Guest Post: Priorities or Time Management by Joyce Zook

“Priorities or Time Management” by Guest Blogger,  Joyce Zook

Time management techniques won’t work if your priorities are not right.

I thought time management books held the answers for how to get more done in my day. But as I read more and more books, some had ideas that worked and other’s only frustrated me. One suggested I squeeze additional work into an hour by planning my tasks in two minute increments. Another proposed I get up at 4 AM after four or five hours of sleep. Really?

If your priorities don’t line up with what God wants for your life, you will still feel stressed and unbalanced. You will miss an important part of your life by focusing on the wrong activities. Often the people you love the most get pushed to the side.

God’s Never Busy

There is enough time to do everything God wants you to do.

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