What should I write in the "Achievements" section of my resume?

By posting your resume on a recruiting portal, a job seeker expects to soon receive calls from employers. But it happens that this does not happen, and there are no or very few invitations for interviews. Obviously, the problem lies in the content of the resume - the candidate did not manage to interest recruiters.

The main thing - the specifics

To attract the attention of hiring managers, you need to be as convincing as possible about your professional achievements. In this case, the main thing - be specific: give specific figures, give real examples of your initiatives.

Let the commercial secret remain a secret

Of course, accurate figures of your successes can convince the recruiter that you really are an effective employee. However, is it always the right of the applicant to specify in the resume specific financial indicators? An employer will not be happy to see a former employee revealing company trade secrets, and such an employee is unlikely to get good references.

If there is nothing to brag about

Availability of information about job results and professional achievements of the applicant increases his value in the eyes of the recruiter. But what to write in the section "achievements" for those who by virtue of specificity of work cannot boast of "increase of efficiency", "growth of citations" and "victories in competitions"?

In such cases, experts advise to emphasize your reliability and the ability to provide a smooth and high-quality continuous work. Try to argue that the absence of abnormal situations in your work is already a significant achievement.

Of course, the section "Achievements" in the resume can tell the recruiter a lot about the candidate. After all, behind the numbers, convincingly speaking about professional victories, you can see the analytical mind of the applicant, and his ability to prove his point of view, and determination. And this, in turn, can make the road to your dream job shorter and easier.

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