Want to get started on the right foot?

This workbook goes along with, and expands on, the "Coaching Business Blueprint", which you should already have. You can refer to it as you go through this workbook. 

The goal for this workbook is to help you organize your thoughts and ideas around the seven essential steps that are necessary to start and run a coaching business. 

You'll also get a clearer picture of what you need to do to get your business up and running, (or running more smoothly, if you've already started). The exercises are designed to get you used to thinking like an entrepreneur!


Blueprint workbook

“Coaching Business Blueprint Workbook”

In this workbook you'll find…

  • The 7 essential components of a profitable business summary
  • 10 Worksheets to fill in and help you implement all 7 steps

  • Checklist and Tracker to know what tasks need to be done
  • Walk away with a complete plan-of-action for your business

Order your copy TODAY!   ONLY $7 

Beth Williams

“You get so much for membership, it can be a bit overwhelming. Jeannette is so helpful one-on-one as well as with the groups. Her products are loaded with practical tips and tools to help you succeed.”  

Beth Williams

Don Morgan

“I think the help you offer is the best deal going for coaches.  Thanks for the quality work you do and the way you help others.”

Don Morgan

Veronica Hislop

“IAPLC is a wonderful resource for coaches.  The site is full of informative and useful information – I look forward to Jeanette’s regular trainings  as they are always packed with information that is both timely and helpful.”

Veronica Hislop

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