Transitional Coaches

Get assistance when making transitions related to career, relationships, health issues and more from one of our Transitional Coaches

Lily-Ann MacDonald – Step Out Of The Mist – Elite Life Coaching, Since 2012, British Columbia, Canada
“Empowering people to create a renewed sense of passion and purpose.”

“My primary mission is to empower people to create a renewed sense of passion and purpose, so they can tap into their heart’s desires and fully step into their highest vision of what they can truly be! It’s very exciting to work with someone who is ready and willing to evolve into their higher self.”,


Ida Crawford – Daily Life For Me, Since 2010, Westminster, MD 
“Your Success Is My Reason”

Having a Life Coach and being a Life Coach has allowed me to become more conscious of who I am and what my life purpose is. The skills I have now has changed my life and I look forward to supporting others in changing theirs. 

I have created several workshops to support women in eliminating limited beliefs that are not serving them, entitled “Get The Junk Out Your Trunk.” In addition, I provide a 4 week intensive workshop entitled, “A Picture of My Business” to support women in creating their business plan so that they have a road map for their business.,  443-839-0828,


Dr.Cristie Glasheen– Step Strong Life Coaching,Since 2014, Durham, NC
“I’m stepping strong everyday, are you with me?”

Stepping strong means leaving self-doubt behind and waking up every day with excitement, knowing that you can handle whatever hurdles come your way. I teach people to step strong in their personal, professional, or academic life. I work with people who are tired of living a partial life and want to live with more confidence, joy, authenticity, and daring.,  919-813-0822,


Sandra Hill–New Horizen Coaching & Professional Growth Advancement, LLC, Since 2017, Suwanee,  GA
“Making the Impossible Possible.”

After retiring in 2016 from 36 years as a public servant, I continued my passion for helping people by launching a life coaching service. As a certified life coach, my mission is to provide coaching and career advancement products and services to individuals – middle school to college age, veterans, aspiring/current managers – and to organizations using a proven coaching model.

I am currently partnering with two high schools, one middle school and my home church in providing free workshops and services.,  678-523- 2890,


Dr. Jami Epstein – MY Life Coaching Center -NY, Since 1988, NY, NY

Dr.  Epstein  has been a practicing therapist since – 1988. He holds a Masters degree in Marriage Family and Child Counseling , Masters in Coaching Psychology and a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology.MLCC-NY is a Professional Life Coach training and treatment center located in New York City. MY LIFE COACHING CENTER-NY has developed a coach training around twelve specific areas of concentration that you can choose from as a “major” during your training. We help you connect your head and your heart in ways that transform your passion for your dreams into action for your life.,  917-680-7212,


Beverley Glazer – Reinvent Impossible Inc., Since 1992, Montreal, Canada
“Let’s Make The Impossible Possible”

Beverley Glazer Is a Coach, Counselor, therapist and an expert in motivating and empowering women over 50, to unleash their hidden strengths and transform their lives both personally and professionally. Through her engaging personality, personalized techniques, step-by-step individual or group coaching programs, she guides her clients to realize their untapped potential, gain confidence and take action to achieve the possibilities that transform their lives.,  514-299-1891,


Susan Shaw – Empowered Living Solutions, Since 2014 , Macon, GA
“Empowering Women to THRIVE After 45”

Susan Shaw is a BCC Certified Life Coach and a Certified Christian Coach. She specializes in working with women ages 45 and up who are experiencing major mid-life transitions including Empty Nest Syndrome.  Susan’s coaching philosophy is that our life is like a book with many chapters.  Each transition (chapter) you go through offers opportunities for personal growth and to create a life you love.

Through her love of helping others, wisdom and a multitude of life experiences, Susan is here to help and guide you as you transition to the next chapter of your life. Her all-encompassing passion is to help you make the next chapter of your life the best chapter.,  478-394-5772,


Joann C. Bradley, CPLC, Words for Life Coaching, Since 2016, Benicia, CA

I have worked over 25 years in Healthcare Industry, with the last 17 years in Social Services as a Case Manager. I provided counseling for patients as well as family members, completed assessments, developed plans for care and was able to help clients achieve wellness and autonomy through advocacy, communication, and education. Whether you are experiencing a transition in life for relationships, losses, empty-nesters, life after 50, new careers, starting college or starting life all over again; I can help you sort thru difficult changes and empower you to get results. , 707 741-3131,


Karen Doepper, TrulyMe LLC, Since 2019, Trumbull CT

You may be at a transition in your life where you feel disconnected, stressed, or confused. I coach people on how to unclutter their mind, make decisions that align with their values, and learn how to respect themselves. My unique approach is designed to develop skill sets to successfully handle life’s challenges and bring you fulfillment.

Having faced troubled spots in my own life, I truly empathized and understand the pressures people face. I know what it is like to feel anxious, stuck, and isolated. I know how to address these feelings and provide insightful support to help people through these times. I am a sincere person who is compassionate and open-minded and know I can help others as they transitions through life’s cross roads.,  203-331-6541,



Reggie Fluty, Life Coach Reggie Fluty, Since 2019, Laramie WY
Where Spirit Meets Strength: Finding your spirit and strength from the inside out.  

When I retired from law enforcement, I decided to become a Life Coach because I wanted to help others live a life from a place of kindness to themselves, loving and forgiving themselves, and knowing who they are.   I have been beaten, called names and given unexpected hugs.  I have gone through a lot, but I have also worked with the biggest heroes around. I feel that my unique background has shown me the realness and rawness of humanity, and I take a proactive approach in helping you reach your potential and goals before what’s not working becomes a problem. I enjoy helping people work from the inside out, to develop a strength to follow a more positive, loving future., 307-760-1537,


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