Jan 26

Guest Post: Get More Business Unlock Creative Potential

By Marty Ward

Unlock Potential

OK so you don’t have to get as crazy as this bellydancer, but you do have to express who you are by unlocking your creative potential if you want to live a fulfilled life.

I chose a picture of a bellydancer, because I had a client who was a real estate investor who was stuck and struggling. When I asked what she would love to do if she had 8 million dollars in the back. She said, “Bellydance!”

So her assignment was to go bellydancing. Once she started bellydancing 2 x a week, her business took off! Once she unlocked her creative potential, that thing that she had been denying herself that she loved to do, she felt more alive. She was more engaged in her business and started to attract new clients.

When you deny yourself the pleasure of expressing who you are, you can find yourself “depressed,” money not flowing into your business, your relationships suffering. What say about depression ( before it become biochemically effected), is that depression is pushing down your power. You depress a button – push it down. That is what you are doing to your self-expression – pushing it down.

When you unlock your self-expression, you feel more energized and enthusiastic about life. It doesn’t matter how big or how seemingly small that self-expression is – could be an art class, gardening, singing in the choir – as long as you do it!

Watch how work seems better, your relationships improve, money or other evidence of prosperity shows up.  For me why this is so important is so that you don’t die with your dream undone or song unsung…(Read more.)

Check out the rest of this article, “Get More Business Unlock Creative Potential,”  plus view a short video by Marty Ward, by clicking  HERE.