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EG Sabastian
E.G. Sebastian
E.G. Performance Solutions
(843) 812-9122
330 Robert Smalls Pkwy, Ste 24, Beaufort, SC 29906
Years in business:
since 2003
Categories: Small Business, Marketing,
Email: eg@egsebastian.com
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Niche: I coach individuals and presents workshops on topics of sales, marketing, improving performance, and customer service.
Tagline: Let me help you generate more leads and get more clients!

E.G. Sebastian, a veteran entrepreneur of 20+ years, is the President of E.G. Performance Solutions and an international speaker (speaks 6 languages.) He coaches individuals and presents workshops on topics of sales, business-development, marketing, and improving performance.

E.G. started his professional career in 1990, at age 23, as an international business consultant, helping close to 100 new start-ups get their businesses off the ground. In 1992, he became the general manager and 49% owner of a Chinese-Hungarian joint venture – an export-import company – which he successfully managed till 1995.   In the following years, E.G. shifted his career into his area of passion: public speaking and performance coaching.

E.G. is a certified DiSC Behavioral Styles Trainer, a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), and the author of several books:

Bushido Business – The Fine Art of the Modern Professional, co-authored with Brian Tracy and Steven M.R. Covey and Get More 

Clients by Next Week – 51 Proven Marketing Strategies for Coaches & Consultants, due for publication this summer (To get an early copy, send him an email to info@myClientAttractionAcademy.com)

E.G. is also the founder of myClientAttractionAcademy where he shares marketing and client-attraction tutorial videos, lead-generation strategies, sample elevator pitches, sample email campaigns, library of marketing materials, and much more. Get more details, and read member testimonials, at www.myClientAttractionAcademy.com/mcaa-member-benefits-bonuses/ 

For additional marketing tips or to ask marketing related questions, visit E.G.’s  fan page at www.FaceBook.com/marketing151.

  1. (FREE) The 12-Weeks to a Successful Coaching (or Consulting) Business – Group Coaching
    Step-by-step mentoring on how to attract 100s of qualified leads, how to build credibility and trust, transform leads into paying customers, and more: http://www.myclientattractionacademy.com/90-2/ 
  2. MyClientAttractionAcademy – Group Coaching & Online Tutorials

    Learn to Market Your Business Like Pro – 150+ Marketing & Client-Attraction Tutorial Videos, Lead-Generation Strategies, Sample Elevator Pitches, Sample Email Campaigns, Library Of Marketing Materials, And Much More www.myClientAttractionAcademy.com/mcaa-member-benefits-bonuses/

  3. (FREE) 6.5 Tweaks to Transforming Your Website into a Client-Enrollment PowerHouse – www.ClientEnrollmentFunnels.com/
  4. 90-Days to a Profitable Coaching Business, One-on-One Coaching & Mentoring – Contact E.G. to Apply!


Marketing & Client-Attraction, Lead-Generation, Relationship-Marketing, Marketing through Public Speaking, Public Speaking Training

Affiliate program:

Send eMail to info[at]myClientAttractionAcademy.com to sign up as an affiliate for our www.myClientAttractionAcademy.com/mcaa-member-benefits-bonuses/ – 50% recurring commission (of the $97.00 or $197.00 membership level) – Easy sale, with 30-Days $1.00 Trial 

  • Bachelors Degree in Business Management
  • Certified Professional Coach (through iPEC – Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching)
  • Certified Seminar Leader (through ASLA – American Seminar Leaders Association)
  • Certified DiSC® Behavioral Styles Trainer/Facilitator
  • Advanced Communicator Silver (Toastmasters International)
  • Past Area Governor of Toastmasters International (for multiple years)
  • Keynote speaker at multiple international conferences and other events
  • Delivered close to 1000 half-day and full-day workshops to corporate and government clients
  • Author:

> Communication Skills Magic – Improve your Relationships & Productivity through Better Understanding Your Personality Style and the Personality Styles of Those Around You  (2009)
> Bushido Business – The Fine Art of the Modern Professional, Co-Authored with Brian Tracy and Steven M.R. Covey (2010)
> Get More Clients by Next Week – 55 Step-by-Step Marketing Strategies for Solo-Professionals (eBook, 2011 – to be published in paper back in the summer of 2012)

> Back Off! 105 Tools to End Workplace Bullying,Co-Authored with international workplace bullying expert, Catherine Mattice  (June 2012)


“You know you have found someone terrific to work with when they generously offer their help to assist you in a project you are working on not expecting a dime or special recognition in return. E.G. has that kind of attitude and willingness and shows his professionalism and expertise when you consult with him and allow him to share his knowledge and experience freely. He is a trusted resource and someone who I can easily recommend to those considering hiring him in his areas of expertise. You will get more than you paid for, every time.” 
~ George Hendley, Owner, George Hendley Presentations

 “I have had the privilege in working with E.G. on numerous occasions. E.G. was hired by our company to be the keynote speaker for our international conference we held in Savannah, GA. With attendees from Singapore to Brazil, E.G.’s ability to relate and connect to such a diverse audience was incredible. He not only relied on his ability to speak multiple languages but on his sharp and timely wit. The presentation was a huge success and was the perfect beginning to our conference. 
In addition, I have hired E.G. to coach me in sales. Through E.G.’s keen insight on sales and the use of his Disc System, I was able to improve my sales techniques and thus increase revenue for my company. I highly recommend E.G. for any keynote presentation, sales training (individual and group), or any presentation you have that needs a qualified and high energy speaker.””

