Transitional Coaches

Get assistance when making transitions related to career, relationships, health issues and more from one of our Transitional Coaches

Ida Crawford – Daily Life For Me, Since 2010, Westminster, MD 
“Your Success Is My Reason”

Having a Life Coach and being a Life Coach has allowed me to become more conscious of who I am and what my life purpose is. The skills I have now has changed my life and I look forward to supporting others in changing theirs. 

I have created several workshops to support women in eliminating limited beliefs that are not serving them, entitled “Get The Junk Out Your Trunk.” In addition, I provide a 4 week intensive workshop entitled, “A Picture of My Business” to support women in creating their business plan so that they have a road map for their business.,  443-839-0828,


Susan Shaw – Empowered Living Solutions, Since 2014 , Macon, GA
“Empowering Women to THRIVE After 45”

Susan Shaw is a BCC Certified Life Coach and a Certified Christian Coach. She specializes in working with women ages 45 and up who are experiencing major mid-life transitions including Empty Nest Syndrome.  Susan’s coaching philosophy is that our life is like a book with many chapters.  Each transition (chapter) you go through offers opportunities for personal growth and to create a life you love.

Through her love of helping others, wisdom and a multitude of life experiences, Susan is here to help and guide you as you transition to the next chapter of your life. Her all-encompassing passion is to help you make the next chapter of your life the best chapter.,  478-394-5772,


Joann C. Bradley, Words for Life Coaching, Since 2018, Vallejo, CA

Joann Bradley is a Certified Professional Life Coach. After working over 25 years in the Healthcare Industry, with the last 17 years in Social Services as a Case Manager, providing support to families and patients during difficult transitions with their health, she suffered her own personal health crisis. While recovering at home, she had some time to self-reflect and realized that she wanted to do something different. Hence, her new vocation was born.

Her focus is on life or career transitions and she has combined her qualifications, training, experience, and extensive people development skills to support, encourage and motivate her clients to be the person they want to be. , 707 741-3131,


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