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Choose from these Writers and Publishing Coaches to get support for authors and writers who want to improve their skills, get published, and market writing products 

Lynn Jordan – Author’s Tools, Since 2006, Yachats, OR
“Empowering writers to use technology to write and promote better, easier, and faster.”

After many years of working in Information Technology, I left the corporate world to devote time to my first love, writing. I now help my friends and fellow writers while investigating the latest technological developments and pass the information along. Now I have a place on the web where I can help writers use technology to write and promote faster, better, and with less effort.

AuthorsTools.com, 503-551-1876, lynn@authorstools.com


Dr.Cristie Glasheen– Step Strong Life Coaching, Since 2014, Durham, NC
“I’m stepping strong everyday, are you with me?”

Stepping strong means leaving self-doubt behind and waking up every day with excitement, knowing that you can handle whatever hurdles come your way. I teach people to step strong in their personal, professional, or academic life. I work with people who are tired of living a partial life and want to live with more confidence, joy, authenticity, and daring.

http://www.stepstrong.net/(919) 813-0822, lifecoaching@stepstrong.net


Stephanie L.P. Jackson– Tigress Consulting and Publications, Since 2011, Dayton, OH
“Realizing and experiencing a better you.” 

As a published author, minister, life coach, entrepreneur, wife, and mother Stephanie knows what it’s like to have her hands full, but she enjoys it. She enjoys motivating and encouraging others to tap into their greatness and live their best life. God has a purpose for every single one of us, and she believe that it is our duty to discover and walk in our purpose.

http://www.tigresscandp.webs.com,  (937) 681-8372, ceo@tigresscandp.com


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