Group Books Can Grow Your Business

How Being in Group Books Can Grow Your Business

Writing a book might seem like a Herculean task, but even a chapter in a group book (such as the one the IAPLC is doing this year)  can provide impressive results for the growth of your business with minimal effort on your part.

Here are a few ways you can grow your business by writing a chapter in a group book:

1. Gain New Clients, Followers, and Subscribers
There is a certain amount of prestige that goes along with writing a book. But even if you are a co-author in a group book, you will gain a great deal of respect within the coaching and business community simply for having a book available in the marketplace.

This respect leads to new social media followers, email subscribers, and paying clients who need the invaluable service you provide. It all started with a blank page you filled with possibilities for yourself and your future clients.

2. Expand Your Expertise
The fact that you’ve written on a particular subject makes you an expert in the field, as far as most people are concerned. But the value of doing so goes deeper than that. In the process of researching and writing your book or chapter, you’ve become more of an expert on your topic. You’ve put in the time doing research, expanding your knowledge, and breaking it down into digestible information to share with your readers. That will draw more people to you as a coach, as avid readers look to improve their lives.

3. Attract more business
Statistically, published authors get more business than non-published authors. Becoming a co-author of a compilation book is the next best thing to authoring your own book AND a lot cheaper and less time-consuming. You may not have time to write a book, but anyone can make time to write a chapter.

4. Expand Your Reach
Participating in a group book can expand exponentially how many people you can reach.  That’s because all the co-authors in a group book are promoting it to their lists. And if you participate in a group book sponsored by an organization like the IAPLC, you have a brand name backing you, and that can help you to expand your own customer base and bottom line.

5. Help More People Quickly
One on one coaching is a time consuming process that only allows you to work with so many people in a day. Participating in a group book is something that allows you to reach more people with your transformational message.

In summary
If you aren’t a published author yet, now is the time to become one, for very little time and money. If you are already a published author, you will still receive the benefits of all the above. The more books you have written, or have written for, only adds to your credibility and perceived value as an expert. This is an opportunity to offer your wisdom and expertise and be known as a published author by contributing your high content/high value message to the next IAPLC group book. You must be a member to participate.

For more information, contact Jeannette at: jeannettekoczela@iaplifecoaches.org