Guest Post: “Mastering Your Life”

Mastering Your Life  By Deborah Jane Wells

Mastering Your Life

In last week’s introductory post on Energy Leadership™, we began by considering the central constructs of Bruce
D. Schneider’s book Energy Leadership: Transforming Your Workplace and Your Life from the Core. Your thoughts resonate at different energetic frequencies and form the lens through which you view your life, thereby creating your reality in each moment. Your capacity to choose your thoughts and energy mindfully—whatever your circumstances or companions—directly impacts your satisfaction in all areas of your life by shaping how you respond to the myriad opportunities and obstacles you perceive every day.

Today we’ll continue to delve more deeply by exploring the principle of self-mastery. With his famous e=mc2 formula, Albert Einstein proved that everything is energy. Quantum physics demonstrates that energy attracts like energy. The principle of self-mastery is grounded in those same scientific precepts.

A master’s chosen mindset resonates at an energetic frequency that automatically attracts the right people, places, events and opportunities to support his or her aspirations. That same mindset allows a master to embrace those opportunities with gusto—unencumbered by fear or hesitation…(cont.)


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