IAPLC Book 2017

“Coaching for Female Entrepreneurs:
How Life Coaching Can Help Improve Your Bottom Line”

Written by 12 expert coaches, all members of the IAPLC, each co-author has written a chapter about how their coaching can help female entrepreneurs. They include examples of, transformations, results, and techniques that their clients have experienced to increase their business success and revenue.


  • How your purpose and your passion can recreate your business
  • Finding your purpose to be a successful female entrepreneur
  • Life lessons that can improve business performance
  • The three R’s For female entrepreneurs
  • How women entrepreneurs can beat the odds
  • How to turn challenges into inspiration and financial freedom
  • How to protect your future through time management
  • Why female entrepreneurs have a competitive edge

Learn how a coach can help you improve your life while increasing your business revenue and give you the edge that you need in order to overcome obstacles, meet and solve business challenges, and allow your personal growth enhance your business growth.

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Table of Contents

1) I Believe Goethe Was Right … So, No More Hesitation – Just Do It! by Susie Briscoe

2) Relationships: An Important Factor To Your Business Success by Lesli Doares

3) It’s Never Too Late to Pursue Your Dreams by Bob Fraser

4) Lifelong Learning, Leading and Meaning for Female Coaches and Women Entrepreneurs by Rudy Garrity

5) Female Entrepreneurship: Your Purpose, Your Passion, Your Coach by Paul Garwood

6) What I Learned From Having Altitude Sickness …. Life Lessons For Me And My Business by Denise Hansard

7) Confusing Your Self-Worth With Your Net Worth by Jeannette Koczela

8) Protect your day/ Protect your future by Rick McLeod

9) The Three R’s For Female Entrepreneurs by Ragini Michaels

10) Women Entrepreneurs Have a Competitive Edge by Don L. Morgan, PhD

11) Behind Every Good Woman… by Carolyn Owens

12) Hope, Possibilities, and Empowerment by Deborah Jane Wells


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