Are you feeling "marketing overwhelm"? 

All marketing is essentially Content Marketing! So, successful marketing is all about how well you can produce and distribute content. But where, and how?

When I saw how coaches and consultants were struggling to create content for social media posts, I knew I could show them an easier way---instead of creating social media content, create core content---the kind you need anyway, and extract the posts from that.

There are 9 critical areas where you need core content if you want to market online these days and I wrote a book to show you where they are and how to fulfill your content needs.


Content Marketing For Coaches

Content Marketing For Coaches: How to Create Content That Attracts More Clients In 9 Key Areas of Your Business”

In this book you'll learn how to create content in the 9 key areas:

• Targeting your ideal audience
• Core messaging
• Branding
• Website optimization
• Blogging
• Email marketing
• Product launches
• Customer lifecycling
• Low-cost marketing strategies

This comprehensive guide shows you nine key places where coaches need to use content to attract more clients. Each chapter delves into a specific area of content marketing, providing coaches with action steps and expert advice to help navigate the complex world of marketing with confidence.

Discover the secrets of how to leverage content marketing to attract a loyal customer base, establish your authority, and build a profitable business.

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About the Author

Jeannette Koczela

After working with many life coaches, Jeannette saw the need for a better online directory for coaches as well as a professional association for them. With that in mind, she founded the “International Association of Professional Life Coaches®.”
She now works full-time at the association to help more life coaches become successful and make their businesses more profitable through credibility,  connections, and cash-flow training. She is also the author of 3 other business books, and has published 7 group coaching books.

Why should you buy this book?

• To discover strategies and tactics specifically designed for coaches, that provide practical advice that aligns with your unique business needs.

• To learn the essentials of content marketing, from target market identification to creating captivating content, amplifying your reach, and monetizing your efforts.

• To gain practical insights and actionable steps to implement immediately, allowing you to see results and grow your business effectively.

• To implement cost-effective marketing strategies that can deliver remarkable results on a limited budget.

Beth Williams

“You get so much for membership, it can be a bit overwhelming. Jeannette is so helpful one-on-one as well as with the groups. Her products are loaded with practical tips and tools to help you succeed.”  

Beth Williams

Don Morgan

“I think the help you offer is the best deal going for coaches.  Thanks for the quality work you do and the way you help others.”

Don Morgan

Veronica Hislop

“IAPLC is a wonderful resource for coaches.  The site is full of informative and useful information – I look forward to Jeanette’s regular trainings  as they are always packed with information that is both timely and helpful.”

Veronica Hislop

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