Next Masterclass: May 2-Discover Your Energy Type

My before and after

This week’s IAPLC masterclass will be “Discover Your Energy Type: To Boost Your Self-confidence and Self-esteem” by Jeannette Koczela, Thursday, May 2nd, 12-1pm EDT.  We are changing the masterclass time to Thursdays at the earlier time so all of our new Bronze members around the world can attend the classes live.

In this week’s class we will explore the fascinating field of Energy-Profiling. My experience with it literally changed my life.  It boosted my self-confidence, my self-image, and helped me be more understanding of others so I could improve my relationships.

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List Building Strategy: Get Higher Ranking Videos

After listening to all the excellent speakers at Vrinda Normad’s “List Building Telesummit,” I discovered a lot of valuable tips to build my list. Here’s a great strategy from Don Crowther on how to get higher rankings on your YouTube videos.


youtube-logo (Photo credit: www_ukberri_net)

Make a two-minute video tip about your services and load it to YouTube. Talk about the same tip in a blog post and post it with the YouTube link in it. Then immediately after you have posted the video and blog, send out an email to your list with the link to the blog so they will read the blog and click on the video link.

Because you’ve sent this to your list all at once, you should get a larger number of views within the first 24 hours of posting.

This will get you higher rankings on YouTube (now the #3 most used search engine). This is because YouTube likes it when a new video gets lots of views right after it’s been posted.

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Masterclass: Going Green: Recycling Your Content for a Better World

Are you spending most of your time coaching or do you just wish you were?  The only way to make that happen is to automate systems so that your marketing is going on 24/7 without much time being spent on it by you.

The coaches that are the most successful are the ones that have super systems in place.  And one system you can put into place is with social media.

One of the newest social media sites can be used to automate most of your social media tasks, and that’s Pinterest, boasting more than 28 million visitors each month.

Did you know that more money is being made through Pinterest than through Facebook, YouTube, or LinkedIn combined?
Are you using Pinterest in your social media platform?
Would you like to learn how to use it to automate your social media?

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List Building Strategy: How to get more opt-ins

Recently, I listened to over 10 speakers in a list-building telesummit and I want to share some tips on how to build your list more effectively. Here’s the first one.

First of all why do you want to build your list?

You want to build a list so you have an audience—people to build a relationship with so they will want to hear from you and want what you have to offer.  By having a way for you to give them a free taste of your service, you can attract your ideal clients.

Your gift will be unique to you and they will give you their email address in exchange for it.  They are also saying yes to receiving more from you, including your marketing messages.

Email marketing is an inexpensive way to reach people in large numbers. 

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Masterclass: “How To Create Your Brilliant Authentic Brand”

Would you like to attract more of your ideal clients?
Are you confused about your brand?
How can you create a rich and compelling brand?

IAPLC presents Masterclass, “How To Create Your Brilliant Authentic Brand and Attract More Of Your Ideal Clients” by Kimberley Lovell, April 3rd, 2013, 4pm EST. Attend the Class Live!

Join Kimberley Lovell—Spiritual Intuitive Healer & Holistic Business Mentor—for an informative class on the important subject of branding. In this transformational presentation you will learn:

  • The top 3 myths & mistakes about branding
  • How to develop a rich and compelling brand that attracts more of your ideal clients
  • How to communicate instantly with your clients unconscious mind so they get who you are and want to work with you

Learn just what a brand is and isn’t and how you can create a rich and compelling brand to stand out in the crowded marketplace. Find out more about Kimberley’s powerful work with Archetypes and how these apply to your business brand and call-in details here: https://iaplifecoaches.org/Events/masterclass4-3-13.html


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Special IAPLC Masterclass: The Power of Your Story-How to Become a Published Author

You are invited to attend live the special IAPLC Masterclass, “The Power of Your Story: Writing and Publishing Can Be Easy, Fast and Fun” by Deborah Jane Wells, March 27th, 2013, 4-5 pm EDT.

