Nov 09

Guest Post: 4 Steps to Unlimited Energy

By Marty Ward

Unlimited Energy

The Compass of the Heart

For unlimited energy, use the Compass of the Heart. It can guide you to be more at peace and to feel energized and enthusiastic each day. The Compass of the Heart is your GPS to make the greatest impact – C² + A² = Impact. Compassion, Acceptance, Appreciation, Connection. When you give yourself these four elements, you can have unlimited energy and resources to solve problems.

Compassion and Acceptance

Have Compassion and Acceptance vs beating yourself up when things aren’t going your way. Why you want to have compassion and acceptance is that when you are hard on yourself, you abandon you. You can stay stuck in anger and feel lost and lonely.
On the other hand, when you give yourself a break and learn the lesson from what happened – for me this morning the lesson was to trust my intuition 100% and not give in and rationalize my way to go against what I know is best, then you can appreciate you.
Step Three Appreciation
Owning your part in why things didn’t unfold the way you want gives you the space to appreciate you for what you did do to take care of yourself. Ask yourself, “What pleased me about how I handled that difficult person/situation?” What pleased me is that I took a stand for me. After 5 months of pursuing my money, I got a refund for a program that I did not participate in because I felt it was out of integrity...(Read more.)

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