Believe in Yourself – Part 2

In a previous blog I talked about four different things that I did to get my business into profit. But there’s one more thing I did that really pushed me over the top. You see, the techniques that you can use to keep yourself motivated and positive shift your energy so that you attract more supportive situations, people, and ideas into your life. Of course the key is to believe in yourself.

But you also have to take dynamic action along with a leap of faith—that’s where belief in yourself comes in. So after I did the four things I mentioned in the last blog post, I reached out to find a coach. I was still paying off the expenses incurred from the last group-coaching program I had participated in so I had taken a break from having a coach. It had been six months and I knew that it was time to hire another coach.  So when an opportunity arose that resonated with me, I took advantage of it and started working with my new coach.

To tell you the truth, since I had had no income from my business in several months (yearly membership fees can be rather sporadic), I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay for the first month, but somehow scraped it together. I figured I had 30 days to come up with the next payment and so I jumped in. My first session with my coach got my passion for my business reignited and with the new ideas she gave me, I was off and running again. I found the money for the second month and by the third month I was making enough money to pay for the rest of the coaching.

It all worked out because I was willing to:

1) Believe in myself

2) Be vigilant about keeping my mindset at a positive level

3) Take dynamic action and hire someone to help me

4) Have faith that the action will pay off

Life coaching is the best thing that ever happened to me. If you want to be successful in your business, I encourage you to do the same.