Coaches Console

My friend and colleague, Melinda Cohan, co-founder of Coaches Console, and I have created a special opportunity just for IAPLC members.

Introducing… Your Coaching Business Blueprint: Everything You Need to Know to Get Your Coaching Business on Track

A 3-part download series (with bonus videos to help you take immediate action to stop self-sabotage) designed to put you on the fast-track to getting your business up and running, profitably.

The Business of Coaching Map: 5 Critical Keys to a Thriving Coaching Business. This instant download provides you with a list of best practices for setting up and running a thriving coaching business. (Kate and Melinda want you to reach the pinnacle of organization in your business, so you can focus on all the parts of your biz you really love!

You also receive: Video 1, The Single Most Important Factor in Building a Coaching Business: From Fantastic Coach to Savvy, Profitable Business Owner, Fast! In this video, they’re revealing the pattern you may be stuck in that can sabotage your own efforts to reach your full potential and accomplish your goals (yes, it may sting a little, but you’ve got to hear the truth!).

Finally, you get the Coaching Business Launch Plan: 11 Simple Steps To Creating A Successful Coaching Business. After implementing all 11 steps, you’re now prepared, equipped and ready to implement the Strategies of Marketing to fill your funnel and make your back office start working for you. 

Listen to Jeannette’s interview with Coaches Console co-founder, Melinda Cohan:


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