CoachVantage Demo

Here is a demo of the new client management software called CoachVantage. CoachVantage is software in-the-cloud that’s designed to help you manage your coaching practice simply and efficiently.

After beta testing it for a few months, I am impressed with how helpful it is and am using it in my practice. Glen Oliveiro, founder and designer, wanted to offer it to our association members before the general public and he’s giving us a very special deal for it.


IAPLC members receive:

25% off the $39/month or $29/month for life      Coupon Code: IAPLC2


20% more off if you pay for a year in advance  Coupon Code: IAPLC12

Your 14-day trial starts right away without you having to pay. At the top of the page it will say how many days you have left for your trial.  Next to that is a green button that says “Continue with CoachVantage.” When you click on that you can enter your payment info and the coupon code. (Watch the video to see how to do that at minute 47.)

To enroll go to: