Celis Coach Training


The ILC Academy is an International Organization delivering Life Coach Certification programs for Spanish-speaking coaches.Our full 12 module Life Coaching Certification Programa and the Master Life Coach Program will be available in English in 2016.

Develop the necessary competencies to perform as a life coach in all its areas: as a coach, communicator and change agent who contributes constantly to the development of others.

Improve personal effectiveness. By understanding the forces that guide our behavior, value systems, beliefs and identity, the participant will have a deeper knowledge of the factors that produce the motivation to achieve results.

Master Effective communication skills: Seeking to understand fully the position of the client in order to guide him or her to achieve goals and dreams. 

Practical training on a powerful methodology focused on actions, results, growth and contribution.

This is a hands on practical experience for each participant and an opportunity to use all the tools and steps learned each day during the training sessions. Using live practice video playback and review, each participant will master the steps for effective coaching and begin using them from day one.

Our ONLINE Learning Management System is a dynamic system of interaction, practice sessions, videos, pdfs and webinars which gives our participants a sense of community and achievement.

Fernando Celis has been training, coaching and helping professionals, teams, sales forces and the general public reach outstanding goals in sales and leadership for over 18 years. He designed and created the Extreme Selling Curriculum after researching the key elements that make peak performers strive and researching the science of personal achievement and coaching. He has trained thousands of professionals in over 20 countries and his famous escapades to surf the legendary point breaks of Punta Rocas-Peru, Montanita-Ecuador, Rincon-Puerto Rico, Zunzal-El Salvador and Duppies-Barbados inspired Fernando to write the Personal development novel titled “The Executive Surfer.” 

Information at www.ilcacademy.com