Come Up with a Creative Tagline

creative tagline

Come up with a creative tagline. Many companies use taglines as a method for people to remember their name. For example, the cereal Wheaties is known as the “breakfast of champions.” The breakfast of champions part of the brand name is simply the brand’s tagline, but it is widely recognized and makes that particular type of cereal stand out.

By creating a tagline, Wheaties has developed something unique, and something that will stand out in peoples’ minds. Brainstorm a few taglines of your own until you find one that really defines your brand or your company. You can use an AI tool to help you with this. Just write a prompt asking for a tagline and give it some information about your business such as your mission statement, a description of what you do, who you do it for, etc.

Then, once you’ve decided on a tagline, add it underneath your logo on as many different things as you can including the website, business cards, and printed materials.

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