Jul 02

Guest Post: “The CULT of Busy”

By Eliza Pathak Gogoi 

BusyThe experience of not doing helped me better understand what I actually wanted to do in my life. Doing less can actually pave the path to experiencing more—more satisfaction, more ease, and even more effectiveness. When we wrap our days around thethings we have to do we leave very little time for the things we want to do. Happiness requires a balance.

Being busy does not make us happy but it creates the illusion that we are somehow building a foundation for that feeling someday, somewhere, when we would finally SLOW DOWN and be free. We all need to decide for ourselves what our dream really looks like. Our obsession with productivity is partly a reflection on our beliefs about the American dream—the idea that our potential for happiness is intricately tied to our freedom to pursue wealth. We are defensive of our busyness as we have processes to streamline, goals to accomplish, promotions to earn, debt to eliminate, exercise regimes to master, dreams to chase—and hopefully along the way, people to help and inspire.

Many people believe that happiness revolved around how busy they are, the busier they become then only they will create the more possibility of a better life in the future…Click here to read entire post.