Guest Post: An Exercise in Vitality

By Deborah Jane Wells


What’s one of the top 10 ways to reduce stress? Exercise.

One of the top 10 ways to relieve anxiety? Exercise.

Promote vitality? Exercise.

Relieve depression? Build self-esteem? Improve self-image and confidence? Increase stamina, strength, flexibility, stability and dexterity? Reduce tension? Improve mental sharpness and alertness? Strengthen immunity? Reduce health risks? Lose weight? Improve sleep?

Exercise. Exercise. Exercise.An Exercise in Vitality

Anyone and everyone who is concerned with health and well-being agrees: physical activity is a vital component for optimum physical and emotional health. Regular exercise is the key to increasing the quality of life. Everything put together gives you the healthiest, strongest, happiest results! Being active improves body, mind, heart and soul.

Amazing as it may seem, 20 minutes of aerobic exercise three times a week produces far greater benefits than you’d expect out of investing a mere 60 out of 10,080 total minutes of living per week. The typical return on that less than 0.6% investment of your time yields returns far greater than you’d imagine.

Yet, a quarter of Americans get absolutely no exercise and nearly two-thirds get less than the recommended minimum of 30 minutes several times a week. Fewer than 15 percent comply with the American College of Sports Medicine’s recommendations for adult fitness. There are so many factors relating to why they may not want to exercise, or perhaps cannot exercise.

If Exercise Is So Good For Us,
Why Don’t We Do It?…

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