IAPLC Book 2016

“Coaching for Entrepreneurs:
How Life Coaching Can Help Entrepreneurs Improve Their Bottom Line”



  • How to balance leadership, management, and operations
  • Planning for financial success through branding
  • Mastering the “inner you”
  • Leveraging your most valuable asset—your personal board of directors
  • Starting your business on a shoestring budget
  • How NLP coaching can support entrepreneurs
  • 7 steps to transforming your business into a profit center

Learn how a coach can help you improve your life while increasing your business revenue and give you the edge that you need in order to overcome obstacles, meet and solve business challenges, and grow your business more smoothly and easily.

Listen to interviews of some of the authors:

Tresa Leftenant 

 Ida Crawford 

 Deborah Jane Wells


 Davida Shensky


 E.G. Sebastian 

  Boni Oian



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