Are you struggling to create content?

Would you like a step-by-step plan to easily create content that attracts your ideal clients and increases your SEO rankings too?

There are 3 huge obstacles that prevent many people from consistently posting awesome content.

The 3 Big Obstacles:

Obstacle 1


. In addition to marketing, caring for clients, and selling their products, most coaches, consultants, and service professionals don’t feel they have enough time to undertake the task of ongoing content creation.

Obstacle 2


 Without a plan of how to strategically position and share your core content, or how to use it to turn your leads into clients, you’ll just be scrambling for something to post---and that can hurt your bottom line.

Obstacle 3


Even the most prolific writers can draw a blank when sitting down to write. Not having content to share consistently with your audience can result in potential damage to your reputation as an expert in your field.

Does that sound too familiar?

Well, the good news is...

I've created a product that is a resource that will allow you to side step these 3 common problems, right now.

Introducing...The Ultimate Content Creation Toolkit

Everything you need to create 6-12 months-worth of content that your audience will find valuable,
and that will increase your search engine rankings.

What's included...

Tool #1: "How to Plan Your Client-Attraction Content Calendar"

4-Module Training Program with Workbooks and Videos. When it comes to your content, “winging it,” is not a strategy. This training will show you how to make content easier to create, as well as how to make an all-important planning calendar that works for your business style, by walking you through the steps to plan out your next 6-12 months of core content (blog posts, articles, videos, or podcasts).

Content Marketing Planner

Tool #2: Content Marketing Planner

Working in conjunction with the training, this high-quality workbook is a straightforward blueprint you can follow to plan out your content marketing. Created from real-life experience of long-time digital marketers, these pages will help you develop content marketing goals, come up with endless topics, squeeze out as much as you can from your existing content, and plan out your next 6-12 months of content.

Tool #3: Using the Planner Guide

Since the training covers a lot of material, I don’t want you to have to be searching back through the pages to find a particular instruction, so this guide is a handy at-a-glance summary for filling out your planner. Easily find a particular instruction for filling in a page. Save a lot of time by not having to search through the lessons.

Using the planner

Bonus #1: Customized Trello Planning Board

Creating content may seem like a formidable task. But there’s no need to panic, because this detailed Trello board has literally every step you need to take. Although especially helpful to the more visually oriented, the Trello board also works for left-brainers who need a step-by-step outline.

Bonuses #2,3, & 4: Action Plan Checklist, Ideas Guide, Resource Directory

The checklist will make sure that none of the essential steps for your content creation and calendar planning slip through the cracks. The directory of tools and resources will aid in your content creation and planning. And the 21 bonus ideas will give you additional ways for creating your best content that your audience will find valuable and compelling.

3 bonuses
Promotion checklist

Bonus #5: Content Promotion Checklist

Just because you’ve put your content out there doesn’t mean that people—especially your target audience—will readily see it. You need to promote each piece as if it were a product in itself. So, use this checklist to check off places where you can promote your content.

Lesli Doares

"I’m here to Rave Rave Rave about Jeanette’s content marketing information. I’ve been writing a blog post a week for over a year and I do Facebook lives every week, and I do all this content creation. And it’s always been kind of seat-of-the-pants, hit or miss and literally sometimes I would break out in a cold sweat on Tuesday when I didn’t have my blog post that needs to get to my VA by Wednesday.

"This course is chock-full of absolutely fantastic information, and easy to follow instructions. I have to tell you, for the small investment you are making, you are going to get more information and more assistance and more help than you thought possible.

"It walks you through everything you need to know—not just what to create, but what to do with it once you’ve created it. It is so fantastic—it’s worth double, triple, quadruple what you’re being charged for it—so get it now!"

-Lesli Doares, Foundations Coaching

Imagine how much faster and easier you could attract more
organic traffic, leads, and clients, if you had…

A way to know what kind of content your audience wants, so it resonates with them.

Core content, that your audience will find valuable, written and scheduled for the next 30-90 days.

A strategic plan that allows you the ability to create content well in advance and schedule it, so that you have more time to work with clients and still take time off.

Easier promotions because you’ll know what’s coming up & you’re prepared in advance with a proper content calendar filled out and ready to go.

The Ultimate Content Creation Toolkit

Everything you need to create 6-12 months-worth of content that your audience will find valuable, and that will increase your search engine rankings.

4-Module Training Program with videos  ($397 Value)
Content Marketing Planner  ($97 Value)
Using the Planner Guide  ($29 Value)
Trello Planning Board  ($97 Value)
Ideas Guide ($49 Value)
Action Plan Checklist ($49 Value)
Resources Directory ($49 Value)
Content Promotion Checklist ($49 Value)

Total Value: $816

Your Price Today: $27

“I think you’re pretty connected with what all of us coaches are struggling with and dealing with on a day to day basis, since you were there yourself and that’s why you’re so good at it.” 

Jane Matagna

“Jeannette has a gold mine of business and marketing training for coaches. I was blown away reading her material. My recommendation is, YOU”VE STRUCK IT RICH! You don’t need to go anywhere else.” 

Gary Henson

Gary Henson

I love, love, love all the information you have provided. Thank-you for your leadership and your guidance."

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