Always dreamed of becoming a published author?
Published previous books, but just can’t seem to get the next one on the page? Telling yourself it’s too hard and you don’t have the time? Perhaps you’ve written a book but don’t know what to include in a query letter? What could you possibly share that would offer real value to the mountain of books already on the market? And how would you ever manage to navigate the confusing and complex world of publishing and publicity?

If any or all of these questions resonate, have we got the Masterclass for you!

Some of the world’s most successful coaches say, if they could do one thing differently, they’d have become a published author much sooner. It’s a sure fire way to increase your visibility while touching a broad segment of the world’s population through an affordable medium.

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Attend the Live-Only IAPLC Masterclass, “Compelling Copywriting That Leaves Them Wanting More”

Do you wish you could write like a pro?
Does your e-marketing stand out from the crowd?
Is the real you coming through in your marketing copy?

Learn how to write more authentic copy in the next live-only IAPLC masterclass: “Compelling Copywriting That Leaves Them Wanting More,” by Debra Gilroy. March 20th, 2013, 4pm EST.  Call-in details here:

Deb’s in-demand, content packed presentation includes:
•    Marketing copy as a Visibility tool
•    10 tips on writing copy
•    5 ways to overcome writer’s block
•    Resources to help with marketing copy

Words of marketing  messages can be cheap, they can be misused, misunderstood, meaningless, jumbled, dull and lack clarity. We are saturated with them every single day in the media, in our e-mails, smart phones, ipods, the internet, not to mention everyone we meet. Which messages stand out for you in this mountain of mayhem? It is the message that has a true voice behind it, that is real, heartfelt, well thought out, and touching in an authentic way.

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How to Manage your Time, Set Goals, and Be Successful! By Vicky Scrivner

10,000 ft View

How to Manage your Time, Set Goals, and Be Successful!
By Guest Blogger Vicky Scrivner

Time Management is a useful tool for all of us in the business world. But how does time management, setting goals, and planning fit together?

Individually the three have different meanings, but collectively they take on a new perspective. Time management is keeping a calendar, being organized down to the hour, and staying focused on the tasks at hand. Goal Setting is yearly planning, deciding on specific goals, and the tasks, or actions to accomplish those goals in your business.

However, if we look at them collectively, we have a powerful tool that can support us daily, hourly, monthly, and yearly.  This tool can help us move our business forward to grow our income (or sales), and create a wonderful experience for customers as they come into our business and we help them solve problems.

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The Evolving Entrepreneur

English: Gandhi during the Salt March, March 1...

Gandhi during the Salt March, March 1930. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of my mentors once said that if you really want to experience fast spiritual growth, become an entrepreneur.  Just like being in any long-term relationship, as an entrepreneur, all of your issues will come up to be dealt with.

One common issue is your relationship with money…how much you deserve, how much you can ask for, how much you can keep, and how you treat money in your personal life.

Another issue that comes up is how you show up.  For example, if your clients don’t show up on time or aren’t fully prepared for your coaching sessions, are you late to meetings, events, etc. or not always fully prepared?  What kind of clients are you attracting?  Do they have qualities that you don’t like?  Are they also qualities that you have and don’t like?

A third issues that can come up is in how you handle stress.  Do you stay calm and strong when a client is venting on a stressful experience or do you get caught up in their drama?  Do you leave the office and your business behind you at the end of the day and relax with family/friends, or do you “take your business with you” and think and strategize on your off time?

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Do you have an operations manual?

The best businesses run well because of systems.  How do they get their systems?  They document daily procedures and update them as needed. The documentation can be called an operations manual.  Even a solopreneur uses systems and if you ever want to go on vacation, hire a VA, or sell your business, an operations manual is essential.

I started mine when I hired my first VA.  I wrote down exactly what I wanted her to do, just in case she didn’t work out and I had to hire someone else.  That did eventually happen and the second time around, I didn’t have to start all over.  I already had my documents of what to do.  It saved me a lot of valuable time.

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