Looking for an easier way to market?

There’s nothing wrong with launches and promotions but there are other less stressful ways to promote your business while still making big waves. One of those ways is content marketing.

Once out there, content simply keeps working every day, year after year. Old content still generates leads on a regular bases. When you have a lot of content over time, the momentum just builds to a point those leads and sales are almost automatic.

But in order to market content, you need to plan ahead. And why not make it easy by using our...

This high-quality, well-designed workbook is created from real-life experience of long-time digital marketers.

 "Content Cash Planner"

Through these pages, you will learn how to…

  • Develop your content marketing goals
  • Come up with endless topics
  • Re-use your content
  • Squeeze out as much as you can from your existing content
  • Promote your content, and much more.

All this and more. Order your copy TODAY!

You Pay Only $37 ($97 value)

  • “I love, love, love all the information that you have provided! Thank you for your leadership and your guidance!”

    – Cynthia White Greene, MHR, Marriage Built to Last

  • “I think the help you offer is the best deal going for coaches. Thanks for the quality work you do and the way you help others.”

     – Don Morgan, Positivity Academy 

  • “You are a great example of how to serve your audience on a consistent basis. Thanks for what you do.”

    – Ragini Michaels, Facticity® Trainings, Inc.

  • “Wow, Jeannette has shown that she has seriously “done her homework” about what life coaches need. She has created and provided so many resources, tips and tools, it’s amazing!” – Shannon Tressel

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