Are Your Sales Pages Costing You Money?

When you don't have the most effective elements in your sales pages, it could actually be costing you money. If you're a business owner who wants your sales pages to work better for you and really get better conversions, you need...


 “7 Ways to Get More Sales from Your Existing Sales Pages”

In this digital training, you'll learn how to...

  • Present an offer that is clear, strong and uncluttered
  • Uncover the reason your sales funnel leaks
  • Split-test your headline and calls to action
  • Tweak your sales page to invite maximum response and engagement
  • Optimize and update your testimonials with correct placement
  • Use screenshots and pop-ups to maximize the buyer’s experience 

This training shows you 7 ways to analyze your sales page so you can tweak it to invite maximum response and engagementIt comes with a workbook, worksheet, and checklist. PLUS...2 bonuses: a calendar to schedule your changes, and a resource directory with extra support materials. 

Stop losing money! Order your copy TODAY!    You Pay Only $27 ($97 value)

 Here's the Workbook and Worksheet:

Here's the bottom line with improving your existing sales pages:

The world of marketing is changing before our eyes and you need a way to get clients quickly...
The sooner you tweak your sales page(s), the sooner you can make sales and get more income...
A highly-converting sales page will be one of the most valuable business assets you will ever have...

Best of all?... You'll start seeing results right away.

So again, if you want more sales and more income... get onboard with “7 Ways Get More Sales From Your Existing Sales Pages.”

Beth Williams

“You get so much for membership, it can be a bit overwhelming. Jeannette is so helpful one-on-one as well as with the groups. Her products are loaded with practical tips and tools to help you succeed.”  

Beth Williams

Don Morgan

“I think the help you offer is the best deal going for coaches.  Thanks for the quality work you do and the way you help others.”

Don Morgan

Veronica Hislop

“IAPLC is a wonderful resource for coaches.  The site is full of informative and useful information – I look forward to Jeanette’s regular trainings  as they are always packed with information that is both timely and helpful.”

Veronica Hislop

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