Nov 30

Guest Post: Emotions

By Richard Chan


Emotions are owned by you they are not caused by an outside event as a lot of people believe.

For example being cut up by a car, if there are two of you in the car one of you could express anger at the driver that just cut you up, whereas the passenger may be perfectly calm.

Everything is the same except for the emotion CHOSEN by the two people.

Successful people own their emotions and choose when to express them, it is they that choose when an emotion is to be expressed rather than the seemingly uncontrolled emotions of others that blame the expression of the emotion on an external event or person, that same event or person would not have the same visual expression from a person in control of their emotions.


Anger is a survival emotion, it is there to protect your territory when a potential challenger crosses the boundary

As humans our territory is much more complex than geographic, this covers possessions, ideas and especially beliefs.

We choose to be angry so can choose to react to the same situation in different ways.Look at the situation and admit that maybe we were partly at fault

Emotions-The other person did transgress, however these can be seen to be a genuine mistake

-The other person did intentionally stray into our territory, however we put the anger aside and take that person to one side and explain that their actions were unwelcome.

-There is, of course, genuine reasons to be angry and that is a choice that can be made, but know that this was your choice, not an emotion that was thrown on you...(Read more.)

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