Attention Coaches & Consultants:

Introducing: "The Coaching Business Blueprint"

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Are you a new coach who is not sure how to build & run a coaching business?

Learn how to build a profitable business from the start by applying the 7 Essential Components to create a profitable coaching business, as outlined in this blueprint.

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Create more profit in your business

I was struggling like you are today but I can help

When I started my coaching business, I took every course available,  spent a lot of money on them, and learned a few things. But I didn't learn enough to compensate me for my investment. So I had to figure it out myself. I think most of those courses are way too complicated---perhaps to justify their expense---so I have simplified the process of building a coaching business to shorten your learning curve without draining your bank account. Download this free "Coaching Business Blueprint" and...

Discover how to...

• Build your business the essential business components you need in the right order to attract ideal clients

• Actions you need to take, so you can focus on what's going to move the needle

• Simple steps to avoid overwhelm, information overload, and unnecessary expenses

This blueprint gives you a procedure to go from no business to a profitable business in seven easy-to-follow steps. Each step explains why it’s essential, and gives you the steps you need to put each component in place and start attracting clients.

So, make it easy on yourself. Get the Blueprint. You’ll walk away with a plan for building your business, from starting out, all the way to marketing it.

Gary Henson

Highly recommended

“Jeannette has a gold mine of business and marketing training for coaches. As the ‘Queen of Content,’ she will teach you all you need to know to operate and market your coaching business successfully."

- Gary Henson, Founder,

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