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Jeannette Koczela
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– Jeannette Koczela, Founder/President

“You CAN Make a Living Following Your Bliss!” Radio show interview on VoiceAmerica with Jeannette Koczela and Deborah Jane Wells


About Jeannette

Jeannette Koczela spent several decades as an Impressionist oil painter, exhibiting her colorful paintings all over the country and working as a free-lance artist. A growing interest in computers led her to become a graphic and web designer.  These interests combined her talents and skills for many years.She created several online products including Wattles Wisdom ArtCard Set, coaching programs, a home study course, and published the book, “Money Mindset Makeover.”

Then she discovered her passion for life coaching and after a decade of casually coaching colleagues, she decided to train to be a certified spiritual life coach. As a life coach, she has taught people to partner with Spirit and raise their vibration to a place of empowerment so they can attract more ideal clients and grow their business.  

As she began to look for ways to market her coaching business, she looked for a directory to be listed in and a coaching organization to belong to. When she couldn’t find what she wanted, she decided to create an association that combined an online directory with a professional industry-standard organization, and thus the International Association for Professional Life Coaches™ was born. She now works full-time on the association to help more life coaches become successful and make their businesses more profitable through more visibility, credibility, and connection.

Her second book, “Life Coach Business Blueprint,” teaches practical strategies and tools for life coaches to run their businesses with more profits, success, and enjoyment.

After realizing that almost all of her business was coming from LinkedIn, she developed the program, “LinkedIncome Blueprint,” which teaches coaches who want to get more clients how to use LinkedIn to build their own online community that they can market to exclusively. Her third book, “The 7 Essential Steps To Get More Clients” answers the most common questions coaches have about marketing.

Visit her personal website at www.JeannetteKoczela.com


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About the International Association of Professional Life Coaches®

Our mission is to inspire, promote, and support life coaches around the world so they can coach the people they were meant to serve and run a profitable business, and so that we can collectively heal the planet and transition into an era of global peace and prosperity.

The International Association of Professional Life Coaches® (IAPLC) is an organization for life coaches who want to get more visibility, credibility, and extra support to make their businesses more profitable. An effective way to establish credibility is to belong to a professional organization. Every industry has them. You’ve probably seen ones like National Association for Professional Accountants or Association of Professional Architects, etc. When a life coach joins this association, they will be able to show that they are a professional, have more credibility, gain more exposure and visibility in the marketplace, and Gold Members have an additional place to showcase their business in our online coaches directory.

We offer monthly coaching calls that cover various business skills, techniques, and guidance taught by expert life coaches. We also have an online directory with members listed in over 20 different categories. Members listed in our online directory must meet certain criteria to be listed, including credentials, experience, and testimonials.

While there are many organizations for specific coaching training and certifications, the IAPLC is for life coaches with various certifications. Gold Members are given the opportunity to participate in telesummits, giveaways, group publications, webinars, and teach master classes. Bronze Members receive business tools, live-only access to masterclasses, and the IAPLC newsletter.

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