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Coaching Business Blueprint

The 7 Essential Components To Create
a Profitable Coaching Business

"The Coaching Business Blueprint" 

Essential business components you need in the right order

Actions you need to take, so you can focus on what's going to move the needle

Simple steps to avoid overwhelm, information overload, and unnecessary expenses

The must-have start-up elements in the blueprint are:

• Business management basics
• Product and course creation
• Email list building with a Lead Magnet
• Low-cost product creation
• Sales process design
• Marketing plan development
• Traffic generation

The blueprint gives you a procedure to go from no-business to profitable-business in seven easy-to-follow steps. Each step explains why it’s essential, and gives you the steps you need to put each component in place and start attracting clients.

So, make it easy on yourself. Get the Blueprint. 
You’ll walk away with a blueprint for building your business, from starting out, all the way to being ready to market.

Jane Matanga

“I think you are pretty connected with what us coaches and struggling and dealing with on a daily basis, since you were there yourself and that's why you're so good at it."

-Jane Matanga

Ragini Michaels

“You are a great example of how to serve your audience on a consistent basis.  Thanks for what you do.”

-Ragini Michaels,

Don Morgan

“I think the help you offer is the best deal going for coaches.  Thanks for the quality work you do and the way you help others.”

– Don Morgan,

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