Monthly Group Coaching Call Replays

We will be posting the replays for the IAPLC group coaching calls on this page. 

Question & Answer session – funnels, lead generation


How acquire clients through lead generation


More marketing tips, website critiques


On this call we coached a member through the process of taking an idea and turning it into a product.  Download the notes here.
Links on the call:     Expertise.TV


Links on the call: Alternative to InfusionSoft:     Landing Page Builder: ($77) ($47/month)  ($66/month)


On this call we went through the 90-Day Vision Guide answering the questions in the workbook. You can download the workbook in your members area.


This call was a slide presentation to walk you through the current monthly training package, “Raise Your Profile & Raise Your Profits.” Covering it this way helps you retain the information more, and makes you more likely to implement the action steps. You can fill in part of the worksheet as you listen and at the end, the attendees share their results from one of the exercises. Hearing us work through it with them will give you insights as you work through it on your own.