Success Strategies Masterclass

This week, the IAPLC Masterclass on Thursday, Nov. 7 at 12 noon ET, is called:

“Top 5 Secrets for Creating Lasting, Consistent Success, More Money and Making a Bigger Difference in the World!” presented by Nachhi Randhawa.

Nachhi is an intuitive business and money coach who is devoted to helping heart-centered entrepreneurs with stepping into their greatest calling, attracting their dream clients, leveraging their time, charging their worth and putting an end to their financial heartache so that they can make the difference they came into this world to make and live abundantly wealthy lives while having lots of time and freedom. In this masterclass, Nachhi shares how your daily rituals have everything to do with your level of success, how much money you make and how you can make a bigger difference in the world with your innate gifts and talents.

During this class you will learn…

  • Simple daily shifts to raise your vibrational money frequency and open up the pathways to unlimited success in your life and business.
  • Overcoming fear and negative thinking so that you stay aligned with your bold money goals and your reason for being.
  • How simple daily rituals ignite your focus and pull you forward into divine right action, so you make more money and an even bigger impact in the lives of all those you serve.

Join us as we take a deep dive into starting your day in a purposeful and impactful way and how to overcome the daily fears that often get in the way of our success.

From Not Enough to Flourishing: Free teleclass

Instructor with Students in Computer LabDid you know that the more confidence you have in yourself, your service, and in running your business, the easier it will be to grow your email list, create credibility, easily attract clients, and increase your income?
In my work with life coaches I have found that underneath their lack of a steady stream of clients and revenue, there are limiting beliefs, such as lack of confidence and lack of clarity, which can sabotage any great marketing efforts.
If you want to get past the stuck stage, listen to this free teleseminar that will help you begin to address these issues,

“How to increase your clarity, boost your confidence, and create real lasting results in your life coaching business”

It’s Friday, October 25th 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time. It’s a ZERO COST LIVE training during which Jeannette Koczela and Deborah Jane Wells are going to reveal how to…

• Get over the “Not Enough” and leap into the “Flourishing” phase of your life coaching business
• Map out a clear path to a thriving business with understandable milestones
• Clear the limiting beliefs that are preventing you from becoming a successful business owner
• Increase your business understanding and boost your confidence level

We’ll be giving you 4 solutions for gaining more clarity and confidence that will make a difference in your success as a business owner. Please join us, and even if you can’t make it, be sure to sign up anyway so you’ll still be able to access the recording. [This class is over.]

Business Owners: What’s Your Big Why? by Annemarie Cross

Guest Blogger Annemarie Cross writes…

Big WhyLast weekend I attended a workshop where participants were shown how to write a compelling pitch that would help them to stand out and get them noticed by the media.

It was an extremely insightful event with many ‘aha’s for all who attended, including me.

What really stood out for me was the amount of time we spent on identifying our ‘why’.

The ‘why’ we do what we do; our overall mission and purpose; and the deeper meaning behind the passion for our work. Deep soul-searching stuff, which I love.

The reason this stood out for me was because in my experience, it’s something many business owners don’t spend a lot of time on. And, it’s the reason why I include several exercises in my programs – especially my Unearth Your Inner Brilliance to Your 6-Figure (or more) Signature Brand program.

It’s wonderful to see other programs dedicating so much time on this area as well.

It’s an area that I believe is crucial for all business owners if they want to build a successful business, especially when it comes to standing out and attracting your ideal client, and of course in the case of the workshop I attended – the attention of the media.

Do you know your big ‘why’?

Here are three reasons how knowing your ‘why’ can have a significant difference in your business, whether you’re trying to attract the attention of the media or your ideal client.  To read the rest of the post click HERE.

Bike Ride Business Lesson

One of the best days recently occurred recently when my husband and I went for a long bike ride. It was a beautiful day, perfect temperature, and we had the whole day to enjoy the outdoors. On a map we had seen a bike trail that we wanted to explore, and we drove an hour to a nearby city where it started.

We weren’t exactly sure where the trail started, but knew it was supposed to go along the Iowa River. We saw a small sign indicating a bike trail at the edge of town and were delightfully surprised to find that the trail started at a brand new recreation site on a 6-acre man-made lake. It was the perfect spot for our picnic lunch.

Afterward, we biked the new paved trail around the lake. Then we followed it to the river trail. We were really enjoying the ride when the trail split from the river, entered the industrial part of the city, and just stopped. We weren’t sure where to go next or how to pick up the route again. (It was not the pretty part of town either.)

And then it happened. Doubts stopped me in my tracks. I didn’t really want to bike in a city—I thought, “Let’s just turn around and go back.” I wanted to quit. But then I stopped to reflect: Isn’t this what happens in business?

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Next Masterclass-Advanced PowerPoint Demonstration

Videos are one of the best ways to attract potential clients to opt-in to your list. A simple short video on your website can also create a much higher website ranking with the search engines.

If you notice, you can see how many online businesses attract the attention of clients through short animation videos. Human attention span is very limited when it comes to viewing ads. Long videos might persuade the customer to go to the next video.

Therefore, many employers reach out to service providers or designers who can help them produce short interesting videos that market their product or services properly. More online training is done with video than any other media.

So it pays to know how to create a video. Having a slide presentation to go along with what you have to say is more impressive and impressionable than just audio or teleclass. In other words, viewers retain what you said longer if there’s a visual that goes along with the audio.