~ Doug Fent, NuBarter Teritory Owner

“It was a great day when I stumbled across “My Client Attraction Academy” and became acquainted with E.G. Sebastian. First and foremost E.G. deeply cares about the people he serves and is dedicated to their success. He has constructed what I believe to be the best business training membership site on the Internet! The weekly email training and video tutorials are first rate. Every time I have a question I go to this site and feel like I have hit the ‘mother lode’ of resources to help move my business to the next level! You cannot go wrong when you choose E.G. Sebastian and My Client Attraction Academy.” 
~ Deaunna Evans, Master Life Coach and Peaceful Parenting Specialist
“I’m so glad I signed up for your 90 Day Marketing Program. I loved your step-by-step approach to growing my business. You provided a ton of great ideas, resources, proven strategies, templates to create marketing materials, and support. It’s a great program!”
~ Donna Bradshaw, ELI-MP, CPRW, ACRW, CPC, CEIC 

“I write this long overdue recommendation for a simply brilliant individual and an amazing system. I am one of the fortunate ones who have access to his Client Attraction academy online and let me just say that the information is very user-friendly and extremely important.

There is less fluff in his materials and he focuses on pragmatic ways to market. Not only that, but he also shares powerful weekly business summaries. At last, a practical no nonsense approach to marketing just the way it should be. Client Attraction Academy is replete with go-to resources as well.” June 6, 2012
~ Kamlesh Darji, Life Optimization coach, Winning Karma

 “E.G has a wealth of knowledge and information in the speaking industry. With his coaching services I was able to start my paid speaking business. He goes above and beyond in our sessions, he holds nothing back because he wants to see his clients succeed. With his help I got to start living my purpose and affect women’s lives all across America . If someone is in need for a paid-speaker mentor/coach I highly recommend E.G. Sebastian.
~  Tiffany Anisette, Entrepreneur, Handbag and Shoe Designer, Author, and Speaker for young girls and women

“Working with EG has been one of my best investments, without his targeted direction, support and knowledge I would not have achieved what I have. Highly recommended!”
~ Kirstin O´Donovan, Productivity Coach

“I first met E.G. at an Improve Your Sales Performance Workshop where he opened my mind to several opportunities I hadn’t considered previously. We hired him as a Personal Speaker Coach and with his assistance and insight within 2 months we had our first paid speaking engagement. I would also highly recommend him as a Sales Performance Improvement Speaker and Speaker Coach as well. He has a great sense of humor and his classes are interactive which I enjoy as it keeps the sessions enjoyable, entertaining and educational. I recommend him with the utmost enthusiasm and I am sure any Corporation or individual that hires him will have the same feelings.” April 14, 2010
~ RB Kirby, Area Director Consultant South Carolina Low Country at BNI (Business Network International)

“E.G. is a phenomenal person who gives generously his time and knowledge. I have been lucky enough to have come in contact with him this year through some of our mutual groups we belong to and appreciate his insight and services. E.G.’s client attraction system is worth every penny no matter what business you are in. It is highly adaptable and easy to follow. If you want a guy who knows marketing and knows what he is talking about, E.G. is your man!!!” 
Jason Turner, Entrepreneurial Success Coach
“EG is an amazing coach in every sense of the word – highly knowledgeable and very intuitive to the needs of his students. We’ve collaborated on a few projects and working with EG is a real pleasure. I highly recommend EG as a coach and client retention strategist if you want to excel in your business and attract great clients.”
~ Arfa Saira Iqbal, Direct Response Copywriter, Freelance Writing Services

“E.G. is a dedicated speaker who works to assist other speakers with opportunities that can improve their presentation” 
~ Bill Roper, Speaker, TBISPEAKER

“E.G.s program will keep you on track to reach your business goals. It’s so much easier to get customers when you use proven strategies than going it alone.” 
 ~ Robert Sebestyen, Owner of AmeriClean Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaners & Fine Tailoring, Charleston, SC
“I am a novice entrepreneur. I wanted to realize my dream of becoming a parenting coach. I was in the fortunate position to cross paths with a legend called EG. I had so many unkowns and uncertainties. 

EG stepped in, introduced me to the Client Attraction Academy and provided me with personalized feedback from day 1 onwards. 

As a practical parent coach I focused on how parents need to lead by example. EG is a perfect example of this. EG does not answer questions – he coaches and mentors you to challenge these questions and provides you with practical advice (and millions of ideas), allowing you to find answers to these questions. 

The Client Attraction Academy is a brilliant concept for entrepreneurs, but it is the support by EG that makes this stand out from anything else. It is almost like having my own life coach on standby. 

I would recommend EG anytime… ~ Hendrik Nieuwoudt, Parenting Coach, Practical Parent Coach