IAPLC Book 2014

“How Life Coaching Changes Lives”
14 Expert Coaches Share How Coaching Can Change Your Life

The 14 co-authors of this book are all members of the International Association of Professional Life Coaches™ (IAPLC).  Each author has written a chapter that contains stories about real clients and how their lives changed through coaching. They discuss the powerful tools that they use in their coaching business to help their clients overcome challenges and create major changes in their lives. Chapters cover a gamut of topics, filled with stories, tips, and techniques, providing a rich and empowering experience for the reader. 

How does life coaching actually change lives? Having a coach is like having a mentor.  The coach guides you to find the answers to the problems you want to solve and walks with you through the process.   

As you read through the chapters, you will find real life examples of how these coach’s clients changed their life through life coaching. We so often try to do things entirely ourselves, and it ends up costing us extra time, money, and emotional expense. Having a guide that can walk you through what you need to learn to overcome obstacles, is worth its weight in gold. Read about how you to find the golden nuggets that can change your life.


…how to go from being stuck in “trash talk” to identifying your ideal life

…how to get unstuck from a story you don’t want to keep living in

…how to remove hurt and frustration so you can Live your Passion

…how Brain Feng Shui™ can delete the blocks to your birthright of peace with purpose and prosperity

…how your life purpose is actually in your fingertips

…how to walk through a pattern interrupt exercise to find a sense of certainty

…exercises that will open doors for you and your business

…multiple potential paths to getting to your desired future faster

…the questions a coach asks to help you make the needed changes to empower yourself

If you are ready to change your life, you now have the opportunity to experience coaching from 14 expert life coaches first-hand.

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