Do you have a marketing plan in place for 2013?

Do you have a marketing plan in place for 2013?  Do you know what forms of marketing you will be activating next year? Have you scheduled your launches and joint venture promotions?  Have you lined up the topics for your teleclasses, blog posts, and newsletters?  Have you set firm income goals for 2013?

Well, if not, you’re not alone.  Most entrepreneurs don’t do this kind of planning ahead of time, and most entrepreneurs also don’t stay in business very long either.

That’s why the International Association of Professional Life Coaches™, has taken up the task of supporting your life coaching needs with a virtual 2-hr workshop on Dec. 4th, that will help you plan out all of these things for 2013.

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It happened again—maybe there’s something to this!

the law of attraction

the law of attraction (Photo credit: Brenda Cooper)

It happened again.  I spent money on something I really wanted even though I was nervous about the expense and I received unexpected money afterwards.  This has been happening ever since I started practicing the principles from the Laws of Attraction.  They are really about trusting the Universe/Source/God to give you what you need, understanding how money flows, and your attitude.

Do you tend to cringe when you spend money? I did. Before my study of the Laws of Attraction, I would deliberate on an expenditure, then feel bad after I purchased it, especially if it was for myself.  Then I would worry if I made the right decision and how I was going to justify and pay for the expense.  Going shopping was a painful experience, a struggle of emotions, and my attitude really took the fun out of it.

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A SOARing Experience

“In the midst of our lives, we must find the magic that makes our lives soar.” – Heather Dominick’s SOAR event

I had some resistance to attending my coach’s live event this month.  I guess it was a combination of not wanting to spend any more money on traveling and not wanting to spend any more money on the business until I made some more money.  Can you relate to how we make so many decisions based on money (or lack of money issues)?

In the end I knew I had to go, so I did.  Actions taken in that knowing area are always the right ones and this one proved to be true for me because attending Heather Dominick’s SOAR was a life changing experience for me.  Let me share with you how.

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The Glory of Trees

The Boy Scout Tree

My recent trip to the Redwoods was part of the best vacation I’ve ever had.  There’s something about big, ancient trees that inspire awe like nothing else.  In one of California’s state parks, you can walk, drive through, or camp in the Redwoods. The average age of the Redwoods there is about 500 years old, but we saw trees that had to be over 2000 years old.  Isn’t that amazing?!  The attached picture is of one such tree with my husband and I in the foreground for scale. It was about 20 feet wide and we couldn’t really see the top.  The Redwoods are the tallest trees in the world. It was a spiritual experience walking among them for two days.

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Time OFF Your Business Is Just As Important As Time ON

Taking time off

Last blog post we talked about working on your business versus working in your business.  This post I want to talk to you about not working on your business at all.  That’s right, I want to address “time off.”

The one thing we are thrilled to have as a benefit of being an entrepreneur is having flexibility.  We can take a vacation whenever we want.  We can have lunch with a friend and not worry about the time.  We can stop in the middle of a workday to do something fun.  Flexibility is a precious part of being your own boss and it’s what everyone who wishes they were self-employed craves.

But having flexibility can also get you in trouble as an entrepreneur.  You may not commit to something because you want to be flexible.  You may use your flexibility to procrastinate doing business activities you don’t enjoy doing.  You may use it unconsciously to self-sabotage.

What’s the solution?  How can you walk that fine line of being flexible and being responsible and accountable?

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Are You Working ON Your Business or IN Your Business?

What's in the bag? Business of Software 2010

What’s in the bag? Business of Software 2010 (Photo credit: betsyweber)

Up until recently, I wasn’t clear on the difference between “working on” my business and “working in” my business.  Nor did I understand why that was important, especially for service-based businesses. It’s important to know so you can plan your daily business activities more effectively.

During your business day you need to spend time working ON your business as well as IN your business.  Let me explain.

Working ON your business is doing the activities that bring in clients.  You have to allot a certain amount of time for marketing and promoting activities. They might include making phone calls, writing a blog or article, preparing your newsletter, sending out emails, attending networking events, content creation, and ongoing training—anything that supports the growth of your business.

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