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IAPLC 2012 Book

"How To Create A Rich, Successful, And Fulfilling Life:
Dynamic Tools for Overcoming Obstacles and Creating Rapid Transformation

27 Expert Life Coaches Reveal Their Proven Secrets"

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The 27 co-authors of this book are all members of the International Association of Professional Life Coaches™ (IAPLC).  Each author has written a chapter that contains powerful and dynamic tools that they use in their coaching business to help their clients overcome challenges and create transformations in their lives.

Chapters cover a gamut of topics, filled with stories, tips, and techniques, providing a rich and empowering experience for the reader. These expert coaches share their top secrets for overcoming obstacles, making transformations, and collectively healing the planet.

Topics include…

  • Sky-rocket your self-worth and net-worth
  • Make a deeper connection with Nature anywhere
  • Starting over when you’ve lost it all
  • Surviving a midlife career change
  • The power of writing for transfomation
  • Mindset tools for managing your energy
  • Feng Shui color theories to transform your home
  • Money and Spirit in business
  • How to go from from despair to ease
  • Transformations as a Small Business owner
  • Release emotional trauma and let go of pain
  • Kiss procrastination goodbye
  • And much more!

You get expert coaching from 27 different life coaches on how to
overcome your challenges and make major transformations in your life.

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Description of Selected Chapters

"Releasing Trauma and Emotional Issues for Your Health" by Carol B. Gailey
“I had… a small accident… that created ripples of pain and body distress…”  The physical and emotional results of that trauma put me on a path that has significantly formed who I am today.  In this chapter – “Releasing Trauma and Emotional Issues for Your Health” – I share something of my story, and how I experienced huge relief from a “Trauma Release” technique.  Included is a discussion of my theory about how and why we collect and store emotional issues and traumas in our bodies. 

"Starting Over" by DeBorah Beatty
When plans don't work out and you have to start again, it can be intimidating. Here are some ways to get yourself up, dust yourself off and movie forward again.

"The Power of Writing It Down" by Deb Gilroy
If you can find something to write with and something to write on -- you've made your first step toward using journaling as a means of transformation.  You'll learn just how many ways the practice of journaling can help you (and surprise you!), along with a three step method to jump start your journaling journey, where you'll discover a myriad of benefits for your mind, body and soul.  P.S.  You don't have to be a great writer to journal!

"From Despair to Ease" by Elaine Gingrich
Grief is a road no one wants to travel but everyone will at one point in time in their life.  In many ways, grieving is akin to surfing in that at times you can ride the waves and at others, it can overtake you and toss you around in the wake.  Discover the process that can help you to navigate the waves of grief and create a life after loss.

"It's All About the Authentic You" by Debbie Luxton
Transformation that will bring you freedom and last you a lifetime requires getting in touch with the real you. In this chapter you will find hope and inspiration from someone whose poor choices almost cost her everything she truly cared about. The courage to step out and make life altering change happen is not easy, but so worth it! Debbie shares what you you need to hear in her usual transparent style.

"Transformation Through Life Purpose" by Estra Roell
This chapter addresses the awakening need many have for a deeper meaning in their lives and the impact that has in all areas of life.  It covers the concepts of our larger, shared purpose in life and our individual purposes, or life’s work and explains each.  The things that stop us from pursuing our purpose are addressed and exercises for gaining clarity on your passions and purpose are included, as well the story of one woman’s transformation.

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Table of Contents

  1. “Go Climb a Mountain” by Diane Adkins
  2. “Starting Over When You’ve Lost It All” by DeBorah Beatty
  3. “Create The Tangible Results You Want Through The 3 Truths Of Courageous Healing” by Fawn Christianson
  4. “What Does A Butterfly; Farmer and Chef Have In Common?” by Deb J. Damone
  5. “3 Magical Ways to Start Your Day” by Suzie Dawson
  6. “Releasing Trauma and Emotional Issues for Your Health” by Carol Gailey
  7. “The Power of Writing It Down” by Deb Gilroy
  8. “From Despair to Ease: Discovering Life after Loss” by Elaine Torrance-Gingrich
  9. “A Journey of Growth and Transformation” by Angela Goodeve
  10. “Do You Want More Nature In Your Life?” by Hobie Hare
  11. “From Pieces And Parts To Wholeness And Joy” by Ann Harmon
  12. “Transform Your Relationships, Transform Your Life” by Lynn Jordan
  13. “Mindset Tools for Transformation” by Jeannette Koczela
  14. “It's All About the Authentic You” by Debbie Luxton
  15. “The Seat of Feminine Power: the Role of Money and Spirit in Business” by Sherri McLendon
  16. “Transformative Truth – The Broken Balloon Is Not the End of the Story” by Anthony Nicotera
  17. “The Je Ne Sais Quais Factor (or: You Tell People How to See You)” by Stephanie Pedersen
  18. “Monday Miracles and Manifestations: The Art of Creating a Wildly Successful Week” by Nachhi Randhawa
  19. “The Way Out of Pain and Into Purpose” by Estra Roell
  20. “Integrating The Three Minds For Transformation And Success” by Eleanor Ross
  21. “Small Business:  It’s all about transformation” by Vicky Scrivner
  22. “A Success Blueprint for Transforming Your Business” by E.G. Sebastian
  23. “Sky Rocket Your Self Worth – Sky Rocket Your Net Worth” by Vanessa Simpkins
  24. “Step Up to Faith” by Julie Ann Sorensen
  25. “3 Amazing Feng Shui Color Systems to Transform Your Life!” by Melissa Stamps
  26. “Kiss Procrastination Goodbye: Own Your Brilliance – Step Into Your Power” by Marty Ward
  27. “Creating Sacred Space for Transformation” by Fatma Zaidi

You get expert coaching from 27 different life coaches on how to
overcome your challenges and make major transformations in your life.

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The IAPLC Telesummit Recordings Package

In the Spring of 2012 the 27 IAPLC co-authors of the book presented the two part telesummit :

“Dynamic Tools for Creating a Rich, Successful, and Fulfilling Life"

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