That said, PowerPoint presentation does not need to be tedious and limited. There are tons of guides and resources that offer PowerPoint Tips to help you create visually attractive slides. You can always read up on them and get the right understanding to make your video content that much more engaging and educational.

This week Lynn Jordan and Jeannette Koczela will be doing a follow-up masterclass, “Power Up Your PowerPoint Presentations” on using PowerPoint, based on a recent class we took. We’ll be showing you how to create a simple video for your site or your list using PowerPoint, including how to use graphics, animation, sound, and other cool stuff. You’ll be able to see us put together a presentation on the spot, using many of the advanced techniques available in PowerPoint. We’ve teamed together on this so you can see how to use these advanced techniques on a MAC or a PC.

Review of “Power Up For Profits”

I have found that there are very few really good books on online marketing.  So I was eager to get my copy of Kathleen Gage’s “Power Up For Profits” because I knew it would be one of the good ones.  Why? Because I’ve been following her for years and she always gives high-value content.  Her book is no exception.

Although her chapters go through the usual suspects, such as choosing your niche, ideal client, creating products, building a list, etc., Kathleen adds to the mix her vast experience and many inside tips along the way. You get to see how SHE did it. Plus in her content, she also discusses why you should do this or that.  It’s important to know the “why.”

She illustrates her strategies with charts that make it easy-to-understand and see at a glance the entire process.  For example, in the chapter on information products, she illustrates her points with a chart on the “Product Life Cycle.” This is a very helpful chart that lays out the process that a product goes through. You can see at a glance where your product is in the cycle and also see what stages you might be leaving out.

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Entrepreneurs Need to Network


Job security is changing. “Safe” jobs with a guaranteed pension are a thing of the past. Owning a business is much more secure than a job, provided you know how to operate one successfully.

Reid Hoffman, Co-founder/CEO of LinkedIn, says that you should think of yourself as a permanent start-up company, or as he calls it, “permanent beta.” Big companies like Apple, Netflix, Google, and Amazon know that they are always in the test phase. Jeff Bezos, founder/CEO of Amazon concludes every annual letter to shareholders by reminding them that “it’s still Day 1.” 

If the shareholders know that the person in charge still treats his hugely successful business as a start-up then they know their investment is in good hands. In other words, great companies are always changing and evolving. And so is your life coaching business.

“Entrepreneurs deal with uncertainties, changes, and constraints head-on. They take stock of their assets, aspirations, and the market realities to develop a competitive advantage. They craft flexible, iterative plans. They build a network of relationships throughout their industry that outlives their start-up. They aggressively seek and create breakout opportunities that involve focused risk and actively manage that risk. They tap their network for the business intelligence to navigate tough challenges.” – from “The Start-up of You” by Reid Hoffman.

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Are you really an entrepreneur?

Businesspeople in MeetingWhen people ask you what you do, you tell them you are a life coach. I’m proud of my job and I spent years learning how to be a great life coach. I did some NLP certification training and I’ve got many years of experience working with real clients too. But unless you are a life coach for someone else’s company, you’re also an entrepreneur.

The problem is that coach’s training programs do not include entrepreneurial training. Yes, they may teach you a few things about marketing, mindset, and sales conversations, but there is an entrepreneurial way of thinking and acting that make some businesses wildly successful. It’s the mindset that created companies like Intel, Apple, Adobe, Google, eBay, PayPal, YouTube, Craigslist, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

One thing that these companies have in common is that they took bold risks to accomplish something outstanding.

The majority of life coaches that I have talked to personally say the same thing to me about their risk tolerance. It usually sounds like, “I’ve spent so much money on this business.” Or, “I’m not going to spend anymore money on this business until it starts making money.” In other words, they have a very low tolerance for risk. What they need to know is that if you’re going to start-up a business, you will need to take on some risk.  Bigger risks can mean potentially bigger rewards. And just like investment and bettings, any risk you make should be calculated, strategic, intelligent risk.

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My best recommendation for expanding your business

Rich German and Milana Leshinsky

Ask any successful coach, author, or speaker what are powerful marketing
tools, 90% of them would say around the same variety of things.

  • Posting on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Perhaps blogging or SEO.
  • Print media like newsletters or articles.

But if you ask any successful coach, author, or speaker what their #1 most powerful marketing strategy is, and 90% will say the same single thing.

Here’s a hint, it’s rarely one of the above.

But if you really looked at what can drive the BULK of your sales, you would discover that JOINT VENTURES are the #1 marketing strategy force driving new clients into your business.

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What you don’t know about PowerPoint slide design is hurting your results!

My first encounter with computer software was when I was doing architectural renderings for a construction company in the 90’s and they asked me to learn AutoCad. The textbook was 300 pages and I found out later that the author, Ellen Finkelstein, was on faculty at the local university in my town.

Years later I met her at the first meeting of a local group called “Women with Websites.” I was so excited to meet and get to know the author of a text for probably the most complicated software program ever created. One day Ellen told me that although she knew AutoCad very well, her mastery and passion was PowerPoint. In fact she not only wrote the textbook but also is one of the world’s leading experts on the PowerPoint software program. 

Since I didn’t do presentations, I wasn’t interested in PowerPoint and never talked to her about it. Fast forward about 10 years and I found myself stumbling through the program to do my first video for my coaching business. Nowadays, 

Ellen has observed my progress from web designer to life coach to running an association for coaches and was always supportive and helpful. So after several association members told me their frustrations with PowerPoint presentations, I asked Ellen if she would teach us a class on it, and she graciously agreed.

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