the founder of Facticity® Trainings, Inc., a training and consulting company established in 1988 offering certification trainings in Paradox Management, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Ericksonian Hypnosis. Ragini is a true expert on human communication styles and practical spirituality. Her approach relies on the practical application of her behavioral change skills and personal wisdom from 35 years of exploring meditation and stress release as it relates to living in a paradoxical world.

http://www.raginimichaels.com/,  425 462 4369, 


Elisa Palma Hancock– Elisa Palma Hancock Coaching,Since 2013, Santa Rosa, CA
“Guidance, healing and practical tools for a happier you.”

My passion pushes me to want to share, spread and let people experience what I have learned and that has changed my life. For me, it all started with the decision to want to be happy and to REALLY do something to be, finding my answers to many of those questions, changing what had to be changed. And for all, all the women I helped, the basic step was the same: the way of the heart: walking to the rediscovery of your true essence, taking responsibility for your life, changing what was necessary to change, with an uncontrollable desire to be happy. Rediscovering faith in one’s life is the most authentic gift we can make of it.

en.elisapalmahancock.com,  415-601-9072, elisapalmahancock@icloud.com 


Rosemary Graham – Coach Your Vision: The Life Awakening Coach, Since 2015, Wales, UK
“It’s about time you took the plunge.”

My communication skills I honed during a career in education, (to senior management level) and into advisory work. Seen as someone to share with and for others to come to for support, it was natural for me to train as a Life Coach.The path has been challenging but my learning immense. I love working with people, I am empathetic, resourceful, intuitive, creative and I have been coaching for twelve years. My unique energy methods work fast. Clients shift to much higher levels fast so that fresh insights are made. I am trained in Solution Focused Coaching and Co-Coaching as well as Transformational Coaching. I work one to one, on the phone and by Skype.

https://thelifeawakeningcoach.weebly.com/, 01437 563881, rosemary.graham7@virgin.net


Pauline Haynes– Pauline Haynes, Certified Life Coach, Since 2010, Sacramento, CA
“Shift Happens! Do or do not. There is no try.”

I work with individuals who are stressed, lacking focus, confidence and are crisis-ridden. If you are ready for a change – be it in attitude, work or life situations – I offer a supportive environment where I can help you set priorities. Overcome your limiting beliefs, develop strategies to figure out who YOU are, and what YOU really want.

Sometimes what stops you, is simply NOT KNOWING! Your success is measured by YOUR intentions, YOUR actions and YOUR satisfaction. When you work with me, Shift Happens!

http://www.paulinehaynes.net,  916-452-5278, info@paulinehaynes.net


Kate Brain

Kate Brain – Kate Brain Coaching, Since 2008, Australind, Western Australia 
“Inspiration” “Transformation” “Success”

Kate’s main focus and mission is to assist and inspire individuals and business leaders to reach their full potential, and enhance all areas of their life. Having faced and overcome many challenges herself, by using the very methods she provides to her clients, allows her to approach every situation with empathy, she understand how life events can throw us off balance.

Kate’s methods, which she has uniquely tailored offer greater clarity to her clients for a deeper understanding, as she supports her clients with powerful questions to guide them to a greater level of awareness and to resolve the underlying root cause, and assisting to regain power and focus, this transformation brings clients to move from stress to success. 

www.katebrain.com,  0416 136 748 (For local calls only), kate@katebrain.com 


Kate Burke– Kate Burke Coaching, Since 2011, Tasmania, Australia
“Transforming you, from where you are, to where you want to be.”

Training as a Health & Phys. Ed Teacher and teaching for 13 years, Kate Burke triggered the transition to focus in on the area of health, personal development and emotions. Hence, she added the qualification of Certified Professional Coach to my credentials. Her Coaching now, aims to enhance the importance of the “mind” and beyond its doubts or limiting beliefs, as a key to sustaining success.

http://www.youtransformingyou.weebly.com/,  +(61) 0401 090 154, b.kate2@gmail.com


Marianne Johnson

Marianne Johnson–Spiritual Teacher of Integrative Sciences & Healings, Since 2000, Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada
“Cultivate Your Higher Power”

I am an empowerpathic, Intuitive guide and spiritual teacher. I have been at this for many many years it is in the stars and planets and my human design that I am here to be in service with an open unconditional heart. I use my energy fields of awareness to access feelings, senses, knowings, visions & intuition to assist others on their journey to awakening and evolution.

By allowing my awareness into your essence, I gather and translate information, and bring it to you so you can integrate the knowledge with care and non-judgment into a more expanded awareness of your limitless potential.

www.maryswaves.com,  780-512-3027, maryswaves@yahoo.ca


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